barbara: Dear Tom, iut sounds as though you had a marvellous holiday. I read back to your BBC world service interview. Will you actually get to wear that head device? Where does the finance come from to develop something really useful like that? You said that the technology has been around for ages but putting it all together has been long delayed. I can imagine the lives that will be enhanced by a complex multifunctional device that’s simple to operate. On the sea and water I can imagine how wonderful that was! I’ll always remember you as captured on photo sometime in the 1990s I think when you visited the house in Chapelle Antie and were all snapped jumping into the local...

barbara: HELLO TOM! AND ELLEN! NEVER FEEL YOU ARE LOGGING YOUR LIFE INTO OUTER SPACE BECAUSE SOONER OR LATER i WILL ENJOY READING YOUR DIARY HERE! I hope you had a great time in Sweden and didn’t do utterly over the top things on steep snowy surfaces. my keyboard returned from Indian fieldwork with jumping key syndrome so I will make this short. I had a life changing spell in the field – probably the final fieldwork I do – on the economy of a small town as a waste producing system. it would be nice to show you the photos. (I tried to copy one here but t won’t transfer) Anyway in a small town in the south I saw things that have been invisible to me for 45 years....

Tomernst: Dear Tom, We are all very blessed to be your friends. Eva and I spent Christmas with Fiona, Nikki and Benny and yes, this period really lends itself to reflection. It is truly amazing to see how many activities you can do and how you do them all with such contagious enthusiasm. We all can learn from you! Acording to me, one of the important raisons d’être are our friends – and I am very happy to be one of yours. Warm hug, Tom


marie: Tom, As the saying goes “Great men think alike”! The BBC published this article on the 14th August which I came across today. How our brains can control our emotions y/20140812-deciphering-our-emo tions-code Greetings from marie

barbara: Viewed the power point trying to interpret backwards from the photos to what you would be saying about them. you don’t stop life’s being quite a rave! It is an amazing story. it feels too long since I met you both. I will try to remedy this. Off to Chapelle Antie soon – it is not as primitive as when you visited and did co-ordinated jumping into Meuzac lake – but it is always a step towards very simple living. Hammock is my big luxury. all the best to the Nabarros and Graham Jones, Barbara

marie: Thank you so much Tom for sharing these two important occasions with us. Your analysis is just amazing and presentation of the two different events excellent. Je t’embrasse marie

barbara: Haven’t had time to listen to the ted talk yet but thanks for the link. I saw all of 5 mins of the match with Italy – just before half time – and thought England would be very very lucky to come out of it on top. The Italian team just seemed so much more alive and clued up to the delicate footwork and rapid reactions needed in tight situations. However what do I know? Zero about futebol. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I cleaned Gordon’s wheelchair which has grown mould while wintering (not by design) in a garden shed; planting shade shrubs, having sunday lunch with an old friend |Judith at east leach way out in the Cotswolds – beautiful...

barbara: You both look so happy! That’s a fabulous hammock! My great delight on holiday is to lie in one under a slightly cloudy sky reading til late afternoon and then to go and swim in a lake. These are high order luxuries that don’t cost much! HAve you seen the inside of the maths building in Oxford? You need swipe cards – so have to know an inmate. Outside from the Woodstock road it is nothing much to look at – except for the Penrose tiles – but inside….. Last night I went to a concert that made me sleepless! Ben Grosvenor who won Young Musician of the Year at the advanced age of 11 and is now 22, with the Endellion 4tet whose combined ages are 10...

Pat: What a powerful speech – my thanks too for posting it. Thinking of you especially as I’m in Italy which I know you love too. Cari saluti to you and Ellen Pat

davidnabarro: Dear Tom I am pleased to read that the dinner went well. Thanks for posting the text of your talk. I really like it. Dad

barbara: tried to paste something funny but will have to email it instead! love from New Delhi, Barbara

Rach: I am so glad to see that you have such a wonderful person as Angela in your life. You deserve the best, because you are such an awesome guy to hang out with. I never felt like I was working when I was with you 🙂 I’ve been keeping up with your posts here, and it’s lovely to see photos of you and Ellen. Luv ya and miss ya, Rach

simonrawlence: Tom and Ellen. Sensitive and balanced article about you both and an important statement about who you both are. It was good to see how many times its had been shared and was therefore an inspiration to others. Will be more mobile next year and hope to catch up with you. May even start reading the Daily Mail ! Love from Katerina and Simon

barbara: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN! And that is a very life-enhancing and heartening account of your life together – an unusually lovely thing to come from the DM / M o S if I might be so bold! with love to you both, Barbara

felixgj: Wonderful article, esp considering its vehicle. Catches well your vibrant optimism and determination. You and Els are a constant inspiration for me, and a great exemplar of the extraordinary power of love. I’m attaching the link that got me to the article in case it’s useful for your readers without access to the printed MoS. e/you/article-2511294/We-talk- Tom-Ellen-life-changing-accide nt.html

Tom: great to hear from you, lovely to read your news I’m back from the road trip and straight into really interesting work lovely to see so much of Italy, France and Switzerland. The Alps are really to you and yours

barbara: Well Tom, this isn’t a comment in answer to your very technical questions – though I just about understand what they are about – it is a comment that says ‘I watch this website’! The photos are amazing. Although you are 10 miles down the road you live in a completely different universe! (I was trying to paste images of mine but the comment window won’;t accept them.) You must be excited about the European road-holiday – all the way to Levanto – how do you live there? From what Susie has always said it is a vertical house on ??cliffs?? by the sea?? I had a great ‘change’ in France – as good as rest they say: my fill of...

Pat: Dear Tom – many congratulations on this award in recognition of your amazing achievements in adversity. We’re in a tiny village in the Abruzzo region of Italy, a place with steep streets, lots of steps, very few facilities – not good for wheelchairs. I’ve been thinking of you here as I know that you love Italy. Continue to enjoy the summer. Love, Pat

louise: Yes we had a great time there too…..despite the dodgy neighbours x

barbara: Good to have your news Tom! Hope you are back to a good state of health. Gordon always used to distinguish health which is about colds etc from ‘fitness’ which was about his disability. Yesterday I was here. ealth/thousands_march_in_save_ our_nhs_demonstration_1_220036 8 I know it won’t do a blind bit of good by way of convincing this government of thugs and vandals but it felt good to be in a big crowd of people who believe it is OUR NHS! and not to be ever more re-disorganised (the concept of Iain Chalmers) just to be easily sold off to the government’s rich friends. love to you and Ellen and all, Barbara PS Off for a few...

Susanna Graham-Jones: Lovely for a previously banned paparazza to see the video of you zooming up Standlake High Street in your off-road go-kart. And thanks, Tom, for voicing your concerns about the marketisation and fragmentation of the NHS. Just now is a good moment for anyone who isn’t already up in arms about this to find out more at . Petitions are only petitions, but we are hoping that the current one will be massive, persuading MPs to look very carefully at the Regulations (Section 75) currently under consideration. There is a real danger that if these are enforced, then GP commissioners may be compelled to put almost every future health service...

barbara: Hello Tom! No-one has replied to your technical stories, but perhaps like me they don”t fully understand all the abbreviations. What I DO understand is that your communications problems are being eased by astonishing advances in technology – and, to judge from your concert bookings, extra-curricular life is good. I hope to see you in Feb. We are all quite busy. Eli is properly divorced and will start her new life once her now ex-husband’s stuff is taken away by him . Only 11 months lying there.. Kaveri ‘s daughter Ruhi is growing normally and is 5 months i.e. she is the apple of our eyes, unique and perfect! Ayaz is finishing his thesis on the Pakistani...

marie: Matt King –

marie: Dear Tom what a wonderful year 2012 has been for you ! Thank you so much for all the postings and photographs especially of your country wedding with Ellen which reminded me of Polanski’s film Tess. Thank you also for the link concerning MASCIP and the backup trust involvement. I clicked onto their site and discovered the world of Matt King who became tetraplegique following a rugby accident at 17 years old in 2004. You can find out more on his blog – I was in the UK in September looking after my sister’s house and five cats. First time back home since Xmas 2004 and the Tsunami…….. The paralympics were on and I was highly impressed with...

TriciaHostie: Meant to ask what date are you coming back? Was it the 24th and what airport LAX? We are going to try get on it but if we can’t will leave a note for the crew xx ohh and tell Ellen we loved the wedding pics xxx

TriciaHostie: Hey Tom, not sure if you remember us but we wanted to say what a privilege it was meeting you and Ellen. Looking forward to following your blog. Big hugs to your gorgeous wife. Happy Honeymooning. Tricia & Fi (your virgin hosted, incase you’ve forgot us already!) xxx

barbara: Really good photos – such a lot of love and joyfulness captured. I like the way individuals in the photos are picked out amid crowds – so many beautiful people – and Felix hasn’t forgotten to record the imagination, harmony and general grooviness of the veggies and newspaper transformation of that marquee! Congrats to everyone who contributed to a fabulous day that no-one will forget! Thanks for the post card and have a wonderful trip to San Diego..why San Diego?!! with love – just back from France and expecting to be a granny any moment now, Barbara

Rajiv: el/2012/aug/24/accessible-holi days-disabled-people

jnelki: I’ve just looked through all the photos and saw a lot of laughter and happiness,on every picture – many people I dont know and a few I do. I’m sad we couldnt make it but very glad it was such a brilliant event, impressed with you all and wish Tom & Ellen many more glorious fun times together, Julia xxx

davidnabarro: I had such fun and felt sso much joy: it was a fantastic event. Thanks to Ellen, Tom, and a great and enormous team team who did decor, meals, dressing up clothes, fire poi, hula hoops, brilliant music, lights, mixing, transport, night vigils on barbecue, settin up, clearing, printing, photos, filming, and made loads of other great contributions. Do write reflections, thoughts, messages, thanks and all other good things on this website especially if (like me) you did not write in the message book, or if you were not able to be there.

marie: Thank you Barbara for your posting and greetings to Tom and Ellen. I am very confused because according to Wikepedia Raoul Follereau (1903-1977) a French writer and journalist (1903-1977) who created the Fondation Raoul Follereau against Leprosy is the author of this beautiful poem sometimes attributed to Gandi (1869 -1948 ) but often marked anonymous. According to Wikepedia this poem “Un Sourire” comes from Raoul Follereau’s first book “Le livre d’amour” (The book of love) published in 1920 when he was 17 years old…… You mention that the poem was written over a thousand years ago (?) UN SOURIRE Un sourire ne coûte rien et produit beaucoup, Il enrichit celui qui le reçoit sans...


barbara: Thank you for including me in your joyful wedding which I think everyone present will remember forever. So much love for you went into the preparations by so many people. I was quite disconcerted by the applause at the ceremony and realised we were behaving like an audience instead of being witnesses to a contract. There are ways in which your lives are going to be in the public gaze more than those of others – for good reasons but also for not so good ones. So my wish for you is that you only have to make performances when you want to. I have just finished reading a wonderful book called Ammi by Saeed Mirza. It is unlike any book I have read before – a novel, a biographical...

marie: Dear Tom and Ellen, Barbara has let the cat out of the bag as the saying goes –I presume that the Big Day is tomorrow Friday 13th July ! (?) Tom as you are are not a French man getting married to an Anglo-Polish English born girl you will not make the blunder that my husband made during our church ceremony. Instead of repeating after the priest “My lawful wife “my French husband to be said “My awful wife”! The red haired priest Father O’Brien (Irish origin as my mother’s ancestor’s) paused and despite my mother’s giggles in the front row who incidentally at 84 years of age had selective hearing politely said “I think we should say that again” and the second attempt was correct……...


davidnabarro: Great news – am excited about wedding and delighted that you are getting the off-roaad wheelchair to operate. Love Dad

davidnabarro: Massive warmth love and respect for you from UN top managers that I have met this morning in New York – sending you and Ellen their very best wishes for now and the future

davidnabarro: Great that the body is fighting the bugs … Glad all is fine now

barbara: Tom I have heard from a Susie-text that the second op went well. I just want to say I have been thinking about you all day and am so relieved! with love to you , both, all, all plus care assistants, Barbara

davidnabarro: Thanks for these thoughts. Full of insights that I can use in my life. Love Dad

davidnabarro: I was delighted that Josie and I were ablee to spend moments with you, Ellen, Raj Susie. John Churcher and other friends after the operation. A great moment for us. I am glad that you were able to fight of the infection.

barbara: Thinking about you banged up in the Churchill and hoping it’s routine – and all successfully over by now! with love, Barbara

barbara: Hello Tom! Stag party! That is so exciting – my daughters funked the public jubilation and only allowed 18 guests to one wedding and 30 to the other. Since even organising these events felt pretty complicated, I can’t imagine all the planning going into this.. I hope Ellen is doing just a little bit of the work! Way back in 1988 I bought two cases of Chateau Pujeaux to wait for Kaveri and Eli’s weddings – and they were in their most mysterious prime for the events. It was my only investment of this sort. I should have got an early Damien Hirst but I missed the trick. For the in-laws in Pakistan everyone was drinking fruit juice for the photos! I have been...

barbara: Dear Tom, Please see earlier comments on your very moderately worded letter about disability benefits. Glad to see all you are about and the photos which colour your life. Yes weddings are chores, just as marriage is about property. Neither of these things are at all apparent at the time you make these enormous and wonderful decisions about joyful celebrations and a lifetime of love! I am in Chennai trying hard not to melt and managing the chores of a research project I have wanted to do for years – it’s about seeing the economy as a material system – we can only tackle a tiny bit and that too as a pilot. It throws up zillions of questions we can only ask but...


marie: Hello again, Apparently the link to the BBC News website has been refused (?) Sorry about this. Will try again. marie

marie: Hello Tom, marie saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you should see it. ** In pictures: Hawking exhibition at Science Museum ** Working papers, rare photographs and a zero-gravity flight suit are among the items on show at a new exhibition celebrating the life and work of Professor Stephen Hawking. Hope all is well (?) Marie

Pat: Your Monza trip brought back memories for me, as I went to the Grand Prix at Monza more than 50 years ago with my father. He was a solicitor and an enthusiast for most sports, and Stirling Moss was one of his clients, which gave him an entree to the world of motor racing. Our family went on holiday to Italy that year (Finale Ligure) which was a change from our usual holidays in Westgate! And as my mother didn’t enjoy motor racing my father drove me the long distance to Monza. Mostly I remember the headache-inducing noise, the cars zooming around the track buzzing like monster bluebottles. In those days serious accidents were quite common, and the thought that someone might be...

Pat: Tom – what a beautiful tribute to your grandfather. It has always given me a warm feeling to read about the connection between you two over the last 4 years: the chess games, the conversations, and the shared music. I can imagine how much you will miss Michael’s presence. My thoughts and sympathies are with you, Warmest wishes, Pat

marie: My thoughts are with you Tom and all the family. La mort n’est rien La mort n’est rien, je suis seulement passé, dans la pièce à côté. Je suis moi. Vous êtes vous. Ce que j’étais pour vous, je le suis toujours. Donnez-moi le nom que vous m’avez toujours donné, parlez-moi comme vous l’avez toujours fait. N’employez pas un ton différent, ne prenez pas un air solennel ou triste. Continuez à rire de ce qui nous faisait rire ensemble. Priez, souriez, pensez à moi, priez pour moi. Que mon nom soit prononcé à la maison comme il l’a toujours été, sans emphase d’aucune sorte, sans une trace d’ombre. La vie signifie tout ce qu’elle...

Rach: My thoughts are with you Tom. Please give my love to your mum and the rest of your family. Rachael

santoshbph: Dear Tom, Life is full of challenges and time is not always our side. I wish it would never had happened but We have to rise against the current circumstances. We can overcome challenges having determination and strong bill power. May be it bad time but will over soon. I wish you a speedy recovery and emerge a strong person. Hope, you will enjoy the things as before sooner than later. Best, Santosh

barbara: Sorry about your chest Tom. I remember Gordon landed up in hospital once or twice after not coping very well with chest infections and coughing – able bodied people (Gordon called them ‘fit’ – gut there was never a really good word) never think twice about it – it’s a reflex! – so you are lucky to be over it with your trusty PAs. But I thought about all the travelling you’ll be set to do this summer as I went from Fribourg to Geneva via Lausanne by train on friday (had done the outward journey by car at night). The lake and the mountains were shimmering and the vineyards were lush – no other word for them! Not long now for...

barbara: Tom – are you busy and okay? I just went up and along the top of Cader Idris as my 80th birthday present for a friend. The weather, which is normally weeping, blowing and sending the clouds down low, did something different and was completely glorious. I think of the route up as: thrush – warbler – lark – raven. Few people around and grand views of Snowdonia to the north and east, mid Wales and Cardigan Bay to the south and Anglesey to the north west. Exhilarated on the top, we strode out through the blueberries with great crags on either side – later in the afternoon we both hobbled painfully back to the car, being made by our knees to feel our...

barbara: GOOD FOR LAUREN AND GOOD FOR YOU! NOW WHAT WOULD SHE WRITE IF SHE NOMINATED YOU YOU AS ‘CARED-FOR’ OF THE YEAR? NOT THAT FOR SURE! love to you all, Barbara Deep in dissertation drafts for the final time!

simonrawlence: Tom I have not posted for a while but just to say that continuing this site is great for all your friends and admirers. We may not comment regularly but we are out here. Pleased for Laurent and your appreciation of her skills. I am over in late June and July, sadly will miss those Exuberant events now listed. lots of love from myself and Katerina

barbara: HAPPY EASTER TOM, ELLEN AND FAMILY! Sorry to miss the Pavillion concert but this year is a hectic one – my last in full harness – and involves a lot of travel. I’ve just returned from Indonesia. I don’t suppose you have a reason to want to visit Jakarta – a skyscraperscape built in the last 30 years but it is a place where your new wheel chair would trundle along faster than the traffic which averages one mile per hour most of the day and night. Some of us got out of the city to see the Buddhist temple of Borobudur and the Hindu site at Prambanan. Both of them are very beautiful and exciting places (google them!) and, despite the fact that they link...

Pat: Would this be a way for you to make music too? I don’t know whether you were ever part of a band – if not, you should have been! And maybe this could work again? Lovely to hear of all your exploits – I hope you have a wonderful time in Scotland. All the best Pat

drix: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, putain d’bordel de merde c’est du bon !!!! …pardon my french, I don’t know how to say that in english. I would just say funky congratulations funky bastard. Drix, the old friend lost in a spacio temporal hole.

felixgj: Great story – God bless you, Tom, for keeping your eyes out for new perspectives and differing approaches to the issue of “ability”. Drake Music, Charlotte White’s resource for developing her capacity to make music, sounds an interesting entity – website is :- xxxF

marie: Second try as my message didn’t take the second link which is the same as yours (?)

marie: Dear Tom, Thanks for all your news updates. The last link didn’t show up in blue so hope this works…. BBC Radio 4 Programmes – Charlotte White’s Musical Fight Sunday 27th March 2011 at 13:30 s/b00zt6v0 ** Student moves head to make music ** A devastating accident left Charlotte White struggling with severe disability and lack of motivation until she found the right type of music therapy. Prelude to Bach’s cello suite by Charlotte White. Je t’embrasse, marie

Pat: Dear Tom I just caught up with your Radio Oxford interview – what a star you are! You handled all those impossible questions with such patience and wisdom. It’s exciting news that the off road wheelchair is taking shape and good that Regain are contributing. It seems exactly the sort of thing they are there to support. I hope it’ll be ready soon for you to use in the summer. Keep on enjoying all the sports watching and music and socialising and travel! You haven’t mentioned work recently but I hope that’s going well and you’re feeling much more confident about what you can contribute. Warm wishes to you and Ellen Pat

imogen: Hi Tom, this play looks amazing- I haven’t seen it yet, but will definitely get there. Susie is going tonight I believe, perhaps she’ll post a review somewhere. Otherwise, congratulations to you and Ellen, big hugs.

barbara: Hello Tom! Star of stage and screen – it makes all your friends feel very special to see you on local TV news! Congratulations again! In your blog, you mentioned going to Chatham House a while ago to hear your dad speak on food security. I crossed his path again in New Delhi at a massive jamboree called ‘leveraging agriculture for nutrition and health’. It was held in a 5* hotel and involved over a thousand people. The food was out of this world, but the luxury sat ill with the subject. I needed to go to it not just because I am interested (I helped to write a textbook when your dad and I were teaching at the LSHTM in the early 80s) but also because I needed a...

barbara: Hi Tom! Happy new year to you and yours. I hope new year challenges include planning when to be married, maybe on April 29th? Have been reading / watching the recent posts on your website, which go up and down and keeping fingers crossed that even if you are not down-free, the downs will be brief in 2011. The possibilities of technology to help people with disabilities are impressive now compared even to the 1990s but even so, much of the world continues as though disabled citizens do not exist or if they do are like non-disabled people, neither of which is true. Well I am now writing blind because I can’t raise this comment box to where I can actually see it! So just to...

ryan hoggart: hi tom just found you on this site hope you are doing well buddy, am i reading right that your liking the mighty spurs i’m sure i converted you when we watched that game when we sneaked off to the cricket club while at stoke mandeville ! hope your doing well and congrats on the engagement as soon as my leg is better i will let you take me out in your manor lol ! glad to read your doing so well tom you are truly the most inspirational guy i have ever met and am honoured to have met you during are time at stoke mandeville i miss the laughs and the trouble you got me in must keep in touch x

barbara: You were both looking so radiant and well this afternoon – it is very special news! Joy, congratulations and love from Barbara, Kaveri and Ayaz, Elinor and Alistair, Nelson Mandela the cat and Lazarus the fish…

marie: Dear Tom and Ellen, Fantastic news! May I wish you my heartiest congratulations! Je vous embrasse de tout coeur. marie

barbara: Dear Tom, It’s a while since I looked at your website. I logged on tonight and found this. It is an amazing and beautiful interview. When I first saw you in Stoke Mandeville I was quite overwhelmed by how limp and long and thin you were. You looked like one of those paintings of the deposition from the cross. I could not imagine what you have described here – the pain of the loss, the days and weeks looking at very little without going crazy and the slow process of regaining subconscious control over the simple act of breathing. Thank you so much for posting it. I hope to see you next weekend -Oct 10th, if you are not in Italy. We have all just returned from Pakistan...

davidnabarro: Dear Tom, Ellen and Raj, Rachel and Jess, Polly and Oliver, Colin and Gregg Thank you all so much for coming to Paleo and then for the great tiume we had in Malans and Bad Ragaz. It was far too short. Love David

Pat: Dear Tom I haven’t been in touch for ages but am still here, appreciating all your posts and thinking about you often. I hope, when I finally stop work (I thought I had retired ages ago but it didn’t quite turn out that way!) to see you again. Life has been quite complicated and busy and I’m spending a lot of time being a hands-on grandparent and exhausting myself! I was interested and very moved by your interview and wondered who it was with, whether it was for publication, and what has happened to it. Your poem too made a big impression on me. I’m proud to have such a cousin – even though a distant one. I hope the festival this year is as good as ever...

marie: Unable to Logout (?) Please help. marie

marie: Sunday 25 April – London Marathon 2010 Looks as if it’s going to be a very HOT day. Good luck to your friends Tom – Rajiv Bose and Gary Thornton. Take care of yourselves. Je vous embrasse. marie

barbara: Dear Tom, Happy Easter – though the weather isn’t the lovely combination of cool brightness which casts such interesting shadows on the trees before the buds and leaves burst out. It is cold and wet. May I come and visit sometime soon? I was worried to read that you fell out and hurt your head. That must have been frightening to everyone concerned not the least yourself. I hope that it didn’t disturb the metal work in your neck and that you are getting better. I guess that being a PA requires changes of scenes to keep the job on the go but it is sad and difficult for you to change everyone at once. I hope the process of recruitment introduces you to a new set of...

simonrawlence: Tom Catching up with your news today. a great variety of posts ranging from the poetic ” that is the question ” to the ski slope activites and now news of people changes. In all I hear your self reflection and then absorption and moving on. I had a great month in Laos and re touched my Buddhist base. I tried to send you a card. Here Spring arrived on its official date March 21 and a week later the ice on the Lake has melted and the garden is snow free and crocusi blooming. I hope by now Ellen is back with you and refreshed . Love to her and Mandy and of course yourself. Simon

Rach: Hey Tom, I had a dream about you last night… nothing weird, but it made me realise how much I miss you and Ellen. Good luck with finding some great new PAs. I wish I could come back for a little while. I did try at the beginning of the year, but Active wouldn’t sponsor my work permit as they thought that I didn’t have enough qualifications to qualify for one. I put off starting my nursing degree until next year so this year I’m working to save money for travel and the wedding and I’ll decide about being a student again later. Luv ya, Rach xx

Pat: Hi Tom I just checked up on your doings and was glad to see some more news – but not so happy to know that you’d injured yourself falling out of the wheelchair. I’m really sorry about that and hope you’re feeling OK now, and that it didn’t mess up your work schedule too badly. I hope you’ve got some treats lined up while Ellen is away – I can imagine how much you’ll miss her and be thinking about what she’s doing. Among my almost entirely classical collection of CDs, I have the Buena Vista Social Club album and it is so joyful. With love Pat

Mary Black: Hi – the swedish adventure looks pretty amazing. We are just trying now to set up a disabled rowing centre in Serbia. Very much at the early stages, and in this country people with disabilities are expected to be receiving minimal social benefits, getting sheltered employment making napkin rings and turn up for conferences to thank the Rotary club. So this entire idea of sports for people of all abilities is totally new. We have a veeerrryyy long way to go. Best of luck Mary

Jaime707: Seriously beautiful love you Tom xxx

Jaime707: poetry when did you pick that up? 🙂 xxx

barbara: Hey! That looks terrifically exciting, and remember that as an intrepid snowboarder you pushed this medium to its limits! Are you watching the Vancouver Olympics? News here is that Kaveri and Ayaz will be married just as soon as the Home Office proves that they are ‘genuine’. Nasty intrusive process. I’ve been working for a fortnight in Tuscany in a little house with lots of real caves bolted against a gorge. Very distracted by the Mediterranean oak trees on the opposite side of the valley swaying in the breeze. Got a lot of work shifted despite them and felt very rested. The sledging doesn’t look very restful but I hope you returned with batteries fully...

davidnabarro: Dear Tom Thanks so much for the words and the excellent pictures. It is great to see what’s involved and to read your vivid descriptions. With much love from David

biglittlebrother: ‘The sound of the pebble will not necessarily relate the location of its impact or the effect on the environment of the impact, but the event of the impact will still be related through a type of sensation.’ I have a sensation. My head hurts.

marie: Please help as I am unable to logout .

marie: Hello Tom, The reply system to your site is now back in order. Thanks for the three postings but what has happened overnight to Charlotte’s beautiful letter which looks as if it has been slightly sabotaged! OK it was Halloween….. You are indeed a prolific writer and have a great talent in writing – keep it up. Je t’embrasse marie

barbara: Hi Tom, Your comments on not devoting your entire life to tiny uncertain physical improvements when you can live a life as it is struck a chord. I remember when quite a lot of pressure was put on Gordon to accept a 3-days-a-week attempt to get him to a) stand and b) walk all dressed up in a fancy external skeleton. He thought about it for a while and then said he’d rather spend the time teaching and researching – from his wheelchair. I think you’d have been on his wave length all right. He also traded off risks and ‘extreme events’ against boredom; and sometimes did very silly things just for the hell of it. In the end his mantras were ‘seize...

Tom: thanks Levina

Levina: Hey Tom – hope you’re all fine after the BIG party. I always read your posts with interest and am always humbled at what comes out whenever you write… this time what you said stemming from what someone asked and in part of your reply: “This is a personal decision that everyone makes and I’ve decided that my time is too precious to spend on tasks with no guaranteed return on investment. I have become a little more selfish and definitely more driven since my accident probably because I understand how valuable and short my time is.” I understand fully what you’re saying, I don’t think it’s selfishness but rather a choice as you say and...

katrina07: Hi Tom, Tim’s Mum, Katrina, here. I’ve had a brief look at your site and there is so much of interest to read. We are stil reminiscing about the Wedding in France and how wonderful it all was. Your blog about it was lovely. As I said to you whilst you were there, all that you have been through and all that you have achieved and still aim to do make you an inspiration to the rest of us. It was wonderful to meet you and to talk with you. What Timbo says is true that your carers Vicci and Jamie were awesome too, and really made it easy for all of us to enjoy your company. At school today I was toalking to my new class about the brain – as part of their...

biglittlebrother: It was rather difficult to explain the issue to pete

Pat: I’ve enjoyed hearing about your frenetic summer of travel and music – thanks for all your interesting blogs, and belated thanks to Raj as well for his description of your hair-raising journey to Switzerland. It must be hard to get back to work, but maybe satisfying as well. I’ve been doing some work in Cape Town where I stayed with my friends Peter and Sue Folb. Peter has done a lot of work for the WHO and is another admirer of your dad. How great that you are hosting his 60th birthday celebrations. Warm wishes to you and Ellen, and I hope to see you again before too long, Pat

tim.bland: Hi Tombo, Timbo here. Thanks for this write up, really interesting to read your view on things. Thanks for the pics, I’ll add them to my site when it goes live (should be 2 days or less), i’ll let you know anyway. Was really great to have you at the wedding, although you took a little bit too much attention away from me and Debs :-p just kidding. Vicki and Jaime were awesome, was great to have them at the wedding. Thanks for the secret deposit you left outside my room when you left, very generous – if not unnecessary. The only downside was that Ellen could not make it, this was a real shame. We’ll have to have a reunion as Jess said, just so that Ellen...

jess_bland: Hi Tom! Great write up of France and love the pics, nice to see someone else appreciated the HUGE Nutella jar too :o)) It was great meeting yourself and Vicci and Jamie and sharing chats with you guys. I think you have given Tim (my fiancee Tim not my brother Tim lol) a bit of a complex though about his hawain style shirt he had on lol. I am not sure he will ever be able to wear it again without thinking about you lol! Glad to hear you had a good trip home and made it to the Pearl Jam concert. We are all mega depressed to be home but as everyone keeps pointing out, it shows what a great time we all had! It would be fab to meet up with you again, i think Tim and Debs need to...

marie: Thanks Tom for sharing your news and delighted as always to see new photos. Everything is so beautiful. The photo of the back of the wedding gown is exquisite and worthy of a prize. Looks and sounds as if your two ladies-in-waiting Vicci and Jamie are just perfect. Take care. Marie

Levina: LOLOL funny… hope you’re all doing well!! Miss that down to earth feeling I had with you all… Keep well Tom – you’re doing good.. just trying to get my lazy backside in gear to do at least a 10th of what YOU do… bless. loads of love and hugs to the whole “team” and keep the fun and that love going. .it suits you all. Hope to see you all again! xxxxxxLevina

Levina: Wow thanks for the update Tom: you guys are really having a brilliant time!! so much energy! love all the pics thanks for sharing and continue to enjoy yourselves. Miss you all already LOL! hugs and love from Levina

simonrawlence: Raj you made me smile thanks. enjoy the break all of you Tom, Ellen, Jaime and Vicci Simon

Levina: Hey Tom – I know what you mean about “surreal” I felt it too – fact is, at the end of the day it was so simple and beautiful and I am thankful that we got to meet you, Ellen and friends – at last! I am truly grateful for this because it was so different from a “normal” working week. I was impressed by the renovations your dad and Gillian made, so cool there.. I hope you’re sleeping well in this heat!! Thanks for everything and being there for us… as I said to Jaime and Vicci – “We’ll ramp it out” (my house) – I have to win the lottery in the meantime…… Yes your dad is a special person...

Levina: Hey! The password was right – at last!!! I managed to log in LOL. As soon as I read this post, I knew Raj was the genius behind the pen! Hilarious, yet one is caught up with the movement of the journey.. a loooonnng journey from the UK to Switzerland by car was turned into an adventure – I can just imagine, with this group – that this would have happened and the beautiful calm of Ellen settling like a cloud over the “madness”… you have to meet them to believe it – all fireballs of energy and such a great, clean, open, honest love shining out from each and every one of them. It was really lovely meeting everyone and my ex supervisor David! As...

Rach: Oh Raj, I miss you! I am so jealous that I’m not in Switzerland with you guys. I love that you have this blog so that I can hear all your stories. Luv you all and miss you heaps! Rach xx

marie: My dear Tom, I feel quite embarrassed but nonetheless my “ranting” was rewarded with a wonderful long news update and I thank you kindly. Have a great barbecue. Sincerely Marie

simonrawlence: tom I havent visited the site for a while, so very pleased to catch up with yours and Ellens full lives. glad about the job and the future prospects. thank you for explaining the intricacies of state of the art wheel chair navigation. maybe the spontaneity of life is something that happens in youth, your thoughts on this found an echo in me. hope the barbeque was fun. nice words keep them coming Simon

biglittlebrother: New chair looks awesome & great to hear about the positive work review. Back on the 28th – see you then. O

biglittlebrother: Tomcrow, Really nice photos of Scotland. Very clear skies – Australia is coming into Winter now so not as nice here, believe it or not. Awesome that you enjoyed yourself up north. Great to see that John Stewart’s eyebrows have grown back after the bonfire explosion over Christmas. he he he… that was awesome. Have you thought about trying to get to the ‘Big Chill’ festival over the summer? Paleo will be large. O

Levina: Dear Tom and Ellen, Just popping in to say hello and to congratulate you both on the incredible steps you’ve taken to date – one way – forward! Thank you for keeping this website alive. I’ve been lazy in keeping up but have also been ill. Thankfully being in the hands of good professionals I’m still here LOL! I will never take my health for granted again. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous – different situations show so much happiness there – keep it up. Your bed is lovely – I’m glad you managed to get it! I haven’t seen your dad yet, although I know he’s moved to Geneva – saw him once last year just before I...

Pat: Lovely news, but why didn’t you tell me that work was going extremely well, with lots of responsibility? (Too modest?!) And who is that lugubrious fellow in (and out of) the box? All my good wishes to you and Ellen Pat

biglittlebrother: Yesssss! I’m back in the fold. Couldn’t remember old password so re-registered. New bed sounds nice. As does new wheelchair. Sounds like your whole setup will be revamped by the time I come back to start my LOA. Agree that iTunes is fairly evil. You’ll have to show me how to use this floola lark cos my iPod nano is unused as yet. Podcasts eh? BBC History is the way forward. Did you see LFC vs Real/United/Villa…Hell yeah! 13 goals in 12 days. Just bought Call of Duty World at War for my PS3 – graphics are on another level. Have fun in Scotland over easter chief. O. x

marie: Dear Tom You look great on the photos. I recognized Oliver, Polly and Raj but as for the other beautiful girls I’m not surprised that they are unnamed! Love and respect Marie

Susan: Tom, You don’t know me. I know your dad, David, from work at WHO. My husband had a brain hemorrhage at age 39 and was quadriplegic as a result (couldn’t talk or swallow), so I have some idea of what your family and friends have gone through. Just want you to know that I check your website often, think of you more often, and it has been feeling weird that I can “see” bits of you without your knowing it. So I’m posting this to say that I know there are so many things in your “new” life that others can’t understand, that it’s often the daily otherwise trivial stuff that gets one down, etc. Keep pushing for the double bed. Ellen...

marie: Dear Tom Excellent news about your contract being extended – mine is also! Always delighted to see more photos. Really liked the one with The Pavilion, Grandfather Michael’s House and Tom and Ellen’s place. Your request for a wheelchair in which you can stand up is of vital importance (please see attached article which I have at last scanned and will be sending to Whizz). “Le matin, quatre heures de préparation sont nécessaire, deux avec un kiné, deux pour la toilette et l’habillage. Trente minutes sur un vélo automatique, de la balnéothérapie et une heure debout, pour éviter les escarres, ostéoporose, activer la circulation du sang et le...

Pat: Just to say how pleased I am that the work funding has come through and that you now have an interesting project to get stuck into. That’s such good news and a huge tribute to you and your carers. Warmest wishes Pat

taliesin: Hello Tom We have a page turner that you’re welcome to have if you like? My brother hasn’t ever used it, so I’m quite sure he wouldn’t mind at all! Please let me know if you would like it. Thanks Karren

davidnabarro: Thanks. Tom, for this great update. Paleo tickets have been bought and the Founex adaptation is well underway. Look forward to seeing you in Standlake soon. David

Pat: Dear Tom I’m so glad to know that all is going well and that the pavilion is nearly finished so that you’ll soon be celebrating another new stage in your life. Given how busy you are these days you shouldn’t feel the need to apologise for less frequent posts. It’s great that you still have the energy and time to continue to keep posting at all. I certainly appreciate that. This weekend my family is celebrating what would have been the 100th birthday of my husband’s mother. She was a much beloved mother-in-law who contradicted all the stereotypes. She was quite complicated which made life difficult for her, but was extremely loving, generous and...

Tom Ernst: You don’t just have a strong field, but have already made a HUGE inspirational contribution and you are continuing to do so for all of us that care about you. More than you are aware of, believe me … Make sure that lots of us can invade for the housewarming ! Tom and the Nyon Clan

simonrawlence: Tom Really professional job on the extension, patio and pavillion: comes together nicely. Thanks for the blog and feelings about work, I am pleased for you. also previous details of transition and carers. Here I am about to introduce Czech republic to Guy Fawkes by the river, most are unaware of our earlier terrorist attempts. So have a good bonfire, let me know about housewarming in case I am in Uk. Simon

Laolu: Hey Tom, It’s been a while. How’s the job going? Wireless security sounds pretty darn cool. I had to briefly read up on network security a few months ago – I didn’t get to apply any of it though, it was merely for reference. You must have a pretty mean wireless setup at your place. No worries about the lack of posts – I’m even worse at replying often! Anyway, I hope things are moving along nicely. Take care bro, Lao.

mmck7bt: Dear Tom, Fantastic to hear you are in your own home now and adjusting to all that, along with setting out on a new job. Good luck, bon courage and stay well Maggie McK

barbara: Dear Tom, That means you have started your job. Just getting your mind around the mediated employment relationships with people who are actually CARING for you is so mind boggling complicated that I expect to read that mere work is a piece of piss. How is it anyway?! And meanwhile you have all these architectural and design details to control – of a kind that most of the rest of us either never get to do or only much later on in our lives. And you have the real pleasure of watching the Pavillion rise from the grass. You will know it inside out when you start to work there. I’d love to see what’s going on at Standlake and how you are. But the time when I am free...

nataliecooper: Hey Tom Was great to hear your progress and that the work on your home thats been undertaken. How is the new job going – have I read that correct that you started yesterday? What are you doing? Anyways all the best from those at Brunel Natalie :O)

Pat: Dear Tom I mainly wanted to send you massive amounts of good luck for the start of your job next week. I know how hard it’s been for you to find time to think about the project, but I’m sure that you’ll do fine. For one thing it will be much easier to think constructively when you’re actually at Roke, meeting people and getting feedback, and bouncing ideas off colleagues. I’ve been picturing your slightly pink, sandstone-ish, vaguely brown decor. It sounds great! I happen to love pink and shades of brown together. It also sounds as though the builders have made great progress with the pavilion since I saw it. All very exciting. I do hope that...

marie: Delighted that webmaster Tom is back at work. Really missed the absence of postings on both sides of the blog. Guy Fawkes Day as all the British community know is celebrated in England the 5th of November. I think it’s a strange coincidence that ISMA U.K. is having a National Stress Awareness Day to show how unproductive the worry habit can be ( this is for me of course!) Just think of all those bomb fires and fireworks! At work I started giving out their list of ” Top ten stress busters”. French colleagues including the doctor were quite perplexed with number 8. “What does hugging mean Marie”? In fact I didn’t know the French equivalent which is...

Veronica: Hi Tom, Thanks for posting some news after a stretch of busy silence. I take it as a very positive sign that you have been so involved in organizing care, home and job that you did not find time to write. You are taking back more and more control over what’s going on in your life, which you should. Maybe you could post some pictures of the annex for your curious readers? Best of luck as you start your new job — stay healthy and keep us posted! V.

Jesus: Dear Tom, Congratulations to you and Ellen about the new place. We have been following your posts from over a year, although this is my first post. We are sure you’ll beat those pending health issues. Do not worry about the time it takes you to get up in the morning, think about how great is to be awake. We are having a baby in January. We’ll keep you posted. Let me know how we canshare a picture of us with you. Best, Ana + Jesus

felixgj: Tom That’s great news – finally able to use the extension – maybe even the bedroom by now, if blinds and curtains are in place. Wonderful! I hope Ellen enjoys the choices you guys have made, too, though I guess she’s probably off in C’diff a lot at the moment. Good luck indeed as the Roke Park thing comes on – very tough for you and a b—- of a commute, but it’ll do wonders for your head to be stretched and exercised by the challenges of work. Hope Suze likes your boffin colleagues – how will you structure that bit – will she always accompany you to work, or will you rotate that job, too? What about the “second able...

julian and liz: Hi Tom. Its great to hear that you are out of hospital. We also enjoyed very much the pictures from Paleo and were thrilled to hear that you had got there despite all the things you had to deal with beforehand. Enjoyed the pics of the fireworks and all the friends too. You looked ecstatic! We wanted to let you know that we both have got a place in the ballot for The Great North Run and will be donating our sponsorship to the BackUp Trust. I’ll be emailing David to let him know too. Hope all goes really well for getting your workspace into shape and independant living generally. I mentioned to David a while back that you might be interested in getting in touch with a...

felixgj: Yow, that’s quite a pile on your plate there, kid. But what’s so cool, from this perspective, is that you’re dealing with it, fractionating it into manageable and prioritized lists and categories, and lining up the resources you need to create the outcomes you want – and that, my friend, is a grown up getting on with his life and I’m so damn proud of you about that I could just about, errr, bust. Really looking forward to seeing you and all the new developments at the Limes soon. I know Ollie’s around for a bit, which will be fun, too, but is Ellen still off busy in Wales? I hope I’ll get to see a bit of her, too. See you Monday, I hope....

Tom Ernst: Tom, I am SOOOO happy for Ellen and you – what an amazing new step !!! It is wonderful to know that you have moved on from a permanent hospital environment to creating your very own future – please let me know when your new home is ready to receive visitors, we will celebrate with an Indian carry-out and a revenge in chess … I cannot wait

Susanna Graham-Jones: Home Sweet Home sounds good and corny… but it is a real joy to know you are out of hospital and buzzing about getting on with your life. Last weekend was a celebration both of your homecoming and your 24th birthday – this weekend we hope Oliver will bring some sunshine with him from Oz , and Polly will be back from Majorca, briefly, before she heads off for Levanto. It won’t be long before your house is ready for you – I am only too glad you’re there to encourage the builders. They have been working really hard towards the original 14-week target date today, Oliver’s birthday – but the rain has been relentless and they are as...

Pat: Just in time to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope this will be a really good year for you, and that the high that you reached on the holiday will stay up there for a good long time. That whole enterprise must have taken a lot of organisation as well as dedication on everyone’s part. What a great achievement all round! And I’m glad the music didn’t disappoint. I guess you would have mentioned it if you’d already moved….but surely that must be imminent. I hope so. Warmest wishes Pat

marie: I am most impressed with Ellen and Suzi and their overnight driving in France. As the saying goes behind every great guy there is a great girl ! What a strange coincidence that today I should receive my copy of “looking up” in the post and it’s your birthday ! Happy Birthday Tom and I hope your in your new flat to celebrate (?) Click onto this site for some beautiful photographs of Versailles: is/versailles_gardens Best wishes Marie

katywackett: Wow! After a long absence from commenting on your site I have worked out how to log in again 🙂 What a trip! And what a great line up of bands. I am so impressed that you and everyone managed to travel such a long way, marvellous stuff. We just about manage to go abroad, and do a festial with the kids in the uk… but I wouldn’t be brave enough to do both at the same time! My Tom is a fan of Vanessa Paradis though, so he will be jealous 😉 Anyway, was really logging in today to say a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow. Hope you have a fantastic day. Best wishes, Katy xxx

Tom Ernst: It was wonderful to have you here and have such a great Paléo together, next year is already marked in red in our calendar … Thanks to Ellen, Suzi and Tendai – you are a GREAT Team !!! By the way: the Founder and Head of Paléo is called Daniel Rosselat, – in September he might become the new syndic (mayor) of Nyon !

barbara: How exciting! WELL DONE TO EVERYONE! AND NOW – VERY SOON – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO! lots of love, Barbara – shortly off to Chapelle Antie, enamelling and Switching Off, Eli/Ali (shortly off to Cropredy by narrow boat) and Kaveri (shortly off to new life in Brighton but not until she has finished holding the fort here in Summertown) PS It sounds a silly question but after that globe trotting did you return to Stoke Mandeville or do you now have a half way home outside the hospital?

mmck7bt: Dear Tom, Fantastic news to hear you had such a successful and great trip to the paleo- amazing in view of you recent op etc. Congratulations to you and all involved – wonderful Best wishes Maggie McK

Lilly: Yay I’m so glad you guys got to go to Paleo, I’m very jealous too though!! Eat a chocolate filled piadina for me and have a wonderful time! Lots of love to you and els x x x x

barbara: By the way – has the person who is 26 years on written all these ways of achieving seemingly impossible tasks down and are they all on the net so others don’t have to spend years re-inventing the wheel?

barbara: That’s wonderful news! I can’t tell you how often I’ve opened up this page hoping beyond all hope that you made it! And you did! In the post today came a work-request for a character reference. I’m doing that. lots of love – have a great holiday – Barbara

marie: Tom Absolutely delighted that you have made it to Switzerland. Doubt whether you had time to read my mail after my last two comments (?) so here it is again to share with all your well wishers: The importance of being there “However good the video link, however clear the audio, and however anatomically accurate the avatar, sharing the same space and breathing the same air makes a difference to the quality of interaction, especially when you’re trying to do something creative rather than being a passive member of an audience.” Bill Thompson BBC Digital Planet 15-07-08 Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy yourself. Marie

Pat: Dear Tom Fantastic news!! I’m so excited for you and hope you have a wonderful adventure, meet lots of interesting people and hear some great music (i.e. great to your ears, probably not to mine!) I look forward to hearing about it all when you return. My warmest wishes Pat

Pat: I’m hoping that everything has been going well for you since your last post, with no more complications. Like everyone else, I was grateful for the detailed update on the operation, but so much wished that you didn’t have to face all these setbacks. Thank you to whoever posted the photos. It was so reassuring to see the dazzling smile still intact, showing that it’s possible to be extremely photogenic and attractive lying down with a nasogastric tube in place and a swollen neck! Dear Tom, you continue to be amazing and inspirational. Keep on getting better – I hope you’ll be back on track soon and able to get on with all your plans. Pat

marie: Tom please excuse my rather clumsy message. What I tried to say was that your news made me feel better for you (not myself). I find your wit and courage simply outstanding. If your health permits I sincerely hope that you can enjoy the festival “sur place”. Marie

marie: My dear Tom you really do have a real talent for writing and thanks once again for sharing your thoughts. Despite the somewhat gory details and the seriousness of the situation your message and your down to earth style made ME feel better. Why does all this have to happen to you? I know it’s not quite the same thing but what about a video conference and high tech loud speakers for the Paleo Festival (?) Thank you Doctor Tom ! Sincerely Marie

felixgj: Tom, So great to hear that i) you feel like you are learning how to be in charge of the processes of recovery, and ii) you are well enough on the post-op road to be up and about in the wheel chair. It’s a real bummer that it’s taken a third shot to get things to settle down, but, given the info you’ve posted, both the elimination of the air pocket and the healing of the oesophagus will dramatically reduce the chance of continuing infection. Once you get that cracked, all of the other great strides you’ve been making will click into place, so here’s hoping the third times the charm.. Blythe sets off for Levanto tomorrow and is hoping to drop in on you...

mmck7bt: Dear Tom, Sorry to hear that you had to have another operation but very good to hear that it went well and that you are making good progress and hopefully it’ll solve the problems of infections in your neck. Says a lot for your stamina-well done you. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring us, Best wishes Maggie McKenzie

Jochamberlain: Sorry Ellen…not helen…doh ;o)

Jochamberlain: Hi Tom, I don’t know if you will remember us, Lloyd and Jo (Lloyd, Arrons brother and me Jo his grilfriend. We got to spend a few hours with you and Ellen on several occasions whilst visiting Arron when he was in Stoke Mandeville. We just wanted to let you know that you are often in our thoughts and we get updates from Arron as and when he sees you and of course from your website. Sorry to hear you had to to have another op but from what we have read it seems like it was for the best and as always your are coping fantastically. Keep up the good work and hopefully our paths will cross again one day. Please say hi to Helen too. Love Jo and Lloyd x

barbara: Dear Tom, Very glad to have this news. At least there is Wimbledon to watch – you will be doing what most people who have not had a major operation- let alone 3 – will also be doing ! Enjoy and get better quickly! with love to you and all the family, Barbara PS Kaveri returning from Pakistan this weekend and Eli from having moved their narrowboat from Folly Bridge to Kirtlington – many locks up and back. I have returned from having assessed nearly 900 pieces of research in development with a 12 person team – very conscientious and very tiring – and we are only about 2/3 through – but the plus was to swim in a church!

Marina: Dear Tom, Its taken me months to sort out how to register to leave a comment as my computer skills are shit, but thanks to Tom Ernst I have finally managed. This is to say that while we have not been visible on your site we have thought about you and your progress a lot and talked to David and Gillian about how you are getting on. We are so pleased your recent operation went well and wish you a speedy and even stronger recovery. We hope to see you in Swizz before too long. Till then we all send our love, Marina Charlie, George, Nick and Anthony AKA the Ginksies

Pat: Dear Tom I’m just back from 2 weeks away and send my love and good wishes for a quick recovery from this latest op. Let’s hope it will knock the infection out once and for all, and that it won’t delay your discharge from hospital for too long – though I can imagine that any delay is too long at this stage. I hope the sore throat gets better quickly too. Warmest wishes Pat

Tom Ernst: Funny that the titanium neck plate that I thought was pivotal for your stability may have prevented that bugger of an infection to be kicked out. I think Susie will be proven right: You will be even more resilient and active than before !!! Have just ordered my copy of Tim Rushby-Smith’s “Looking Up” and am looking forward to the read … Thank you so much Susie for the very encouraging update, Tom: give us all more good news soon!

Veronica: Dear Tom, The news of another operation gave me a scare in the beginning of the week and I am very glad that everything went well. Knowing how much you hated the collar, the news that you may not need another one sounds great. I very much hope that your bones/neck muscles are strong enough that you can get away without any additional support. Hang in there! Wishing you speedy recovery and a lot of patience with yourself and those who care for you, Veronica

Joy Bleasdale: Dear Tom We are very glad to hear that the op went well and send our love and best wishes. Keep strong and you will beat this infection. Joy, Tony, Kate, Rose and Henry

alang: Very glad to hear the op’ went well. Very best wishes from Alan, Amy and Nick.

Tom Ernst: The Ernst Clan thinks of you and is with you, Tom We know that you will rebound, yet again … Kick this neckbone infection once and for all, if the surgeon is happy so are we. A smile from Nyon, Tom

marie: Thanks so much for your mother’s message and your Guardian Angel! The Paleo Festival will have to wait for 2009… Thursday 3rd July is the Feast Day for Saint Thomas… Bonne fête for Thursday! Je t’embrasse Marie

barbara: We are all thinking mega-positive thoughts for your neckbones, wishing the surgical team a very sure touch and sending love to everyone who considers themselves family. Barbara, Kaveri and Elinor

tim.bland: Stay strong buddy. Tim and Debs.

Mascha: Dear Tom and David, we are thinking of you and hope Tom will feel better soon. David, we can’t wait to see you in New York, when al is well with Tom again. Much, much love, M&G

mmck7bt: Dear Tom Great to hear that you have been offered a temporary job which hopefully will develop further and that you’ve got plans also to move to temporary accomodation before the Standlake is ready. Lots of hard work on your part and others to achieve that I should think. And it’s good to hear you saw Ellen’s exhibition which sounded fantasic. And you looked great at the dinner. I remain in awe and humbled by your amazing efforts and grace, Best wishes Maggie McKenzie

marie: Thinking about Barbara’s comment on specialised equipment etc. I forgot to mention that Roger Marconnet – Director “Marconnet Tecnologies” was recently awarded two medals in the april Paris Fair – Concours Lepine. Gold medal for his “vêtement de flottaison” which keeps the head out water and enables the handicapped to use the pool or go for a dip in the sea etc. in safety. (190-250 euros). Silver medal for his “Boma” which is – wait for it – an electric wheelchair “tout terrain” (12.500 euros). Shame but I don’t know how to send a picture of the wheelchair. It looks a bit like a go-kart ! Marie

marie: Dear Tom, Delighted with all your news and the latest comments. I was going to say almost the same things myself but Barbara, Pat and Tom beat me to it ! You really do look like a Company Director in your suit and tie at the dinner. Would the two people either side of you be your care assistants ? A three month part-time contract is quite realistic and in fact the norm here in France following any serious illness. I had to pause and think for a minute regarding your “white box appliances” and then the penny dropped! Have a great holiday – wish I could be there to see Thomas Dutronc ! Best wishes Marie

Tom Ernst: Oh, yes – the joys of building your house … Always the problems with coming in on time and within budget. But your energy will get you there soon. Can you please post some pictures of Ellen’s exhibition? GREAT work on getting to turn pages and the computer mouse – this is SO important, please be very patient and stick with it since it will both help you much in the future! I am VERY happy that the job at Roke worked out, congratulations! This is a good first step and you will do very well going forward, I have no doubt. Thank you for your long postings, we all love reading them! See you soon @ Palio in Nyon, Tom PS: you look really great at the Regain...

Pat: Dear Tom Thanks for all the news and I too hope that you’re feeling more rested. It sounds like a very tiring week – not only in terms of whizzing around from place to place (now I understand your email address) – but also because it involved more negotiating, more decisions, huge effort with the page turning, and probably a lot of emotion seeing Ellen’s end of year project. Many congratulations on the job offer! That’s exciting, and it’s so good to have got through that first step – probably the most difficult one. I love the design of the Standlake extension by the way, and am grateful to David and the other photographers. You did look...

barbara: Dear Tom, I hope you are feeling better. A life as busy as yours would wear most people out! I just wanted to say how excited I was to read that Roke are interested in giving you a test-run. I am sure they will want to extend your contract once they see what you contribute. It was exciting as well actually to see the prototypes in wood of the equipment that will give you a step change in your control over things that don’t respond electronically – like pages of books! Congratulations too to Ellen and fingers crossed for the next stage for her. And the building at Standlake looks as though it is going to be a very good environment for you. It makes all the difference...

Tom Ernst: Yes, Paleo will be LOTS of fun – I can’t wait ! Please keep posting for us, we all enjoy reading about you and from you. A hug from Washington DC, Tom

Tom Ernst: Great to see how Standlake is coming along – can’t wait to be dancing @ the inauguration party with DJ David

davidnabarro: Dear Tom A great read – thank you. I send you best wishes from a conference in Rome on food security, bioenergy and climate change. The Presidents and Prime Ministers – and our Secretary General – have come and gone. After marathon sessions, the declaration is nearly agreed, but there are still disagreeements among countries about poisitions to be taken on bio-fuels, trade and “the use of food as an instrument for political and economic pressure”. I now have a few quiet minutes in which to listen to the interesting presentations from farmers’ and fishers’ organizations, the private sector and voluntary organizations. The declaration...

barbara: The last few weeks sound a complicated story-line enough! Do you ever get time to chill out? I am sure the people who interviewed you are thinking along lines of first principles and wouldn’t have expected you to know the frontiers of their business..Thanks for giving us chapter and verse on what must have been quite a difficult experience for you. Heavens – that is a lot of gadgets you would like; but they can make life more and more like everyone else’s, which would be good. I hope you get them. Here life is one great read and this will go on all year in a rather uncivilised way. I am building a big head of steam against all governments which want to assess...

barbara: It was ‘snow’ – Thank you tom!

Pat: Dear Tom It’s so good to get your news after rather a long gap. You’ve certainly been very active and busy (NOT lazy!) and I hope that gradually things are moving in the right direction with your future employment, your funding battle, and your accommodation. Do let us know the outcome of the interview. That must have been quite stressful, being tested on your ability to solve technical problems in an area that you don’t know anything about. But I hope that overall it was enjoyable rather than gruelling. Thinking of you a lot, as always, Pat

Tom Ernst: What a great find – thank you, Barbara! How did your interview go today, Tom? Good night, Tom Louis MacNeice – Sunday Morning Down the road someone is practising scales, The notes like little fishes vanish with a wink of tails, Man’s heart expands to tinker with his car For this is Sunday morning, Fate’s great bazaar; Regard these means as ends, concentrate on this Now, And you may grow to music or drive beyond Hindhead anyhow, Take corners on two wheels until you go so fast That you can clutch a fringe or two of the windy past, That you can abstract this day and make it to the week of time A small eternity, a sonnet self-contained in rhyme. But listen,...

barbara: PPPS I think that the size of a space is to some extent inside your head. What the space means is elastic. There’s a beautiful poem about this, I think by Louis MacNeice which I will try to find for you.

barbara: PPS I disagree with you about selfishness. i don’t think that the cross cultural and historical evidence suggests human nature is selfish. Selfish plus a lot of unselfishness – perhaps – at a stretch. You can reduce patental-love and nurturing to selfishness only by sleight of hand (long term selfish interest in care in old age? oh yes?); and without a lot of co-operation hunter-gatherers (which is how we evolved) would never have survived. When we create art and music we are not selfish – at least I don’t think so. I do think that market society under capitalism requires us to be as selfish as we can, however, both if we own assets and also if we...

barbara: Dear Tom, I woke up early and reading your blog is the first thing I do on a day I am going to Brussels. We have been celebrating ten years since my husband died. One of those celebrations was an event with lectures on the legacy of his work in China – with a drinks reception and meal afterwards. Even the lecturers couldn’t keep to the point and wove stories about Gordon’s rock and roll band, his compulsive joking, his care as a mentor and teacher, his passionate feel for politics and his insistent holding onto life – even when, as happened so many times over the 28 years of his illness, he was expected to die. That was the public face. The private face...

anni: Hi Tom, We’ve never met and I’ve been following your website since last year so I wanted to say hello. You always sound incredibly positive but at the same time you look life straight in the face. Impressive! Best wishes Anni

Veronica: Hi Tom, is there a direct link to your interview? I seem to be too stupid to locate it on that website. Thanks! V.

marie: Thanks for all your news Tom and keeping us all up to date with things. ITV Thames Valley doesn’t function in France but I enjoyed reading the interview you gave in Oxford. Please take care of your feet. There are nasty bugs called clostridium difficile in hospitals !! My mother was a chiropodist. As a child and until we were wise enough to be left on our own during the school holidays my sister and I would accompany mother to Tiptree in Essex – world famous for it’s jam. Mother had an afternoon session in an old peoples social center. My sister and I would prepare the cotton wool balls or else play dominoes with the elderly pensioners. We traveled by Eastern...

Veronica: Hi Tom, All that is fantastic news! Congratulations to Chrissie on doing such a great job on the marathon and her success in raising funds. And how exciting that your future workplace is being designed for you now and things are getting more concrete jobwise! Thanks for keeping your readers up to date on all of these developments. Have a great weekend, Veronica

Melissa Cassidy: Hey tom, dunno if u remember me, drunk irish one from uni lol, was just chattin ben there and he told me about your accident and i just wanted to say hi, i know i’m a bit late on the batter lol but u know us irish, backwards(apart from raj obviously) its real good to see ur doing so well, been a long time, even longer as it took me a full half an hour to figure out how to leave a msg!lol, hope to chat to u again. xx (sorry if i did this wrong!)

claudia: Hi Tom, and greetings from a cold and windswept Bangor. I drove up through Wales today from Bristol to see an old friend and we have been talking non-stop and drinking too much red wine – familiar I am sure! Its been ages since I was in touch and much has happened – I have been back in hopsital myself and then my Dad became very ill and died in early February. I am so glad that I was able to see him a lot in the weeks before. It is great to hear all your news and your thoughts on life and work and living arrnagements in the future. I hope to come and see you and Susie soon, love to you and Ellen and all the family xxx

saralouvalentine: Chrissie – good luck on your run! Tom – you don’t know me – that’s probably a blessing on your side! lol but been reading about your new wheels and your worry about your hair being good in the oxford Mail! – Keep up the positive attitude and it’s fine to worry about what you hair looks like!(I worry about bits between my teeth! ha ha!) good luck with the wheels! – am I safe to be on the pavements oin Oxfordshire? wishing Chrissie lots of luck with her run – will sponsor her when I get two minutes to sort it out. stay well and hope you are home soon – bet the food is bad!!

Pat: Dear Tom Like the others here I’m grateful for your generosity in sharing your thoughts and feelings so openly. It’s something that I would find hard to do – not only because I don’t think or express myself as well as you do, but also because people of my generation are conditioned to keeping such thoughts private. I’ve been thinking about the loss of privacy that dependence on carers must entail, and that your situation means not only that you have to keep good relations with everyone whose help you may need, but also that you have to put your trust in many different people as well. I can understand how hard it is to find just the right people to help you. I’ve just...

ros: Dear Tom, I havent left a message for a while but as ever I come back to your site and find myself extraordinarily enriched by your energy, honesty and creativity. Like Simon (hello Simon!) I can only say “thank you” Ros (Carne)

marie: Thanks for the latest news and your thougths Tom.I am quite unable to compete with your superb English prose and that of Simon Rawlence. It’s almost Easter weekend. In England as in Germany Good Friday is a Pubic Bank holiday.In France this is not the case! In my childhood as a catholic there was always the traditional “Stations of the Cross” at 3pm followed by Hot Cross Buns… This Good Friday at 3pm I will be having an interview for a new job despite my young age! I am trying to prepare myself mentally and your thoughts help me. France has one of the lowest levels of employment for the “seniors” and is infact classed 26th for the whole of...

simonrawlence: Tom I greatly enjoyed your last paragraph, and finding your clarity. This is a good time to move around your mind, I would hazard a guess that these experiments of yours will continue all your life. Most people never give themselves the space to do this, but you have seized your chance. I am glad that you do not consider yourself or this process shallow, the ability to self reflect is a sure way to then feedback and influence the next action or exchange. It was a challenge in translation and cultural understanding for us westerners in Dharamsala to appreciate fully the Buddhist term Virtue. The nearest approximate was Skill. The constant application of those skills and the...

barbara: This is for Raj when he recovers from jetlag and logs on to see his photo. I met you at Tom’s twice over the last few months and want to share a general sense of gratitude to people like you, and to wish you well in New Zealand. Everyone wants to go there! What is it about New Zealand? Is it because it’s closer to Vanuatu? Do you climb mountains? Tom: Well chosen : it is a lovely painting! I will descend on the hospital this thursday and am looking forward to seeing you, Barbara

marie: PS. Please see

marie: Tom, In view of the forthcoming local elections in France there is a fantastic new campaign to encourage the handicapped to become the equivalent of county councellors. There are two different A4 page photographs. 1: Roosevelt: Il a été élu 4 fois Président des Etats-Unis, Il a sorti son pays de la crise économique, Il à remporté la 2ème guerre mondiale et tout ça assis. L’histoire à prouvé que les personnes handicapées pouvaient faire de la politique, Ouvrons-leur les listes électorales pour les municipales. 2: Yalta : Une personne handicapée s’est glissée parmi ces hommes politiques. Did you know that Roosevelt suffered from Guillain-Barré syndrome and...

Veronica: Too bad about the infection, but everything else sounds brilliant. I imagine Pizza Express is a welcome change from the hospital fare. All the best on your search for short-term solutions awaiting the completion of the construction project. Although planning out all of these arrangements for care and accommodation probably has tedious aspects, I would think it is also quite stimulating. Looking forward to some pictures. Veronica

barbara: Dear Tom, Good news and photos! Please look at your email! love Barbara and all at 36 V Rd.

marie: Dear Tom, It’s always a great pleasure to see more photos and have news from you. I will be sending you a Foil First-Aid blanket as soon as I can to prevent you from any risk of hypothermia for future matches in the unpredictable English weather conditions. It’s light weight but efficient and wraps up like a large handkerchief ! In France when the weather is bad everyone makes fun of me and say that it’s typical English weather which I should be accustomed to ! The apparatus you talk about to put you into a “standing position” is another step forward and you couldn’t have entitled your latest “news ” any better. My eldest son...

Pat: Dear Tom This is all wonderful news – thanks for keeping us up to date. I’m so glad to hear everything that you’ve been doing (you’ve been getting out and about more than most of us!) and all your plans for life after Stoke Mandeville. I loved the photos too, especially you as a Berber chieftan, but please enlighten us about the mountainous blanket! Warmest wishes, Pat

Veronica: Dear Tom, Rumor has it that you have not been feeling all too well lately and I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and sending you lots of energy and health vibes. Veronica

simonrawlence: Tom long absence from viewing your activities, but you never disappoint me ! It is always a joyful experience to open the site and see happy laughing photos. I have rapidly changed jobs and now find myself executive director of the british chamber of commerce Czech Republic. Huge scope with trade, educational, economic and political facets. It was in crisis, as a break a way group of former directors started a rival British Business Forum ( their name in capitals ). So a lot of press coverage as well about the war between the Brits ! keep them coming Simon

emily: PS – hope you had a great Christmas and NY – sounds like you did by your comment! x

emily: Hi Tom, I’m rubbish at using your site – don’t know how to leave a message that doesn’t necessarily link to a previous message? Anyhow – hope you’re good – was great to see you the other weekend – we’ll pop up again soon – and you should come and stay at ours with Ells – as discussed!! Remember I spoke to you about the guy who wrote this book i’m publicising? Obviously I mentioned you and he sent me an email saying he was doing a talk today a Stoke M about the patient education programme – if you’re going i’m warning you that he might come and introduce himself – he’s really nice...

Pat: Dear Tom I’ve been out of touch as we’ve been in India for the last three weeks. One of the first things I did on getting back was to catch up on your news and another was to read the late Christmas cards that came while we were away. One was from a friend whose daughter Hilary is quadriplegic, telling us about Hilary’s latest exploits. She got herself into the record books a couple of years ago by being the first quadriplegic person to sail across the English Channel solo. Last summer she sailed solo around the Isle of Wight and now she’s planning to sail around Britain. She gradually became quadriplegic through a degenerative disease, but like you she’s sporty, brilliant...

tim.bland: Good stuff Tom, keep up the good work buddy. Try and get an assistant with with a wheelchair friendly Bently 😉

Veronica: Great to have some new pictures. Looking goooood. Where’s the collar? Did you get rid of it? Veronica

marie: Wow ! Tom looks really great – what a handsome young man he is. The photos are just great. Congratulations to all the family, loved ones and nursing staff! Tom, your recovery is just spectacular and I am simply overwhelmed. It’s now exactly 33 years ago that I worked with David in Kurdistan. Amid the bombing and the blackout – no electricity- we celebrated New Year 1974 with the Kurds and the Save the Children Fund emergency team. Best wishes for 2008 Marie

csergeant: Tom Great to read about your Christmas and New Year break. This is to send our very best wishes for a happy and successful 2008. We shall be thinking of you as you continue with your preparations for discharge and as you think about job opportunities. You, Ellen, your families and friends continue to inspire us with your determination to make the most of everything. We hope you all have a brilliant year. Caroline, Simon, Grace and Sophie

David Moxley: Tom, I was reading your father’s bio as I’m going to be interviewing him tonight (5PM EST, USA) on and obviously read about your accident last year. Without question I’m sure you’re getting the best care in the UK but, you might check out the Shepherd Spinal Center here in Atlanta. They do and have done absolutely amazing work. We have had them and a number of their patients local, national and internationally known on our station. We did a show for about six months on disabilities and the response was very interesting, nothing like I would have expected. With that said if you’re ever in Atlanta Georgia when visiting...

mmck7bt: Dear Tom, Thinking of you over this holiday time and hoping you had a great Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2008. Great news about your collar and work and accomodation prospects Maggie Mckenzie

totalstranger: Dear Tom, I have been thinking of you and imagining you among your loved ones having a wonderful Christmas day. Hope to see the pictures online soon… Our Christmas celebrations went extremely well for our standards (we are not the traditions-oriented kind of family). Thanks for your shopping ideas. The LRG hoody was a hit, the eagle one was judged as being too gaudy. I like it on myself, though, so I may keep it (although the kids think I look weird in a garment like that while friends say I look 20 years younger, which may mean the same). And since I did not get any gift… except the expensive painting I offered myself (did you get the card?)… I might as...

ilenia giubbi: Hi Tom, It’ s me Ilenia…..Do you remember me?I hope so…… we spent one year in the same house….. I was reading some messages of all your friends and I am very happy to understand that you are making many progress. I know you are a strong person and I am sure you will get better day by day. I have many plans for the new year and one of those is to come to visit you and all your family with my brother Andrea in Spring, so we can spend a bit of time together. I want also to tell you that on 24/05 Alessandro and I will get married. I will write you very soon. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and your friends. Love from Ilenia and...

Natalie: Tom It was lovely to see you and meet your family at Graduation and its fantastic to hear about your progress to date and about the possible job offer – I hope all works out for you. You are still in my prayers and I hope you have a good family time this Christmas. Give my love to Rajiv if you see him – I thought he was going to be working at Brunel, but I’ve not seen/heard from him since Graduation – hope he is ok. Anyways I best get back to work…. Take care Natalie

barbara: The family at Victoria Road will also be out to see you during the Christmas week. It’s a modern day miracle of technology that means you are there to enjoy it Tom – and but other half is of an age-old but very individual story of imagi-nation and determi-nation. Merry Christmas from your own ‘nation’ of well-wishers, Barbara

Susanna Graham-Jones: Dear Tom, Great news about the Roke connection. Back to work in the New Year, then. Sounds good. I’m at The Limes in Standlake admiring your room, shifting furniture around, putting a few decorations up in Michael’s music room and generally looking forward to bringing you here to stay for the Christmas holidays. Felix, Jan and Pierce arrive tomorrow from Connecticut and Dubai respectively,and Blythe flies in on Christmas morning from New York. It’s all looking good. You have been elected boss of Xmas lunch, as you are the only one who knows how to roast potatoes properly. You’ll have willing kitchen slaves … and we will celebrate in...

Pat: Dear Tom Thanks again for keeping in touch with all that’s been happening in your life. Such great news this time about Roke Manor and the work you’ve been doing on the mouse project. You’ve obviously got so much to contribute and are so talented in electronics, and I’m delighted that others are going to benefit from that talent. I’m also happy to know that your neck is getting stronger and that the end of the collar is in sight. It’s exciting that the Standlake project is taking shape and that you may be able to get back to the head controlled wheelchair fairly soon. Have a wonderful Christmas and may everything continue to improve steadily in the...

Veronica: Dear Tom, Yabbadabbadoooo! (to use Yogi the bear’s words). To my great joy, the news from you is getting better and better. Your plans for the future are becoming more and more tangible as preparations to accommodate you in your new abode progress. And now you even have made contact with a potential employer who seems seriously interested in recruiting you. This is fantastic! From that perspective moving into a smaller room and then temporarily staying in the outpatient ward for six weeks seem only small inconveniences on your path to a more independent and bright future. Christmas cheers from Veronica

barbara: Hello Tom, The latest photos – and David’s news bulletin – reminded me of ‘Music at the Limes’ which I was first very kindly included in when you were not yet at school – and all of you were rushing around like mad things under the copper beech. Fortunately that lovely music room at the Limes is also well heated. I was vaguely wondering how you make do outside in this very cold weather. Since I last ventured forth on this comments section, not only have I been to Arunachal – from where you had email ‘postcards’ from the one internet cafe in a land much larger than Europe to get across – but I also had an invitation to go...

Pip Garvey: Dear Tom, Only just heard about your accident. Completely shocked but also bowled over by your writing and your determination to live and push back the restrictions as far as you can. Cannot really say how moved I am by your attitude and you bloody well need attitude. Please give my love to your mother and tell her that I have now caught up with your family situation, also to your father and Ollie and Polly. Bill and Marcus send love and we are all thinking of you and will keep a track on your progress.

marie: Sorry forgot to say Sincerely Marie

marie: Dear Tom, Following Totalstranger’s comment I would like to introduce you and your well wishers to Paulo Coelho. Please see his blog updated daily.Infact M.Coelho would like to have comments on how he can improve his blog. I have sent two mails and now it’s between the two of you !

simonrawlence: Tom just so pleased for you. Long time no apparent progress, now something positive. Your body responding to your mental state. less discomfort too. best love Simon and Katerina

totalstranger: Dear Tom, Thank you for a wonderful first encounter today. I very much enjoyed being around you and experiencing your environment. Now I have a picture of the people, the place, and the pace of your current life. I hope I did not tire you out too much, you seemed very beat when I left. Also I hope you did not catch a cold out there in the rain. That would be terrible. Take care and have a great rest of the week! Very fondly, SY P.S. I have been thinking you should get Coelho interested in you. He could write a book about you and donate part of the income to your fund. I am sure he would make your story into an absolutely fantastic plot with lots of wisdom as usual. That...

Pat: What wonderful news! I am so happy for you – I hope being out of the collar will make a lot of difference to your independence and how you feel. Thanks too for the websites – though they make me feel really ancient because I can’t even understand the language, let alone conceive what these things do! If they can improve your life though I’m all for them. All my good wishes Pat

Nick Bradshaw: Hello Tom; good news! Must be such a relief. Best to you and all your team, Nick Bradshaw.

davidnabarro: Dear Tom Excellent to receive this great news as I get up this morning in Delhi just before the start of this year’s internatonal ministerial conference on Avian and Pandemic Influenza. Well done indeed. For me it is a great start to a busy day. Hope the progress continues over the next two weeks and you can soon dispense with the collar completely. Much love David

Emma: Hey Tom! It’s great to hear about all the fun stuff you’ve been doing and how you’re getting on. So glad you had a good weekend away with Ellen. The course you went on sounds excellent, that kind of preparation for discharge must be really important. I’m just about to send you two films in the post. They are French comedies which I really like, I think I might have mentioned them when I saw you and we were talking about the French sense of humour 🙂 Anyway I will put them in the post… hope you enjoy them. By the way I liked your comments about the Beckett play! When I read some of those short plays I found them strange and enigmatic… would like to...

Pat: Dear Tom Many thanks for your latest update – I have been thinking of you and hoping that nothing bad was happening during the time since you last posted. It’s wonderful to know that you’ve had some good outings and that plans for your life after hospital are becoming more concrete. You describe so well the challenges you face in adapting to that new life and how difficult it is to experience familiar situations in your changed physical state. I know that with the support of the many people who love and admire you, you will manage brilliantly. And whatever goals you set yourself for the future I have no doubt that you will eventually achieve them. Warmest wishes Pat

hughhoonie: fantastic to read about you getting out there Tom, brilliant progress towards the big OUT, glad you are getting yr brain around the challenges in your amazingly practical and positive way. lots of love and see you soon H&H

csergeant: Hello Tom It has been awhile since we (Simon, Grace, Sophie and I) have left a message although we do check the site often for news of your progress. I was inspired to check in on you today after a World AIDS day event at the World Bank with Magic Johnson. He is that famous US basketball player who came out 16 years ago with his HIV status amidst prejudice and misunderstanding. I chaired a lively session and left admiring his extraordinary courage and tenacity and his determination to give back to communities across America. Although we have never met I have the same admiration for the courage and tenacity that you display and it is that admiration that has brought me so often...

Veronica: Dear Tom, Thank you so much for again sharing your thoughts and perceptions with your readers. They are such a generous gift to all of us. I am so happy for you that you had this wonderful experience this weekend giving you a glimpse of how your life can be after rehab, reassuring you that you will be able to return to a “normal” life with your loved ones around you and be safe and thorougly enjoy it. I am sure that Ellen and her family were at least as thrilled as you seeing you so happy and relaxed in their midst after all these months in the hospital. Wishing you more and more experiences like that for a smooth and successful transition into your new real life,...

Chrissie: Dear Tom Good to read about the right arm and catch up on your news. Hope you have plans to get out more. Sounds like your trips out have been a real boost. love Chrissie

totalstranger: Dear Tom, I am so excited to read that there is discernible improvement in your mobility! What great news! And it is wonderful to have some new pictures posted, too. I am preparing for a 19-hour family adventure driving from DC to Kansas for Thanksgiving. Hope to survive and be back in touch upon my return. Keep up the great progress, have loads of fun on the weekend and doing all the other good stuff you have been up to. Cheers, SY

mmck7bt: Dear Tom, It is just great to hear you are planning so many things and looking forward to your first weekend out of the hospital. I’ve been following your activities and progress and remain completely in awe of your immense strength and fortitude. It’s great that so many are rooting for you with fundraising and so on – the Ironman event was quite amazing. I hope all continues to go well for you .. thinking of you and continuing to wish everyhing well for you maggie Mckenzie ( an old friend of your mum’s)

Nick Bradshaw: Hello there, Tom. Just dropped in to wish you well, and to say how much I admire, and enjoy reading about, your achievements. You have some remarkable supporters! Best wishes for banishing the collar; you will cope, no doubt, but it must be a hard pull. Thoughts and prayers, as they say. Nick Bradshaw

Miranda Mylne: Tom, sorry not to be in touch sooner, i’ve only just found your website. It is brilliant to hear about your progress and i love all the photo links! It it touching to see how much money you have raised and what a fantastic accomplishment James made in Floria! I wish January 2008 brings great blessings. Thinking of you M x

Pat: Dear Tom Your posts continue to be moving and inspiring. It’s great to hear that Charles completed the Ironman race so successfully – what an achievement! And a boost for your funds I hope. It was good too to know that you’ve been out to concerts and meals and the theatre. You’ve got me interested in that Beckett play, which I don’t know but now intend to read. I was interested in SY’s remarks about the staring theatre goers. I agree with her that looking at something unexpected is just an automatic reaction, but it sounds as though you felt that people were continuing to stare unnecessarily long without engaging with you. And I can see that it wouldn’t always be...

totalstranger: Dear Tom, Great to read Charles’ report on the Ironman race. What an endeavor! Congratulations to him and his dedicated team of supporters! This was a truly awesome performance! I am so sorry to hear that your collar has to stay on for another month. Oh well, what is a month in the greater realm of time… Keep up the positive spirit and I am sure you will defeat that nasty infection before long. I read your report of people staring at you in public with great interest and empathy. We all know we should not stare, but we cannot help it. In my view, staring is mostly an expression of curiosity and interest. Evidently it bothers you, reminds you of being different....

claire roberts: hi tom do u remember me im jaames cousin ive come up from liverpool found out ages ago but only just found out u had a website which is amazin ive always left mesages for u with james im goin out with him on sat and ollie. i would love to come and see u if it is possible????? im so happy that your progressing in your health please message back if u can would be lovely to hear from u again. all my love claire roberts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

claudia: Hi Tom, Just to tell you that although its a while since I wrote, I am often checking in on you and marvelling at your strength and your ability to communicate with those of us who care about you. And good to hear about your various excursions: like a previous commentator I know your musical tastes are definitely different to my own! You were in our conversation last night when I had dinner with some old Liverpool friends (Hugh and Sally and Michael, Catriona, and Pat) who have all ended up in this part of the country – even better, I now work with Hugh and Pat in the Primary Care Trust – its a small world! Its the most beautiful sunny autumn day – I hope you...

alison.holmes: Hello Tom. Gillian’s sister here. Just to let you know that along with many, many people, we continue to think of you often, check in on your progress (at least weekly) and wish you well. Your spirit is amazing. Alison

simonrawlence: Tom good to get some fresh news from you I was a bit worried but the bed rest has done the trick, glad you have communication channels sorted too. hope to visit you next week Simon

davidnabarro: Hello Tom A bit of diary. Last week it semed like I had not been with you for ages. On 15 August I flew to NY to LDN and went straight to Oxford (stuck in a massive traffic jam) to do a seminar with the Global Economic Gobvernance programme (fun) and then to London to give William Harvey lecture at Barts (fun and daunting) then meetings on pandemic influenza at Chatham Holuse starting 16th. Was great to come to see you that evening but I was concerned to see you on bed rest. Hope it gets better soon. I stayed at my meeting on the 17th and came back to Stoke Mandeville briefly on the 18th. Spent several hours with you on 19th, and Polly was with us which was wonderful. it was...

Tomernst: Hi Tom, For an old fart like me this sounds ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC!!! “… extremely loud funky techno, with all of its progressiveness, different frequencies, frequency modulation and multilayered syncopation” – I would be even more brain-dead that I already am going into such a Club, but with you, my pal: I HEREBY PROMISE THAT WE WILL DO IT TOGETHER … You show me the hidden pleasures of this extra-body experience … I have been to the Club Med in Egypt with my family and did my kite-surfing licence, just up your street … Now I am back in Sofia and have met both Mariela Zamfirova and Richard Clegg who both asked about you. They were the ones...

totalstranger: Hi Tom, Too bad you have to be in bed for a week! At least you got to enjoy a great night out before being sentenced to a prostrate state. Your description of the Astrix event sounds like you really got a lot out of it. Feeling connected like that must have been wonderful. All the best for quick healing so you can be up and wheeling around again soon! Fondly, SY

davidnabarro: It is a sunny Saturday morning in New York and Josie is starting to prep for the 11plus. Last week I was in Washington. For some of the time I was working on the creation of a new fund to improve the health of animals (and thus the security of the human race given the threat of animal-derved diseases). Then, with my colleague Simon, I took part in a meeting of the Epidemic and Pandemic group at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). Many of the colleagues with whom I was working – including Jemi from the Food and Agriculture Organization, Alex from the OiE, Jeff, Joy and Pauline from the World Bank, SY, Mitra and Jesus from the Pan American Health Organization...

Pat: Dear Tom Thank you for keeping us up to date with your progress and the fun things you are now doing. I’m very happy to know that the infection is waning and also that there may be possibilities for work with Meru. I’m really sorry that the company you had a contract with have not been more positive and supportive – that’s very disappointing. I so much enjoyed hearing about the Kilburn concert. Not that I know what you’re talking about when you mention acoustic sets with silky voices (?!), or samplers, but your enthusiasm and enjoyment are so evident and it’s lovely to know that you’re back to being able to throw yourself into music. (And I don’t mean falling out...

Pete Derkacz: Hi Tom, Was very sadenned to hear about your accident. Congratulations on the degree. You’re an inspiration to us all. I”ll be praying for a speedy recovery for you. Pete

davidnabarro: Tom: Greetings to you this Saturday Morning. I read your latest post after returning to New York from the first Aspen Health Forum in Colorado. T traveled there on Wednesday: our fllight from Denver to Aspen was canceled and there were no other seats available till Thursday so a fellow passenger (now my friend Regis Kelly) and I drove into the Rockies for four hours and reached our destination after a breathtaking journey over mountain passes and past lakes, with leaves starting to turn and early snowfall on the high parts. When in Aspen I had the opportunity to meet and listen to some extremely smart biomedical scientists, politicians, funders and entrepreneours: my focus...

Pat: How strange. I just posted another long message and it didn’t appear. Short and boring seems to be the answer. Thinking of you Tom, hoping the pain is much diminished. Longing for collar-release day for you, and for lots of work opportunities to come your way. Warmest wishes as always Pat

Pat: I’m having problems with the site – my posts aren’t appearing and I’m trying to discover why. This is just a test.

totalstranger: Hi Tom, Great to see some recent pictures of you! This contraption around your neck indeed looks like a huge nuisance. I am not surprised you can’t wait to get it off. Good thing you are managing your radiant smile in spite of it. Keep that up and keep going strong the way you have been. It is so amazing how resourceful you are. I remember a discussion on this blog about what would happen if we used our brains to its full potential. Seems to me like you are on the way there exploring new possibilities every minute of the day. Admiringly, Sy

tim.bland: Tom, glad to see you are doing well. Just a quick note to say, in terms of the speech recognition stuff, I suggest you consider learning Python, since you already are well practised in OOP, it will be fairly straight forward for you to understand, plus it’s another weapon in your increasing range of skills. You have a serious opportunity here to use your engineering skills to the advantage of yourself and others, your a smart guy and you now have first hand experience (if somewhat unfortunate) with coping with disability. Anyone can learn Python if they really want to, you being you – learn it you shall and master it you may – either way you’re the man...

davidnabarro: Hello Tom I was really pleased to see you Monday Morning before you had got up, when I came in from NY. I will be back again (I hope) to do the same tomorrow, Wednesday, as I retirn from Luxembourg . Scores of people who know me and know of you sent you their love and best wishes form the meeting here. Thanks for the Post which i have enjoyed reading tonight. Glad you had an outing today: must make such a difference. Much love to you from David

simonrawlence: Tom I had 3 attempts to post a comment in the last 3 days and the last longer attempt a few moments ago, hence the test above. So relieved that the collar is on the way out and that this system still works. You sound excited about the new work and I am for you. Despite some strong initial doubts my work here is beginning to let me be grabbed too. love to you and Ellen. Simon

simonrawlence: testing

Stieg: it’s great to hear ur getting thru the infections and all. and very importantly, more accepting of ur situation. i am finding the same troubles with my ms at the moment. happy that u have so many gd plans for the future and it sounds like ur really enthusiastic about it =) the futures bright! the futures orange 😉 all the best from spain, Dan

Laolu: I’m glad to hear you have 6 weeks left with the collar. Page turning devices must be pretty cool; sounds like it involves some serious tech. Oh yeah, a new season of Heroes will start soon (in the US – according to my intel). Thanks for keeping us posted dude. Lao

marie: Dear Tom Thanks so much for all the news and sharing once again your thoughts and feelings with all of us out here who have never met you but feel concerned because we know a member of your wonderful family or simply because your blog is so inspiring. If only I could write as well as you ! I am simply overwhelmed with the news that David and family are returning to the UK. There was a two page article in the Express magazine (6 sep) promoting Professor Stephen Hawking’s new book written in French “Georges et les screts de l’Univers” and photograph of him with his daughter and co-author Lucy. Philippe Streiff (whom I told you about in 9th august message)...

simonrawlence: Tom Thanks for such a long blog after the gap. I can understand that overcoming the infections must have taken a lot of energy and time. Wonderful that you now have turned again to mind occupation, really the most worthwhile of lifes pursuits, and as you say you have many interests and skills and the ability to see where they may provide a contribution. On top of your original ambitions and career path, your new direction is a bonus. You have a unique perspective and skills set that can benefit a wider constituency and give you some practical aids as well. I will try and search for Meru. In the meantime below is a weblink to a new Czech peripheral enabling non contact...

davidnabarro: I was so pleased to see you and Ellen when I visited after returning from Indonrsia on Thursday 13th afternoon. You look strong again, with great colour. You seemed in much less pain and your appetite has returned. You spoke to me of your plans, of what you are learning about options for the future and told me that that you will go to Polly’s birthday party in Standlake Friday evening. And we had a great conversation about my intentions for the future and our (J, L, G and me) return to the UK. I was on a great high as I went to Oxford afterwards to see Polly, Oliver and Susie: we are all delighted at the way things have improved. Congratulations, Tom and Ellen

Susanna Graham-Jones: Hi Tom, Just to say what a relief it is to ring up and hear you sounding so decisive and un-fragile this week. No fever since the weekend, appetite better (since I brought you a nacho wrap!), stamina to write a magnificent entry in your blog. Congratulations. Very good to read about the niche that you are targeting – hope you can engage a whole lot of people in this arena and move things on, as a specialist in 2 camps. I know you have lots of visitors this week and are watching the world whizz by, as the beginning of the university year approaches. Polly and many of her friends will soon be trying (?) to resist the multiple lures of freshers week, Ellen and her...

barbara: Dear Tom, I have been watching your site every day wondering how you are. This couldn’t be a better answer. You can use skills like yours in two kinds of way. Use them to develop technology to help other people who are disabled – for the good reasons ‘you give. Endless demand for this work; but you then make your disability the springboard for – and focus of – your life. Use your skills and have a regular career like anyone else. ‘Forget your disability’. That’s how my husband lived his life as a disabled person – gloriously. Many people don’t have skills which might transfer. But you do. You could actually do both, if...

totalstranger: Dear Tom, It is a great relief to hear that you are on a new antibiotic and getting stronger again. Thank you for being so open and honest about your feelings and thoughts. I am sure many of the visitors to your site have tried to put themselves in your situation and to imagine how they would feel if they were you. But not only engineers find this hard to do… I am so impressed with your ability to cope and stay positive. Anybody could learn from your strategies to deal with “blue” moments. And you are absolutely right, having a worthwhile project for the future is the best way to keep your mind occupied in a productive way. We all spend too much time...

Laolu: Hey Tom, As always I’m glad to hear of your progress. It’s hard to believe that autumn is already upon us, the summer months went by so fast. For what ever reason I’ve got back into programming in C++ and have been brushing up for about a month or so. Surprisingly I haven’t spend much time gaming which is very unlike me, I guess after a while your attention shifts to other things – having said that I did sneak in 10mins of a great game called Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney this morning; its a great game which requires a sharp mind more than anything else, it’s highly recommended. The work with Meru (Japanese? cos its sounds like it) is a really...

barbara: Dear Tom, I can’t tell you how pleased I am that the second huge operation went well and clearly from your blog you are making a rapid recovery. Also pleased that the fund is building up, after that heroic Alpine run. I hope to come and pester you soon but I returned to a mountain of stuff against deadlines at work and I am trying to make sense of it. Only 25 more days to go until I hand over! This year I couldn’t stop working throughout the ‘holiday’ but it did a power of good to lie reading in the hammock, staring up at the canopy of leaves. Also swam across the lake you jumped into in ??1999 – despite the crappy weather most of the time. Made a...

Tomernst: Typical Tom, gutted only about not being allowed to go on a drinking binge … Don’t you worry, your next pub visit will not have to wait too long! I look forward to join you on it, actually … Hug from Tom

Pat: Many congratulations to Rob and his team on completing the Ultra Tour and doing it so fast. It’s difficult to imagine how you did it, but I now know that this website is populated by some amazing people with extraordinary achievements! It is great that you managed to raise so much for the pavilion and Back-Up Trust. Congratulations as well to Tom on your splendid interview for Radio Oxford. I’m sure this will bring you even more fans and I hope it will swell the funds as well. Your blogs are so understated and it was stark to hear you describe something of what you have been through in your own voice. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for you to have even the limited...

totalstranger: Dear Tom, Rob and supporters, It is wonderful news that Rob Holden mastered the challenges of the Ultra Tour and was able to raise a solid funding basis for Tom’s Pavilion. Congratulations, Rob! I am very glad you made it safe and sound. A big thanks to all the people in Geneva who helped organize the fundraising and supported Rob in his courageous endeavor. I look forward to hearing more about your progress, Tom (hint, hint…). Hope all is going well for you and you are recovering quickly from your operation so you can move out of the ward after Christmas as you have been planning. Wishing you all the best, SY

Amal: Hi Tom, I am not sure if you remember me, Me Emma and Kat used to see you a lot in Tower C, do you remember!!? We have been following your news constantly and getting updates from Tim Bland plus reading this website. I never thought anybody could have come across this as you did but then again, it is you Tom not anybody. I really admire your power and strength. I just wanted to say that I am very happy for your progress. Congratulations for your university results, well done, you are a legend. Please accept my warm greetings.

zanna: Dear Tom, So glad you are going from strength to strength after your operation, which sounds like a marathon on its own. Keep up the good work and eat plenty of chocolate. I hope our contribution through paypal worked. Don’t know how to check it! I think the tour by Rob is a wonderful inspiration to all of us. I shall follow his progress with trepidation. Lots of love to you and all your family, Zanna

lisdavidson: hi tom, just had an e mail from your ma, unfortunately i’ll miss her and polly when they’re in Liverpool, i’m off to a tai chi workshop that w/e… thinking of that, and your second from last para… i wonder if it’s a crass suggestion, but maybe one way to deal with feelings of restlessness etc when confined might be to learn some meditation skills… you may of course be several steps ahead of me on that one, or it may not suit at all… but if your interested in some tools, i certainly have a whole bunch.. although they’re all in French! need to say… very impressed with the website.. and your progress… and all the...

csergeant: We have continued to watch this site and your prgress over the summer. And what a summer – we liked looking at all the lovely photos of concerts, visits to Stephen Hawking and your graduation – congratulations. So glad that the operation went well and that you are back on the road to recovery. We have also been watching with interest the plans unfold for the Tour de Mont Blanc and are happy that there is lots of support for the Back up trust and Tom’s pavillion. We did our little bit through pen pal with ease and want to wish all involved with it the very best – you are amazing! We will think of you and as ever send our bestest thoughts to Tom, all his...

rosa: Hey Tom, Sorry it’s been so long since i’ve been in touch – i think the last time was on a postcard with Pol from Levanto which feels like a long time ago…I’ve not been at home for much of the summer so internet access has been limited, but i have been checking the blog whenever possible & keeping updated by Pol. Having to have another major operation must’ve felt like a horrible setback mentally, nevermind the physical pain. But once again it sounds like you’re bouncing back at your typically speedy pace. It’s so nice to hear all this from you personally. I’d love to come and see you again at some point in the not too...

marie: Dear Tom It’s such a joy to see more photos nevertheless I prefer you in your university gown, toque and academic surroundings ! Your birthday photos were funny but it was Grandfather Michael’s garden that “stole the show” -it looks really beautiful. I sent in my modest contribution on the 2nd august and my French euros were immediately transferred into dollars. Afterwards I received no less than 4 confirmations of payment and certificate number. Everything is so professional ! Just supposing that I win the lottery and/or can manage a fund raising event where do I send the funds after the 31st august ? Best wishes to you all marie

tim.bland: Hardcore!

Pat: Dear Tom – Not a comment on Stephen Hawking, though that’s a pretty special endorsement! But, as someone who loves making music with others, I’ve been wondering whether this is something that you do, or could do, electronically. You’ll know much more about this than I do, but it was just a thought I had, after drumming with some friends and thinking that making music can be even more exciting than listening. Thinking of you and your mum and dad a lot, and hoping that all is progressing well. Pat

Tomernst: Today Steven supports your recovery and tomorrow he will support your job aspirations – go, Tom GO!

Linda: BREAKING NEWS … “I support Rob Holden’s plan to take part in the Tour de Mont Blanc on August 24th-26th to aid Tom Nabarro’s recovery and contribute to the work of the Back-Up Trust” – Professor Stephen Hawking

Linda: – check it out TOM

Linda: Hi Tom, Great to hear that you are back again on your blog ! … wanted to let you know that there is much hype around the WRG radio interview today with Rob Holden – Hansine remembers you from when you worked there a few summers back and she and Matthew, who does the sports, will interview Rob at 17.30 on Drivetime. We are recording it for you and hope to put the interview on your blog for those who live outside Switzerland to be able to listen We also have a link from WRG website to the Ultra marathon so that donations can be made easily – … nearly at $7000 today – we have been asking for people’s lunch money and it seems that some people have...

Linda: Hi Tom, Great to hear that you are back again on your blog ! … wanted to let you know that there is much hype around the WRG radio interview today with Rob Holden – Hansine remembers you from when you worked there a few summers back and she and Matthew, who does the sports, will interview Rob at 17.30 on Drivetime. We are recording it for you and hope to put the interview on your blog for those who live outside Switzerland to be able to listen We also have a link from WRG website to the Ultra marathon so that donations can be made easily – … nearly at $7000 today – we have been asking for people’s lunch money and it seems that some people have...

julian and liz: Hi Tom. We finally worked out how to write something on your blog. We are such techno-dinosaurs. We are really glad to hear the op went OK in the end (though it sounds a real marathon) and that you are mending once more. We were also thrilled to read about your degree. Did you get our firework? Did the hospital allow it to be lit? We had one like that for Julians birthday and it was ACE. Thought it might allow your pyromaniac inner child a few minutes of glee. We will support Rob Holdens run and hope the Pavillion is a great success. Will keep checking and commenting now that we know how. Much Love, Julian and Liz.

Verity: Bonjour. i know i am extremely crap! My uncle’s computer was crap in canada so could get on there about twice the whole time so have been very out of the loop with everyone. But I just wanted to say bon-jour, ellen said you’ve got an op tomorrow or has my phone just mixed up all my messages and it was last week, either way it doesn’t matter good luck wither way. There was suppose to be a comet shower last night and i did keep looking for the shooting stars to make a wish for you but i couldn’t see any, but i made a wich anyway just in case! i just didn’t realise i saw it! You look like you’ve been having a whale of time in your photos, you can...

Nicole Tudor-Williams: I am so glad and relieved to hear the op has gone well… I have been thinking of you so much this week hoping all was well… Well done for getting thro that greulling hurdle…. So its ‘onwards and upwards from here on in!!’ Will be in to see you soon Sending get well hug. Nicole x

Nick Bradshaw: Hmm…that was meant to say “Radiate”. Sorry about that!!

Nick Bradshaw: Well done, Tom. You and those around you are magnificent. The warmth and love that radites from this site are almost tangible, and your stoicism and courage a fantastic example to all who view the site.

marie: Bravo to everyone concerned ! Please, please see the personal site of Philippe Streiff an ex Formula 1 pilote who became tetraplegique following a serious car racing accident in 1989. To day at 52 Mr Streiff drives a specially adapted car. In 2002 he became Technical Coucillor for the French Government for the handicapped. In April 2007 he was nominated Technical Councillor, Ministry of Transport in the new French Government. His personal web site is exceptionnel and full of inspiration. Please see “Presse et Actualité” – Une journée avec Philippe Streiff” – video clip (soutiens Nicolas Sarkozy) 02 avril 2007 – une merveille! marie

tim.bland: glad to hear that you are through the op Tom. Keep fighting hard, you’re a legend.

Chapman: So glad to hear the op is behind you – all the best for a speedy recovery. You are always in our thoughts, the Chapmans

mmck7bt: I,ve been following your progress through this site and through Susie, Tom and am in awe of your bravery and strength. All the very best in recovering from this last op – great that you were able to enjoy your birthday and graduation before- . We’ll keep thinking of you and wishing you all the very best- Maggie and Hamish Mckenzie

jaybosworth: Must be a relief having that grueling op over. But now back to that frustrating regime of being treated like a foot-and-mouth suspected bovine. Glad to hear – via Michael – that you are among friends on the St Andrew’s ward. Would drive over but Vicky & I are off to the Berkshires to see Felix and my family. We will are be thinking of you – and keeping up to date with this marvellous website. Jay

Pat: Thank you for letting us know the good news that Tom is through the surgery and off the ventilator. Such skilful surgeons and such an exceptional patient! Warmest wishes for continued strength during the next stages of your recovery, Pat

Tomernst: ALL – Please don’t forget: keep on donating !!! http://ultratourfortom.wordpre aypal

Tomernst: Good that this is now behind you, Tom! We all look forward to have you back without pain and taking the next big steps towards building your new life. Tom

johnthevet: Fantastic news. I know the thought of this op was a huge worry for Tom and the whole family. It is also great that the old tube has not had to be re-inserted. Well done to everyone involved – particularly the young man himself. Great news Tom. It is sounding hopeful for making the party on 1st Sept! John

Chrissie: Hi Tom Happy Birthday yesterday and hope all gone well today and that you are soon back on form. Sorry haven’t posted for a while but have been testing the limits of the password system it seems! Anyway hoping to catch up face to face soon. great website – have been continuing to read even though not able to log on! Love Chrissie

Susanna Graham-Jones: OLIVER rang to wish you Happy Birthday from Dali in rural Yunnan province, south west China, tucked in between Myanmar and Tibet. He says it’s a great life there – dirt roads and buses that break down, but no-one seems to work very card, everyone seems to be hanging out happily playing cards.He went for 4 days to a Shao-Lin monastery up in the mountains and learnt more kung fu; also he went out with the fishing boats on a lake & saw the trained cormorants diving for fish (the birds get to keep every seventh fish, to keep them happy and motivated…). OK Oliver , so that is pretty exotic, no kidding… Now… did we tell you that...

Kenah: hi tom…Happy Birthday. have been thinking about you lots and have also been sending good vibes (not sure why i seem to have put almost the same as my mum..but hey i still mean it). good luck for tomorow i really hope all goes well. k xx

claudia: Happy Birthday Tom – and lots of good luck, strong vibes and love and thoughts for you tomorrow. Have just seen Gary’s photos of your party, and anything that gets rid of that uncomfortable looking neck brace must be a good thing! I am going to my parents house in Bath tonight to meet my new niece, Leah, who is 3 weeks old on Wednesday – can’t wait to meet her. Love Claudia x

garythornton: Hey Tom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a great day, and wish you all the best for the op tomorrow. Wicked day yesterday, have put photos up on my flickr here: 907422@N06/sets/72157601238809 674/show/ Gary.

katywackett: Just to let you know we will be thinking of you on your birthday tomorrow, and wishing you a successful op with speedy recovery. xxx

totalstranger: Dear Tom, All the best for your upcoming operation. I am very sorry you have to go through this again, but I am sure you will take it in a stride as you have taken all the other challenges you have been facing since your accident. Although head banging seems like a rough way to get that endorphin going, being a passionate dancer myself I can very well relate to the pleasures of letting yourself succomb to the music. So maybe you could suggest they play some of your favorites for you in the operation room (I get this idea from those TV shows, not sure it corresponds with reality)? Not sure if wishing you a happy birthday sounds right under the circumstances, but I definitely...

mfitzsimons: Dear Tom, Although we haven’t been very good correspondents, you are always on our minds. It seems we had a dual birthday celebration for you and Luke just a few years back. Luke and Michael’s dad, John keeps me up to date with copies of your blog while my computer is on the blink. So great to hear how well you did with your studies. Michael and Robyn have their hands full keeping ahead of young Averie who is now 18 months old and enjoying her first week of pre-school. Luke and Missy are expecting in late October but they are not interested in knowing if it’s a boy or a girl. Rumor is a “British” name is in the works one way or the other. This is...

mfitzsimons: Happy Birthday Tom. Michael FitzSimons here, surrounded by my family celebrating Luke’s 36th birthday and remembering that yours is around the same time. I would write in reflection about all mischievious things we did while you were visting out here several years back but probably not worthwhile seeing that both our mothers are breathing down our necks. Anyhow, I hope all is going well for you, I have been meaning to write you to tell you how proud I am to know someone who has shown the type of strength of character you have shown over the past year. I have been keeping up with your blog and it really comes as little surprise to me that you have so many people around...

agnieszka: hi Tom! Do you remember me? I was working in the Bar Brigida last year in Levanto;) And i’m again in the same place this year. Anyway i met Isaac yesterday at bar Nadia and he gave me the website adres. I just wanted to say hello to you and Elen and that i think about you really often. It’s nice to read your posts. I whish you a lot of positive energy! Have to finish now.. the “aperitivo time” will start soon, have to go back to work. Big Hug Aggie

Susanna Graham-Jones: Congratulations to Rob Holden, Tom Ernst and their team in Switzerland who have got the Chip-in donation site up and running – the BackUp Trust helps spinal patients to do things they wouldn’t otherwise achieve, such as outings and sports, and the Pavilion Trust is intended to enable Tom N to take on further challenges, once he is through his next operation on Tuesday 7th August. We’ll be following Rob’s marathon on the web.. good luck ! Thanks to all donors – do encourage your friends to sponsor Rob in this huge effort. Rob’s UltraTour donation site has a deadline of 31st August, after which the proceeds will be split 50% between...

Tomernst: Go on, friends and supporters: donate so we all support the Back-up Trust and help to get the pavillion up in time for Tom !!! Please also send the donation link on to your family and friends! Thanks a lot, Tom Ernst

marie: Just one last thing Tom – am sending everyone a beautiful poem which dosen’t concern you or Ellen as your natural loving smiles are a delight to us all. Unfortunately I don’t know who wrote it and I don’t have the English version. Expect somebody can find a copy in an English card shop. Un sourire Un sourire ne coûte rien et produit beaucoup. Il enrichit ceux qui le recoivent, sans appauvrir ceux qui le donnent. Il ne dure qu’un instant, mais son souvenir est parfois éternel. Personne n’est assez riche pour pouvoir s’en passer, et personne n’est trop pauvre pour ne pas le meriter. Il crée le bonheur au foyer et un soutien dans les...

barbara: Advance Happy Birthday Tom, as I’m off now, and we hope you like ‘Workers’. love, Barbara

marie: Dear Tom (suite message no.7) already sent to you perso. via David the 27 July but needs to be seen on the blog for would-be editor/publisher etc. to help me do it ! I would like to publish a small book on the Save the Children Fund emergency relief care work in Kurdistan in 1975 which was David’s first humanitarian mission at only 25 years of age! We worked in the Kurdish mountains and there was bombing…There were no mobiles, no computers. David or Alan the Field Director had to travel many miles to send a “telex” as our only means of communication with the U.K. The vaccine froze in the “vaccination pistoles”. I had hoped to get this to-gether...

helen.mckendrick: Hi Tom Many many congratulations on your fantastic degree and prizes; the graduation pics look great of you all. So sorry to hear about the need for furtehr surgery – hope they use re-inforced screws this time to enable headbanging! It does seem a bit hard that it has to happen on your birthday – tho perhaps that makes it very auspicious! We’ll all be thinking of you in Liverpool & hoping your recovery is v quick & that it won’t take long to recover all the ground you’ve made so far. I spoke to polly the other day – it was great to hear her & also that olly has done so well, do give him our congrats too, when you next see...

barbara: Hi Tom, Ellen and family, Yes! May I add my congratulations to you on looking as smart as you think Tom, amid a bevy of beauties (including your mum) and lots of friends. Long may it last. I will be thinking of you for both op and birthday reasons on August 6th, but I’m not actually around because my holiday has long been booked from August 2nd for a month. Well, not a holiday but living in the old school house in central France (still far too ‘basic’ ever to make a commercial proposition), with access to email from the local library twice a week and a lot of relaxing in a hammock, sunshine willing, as well a beavering away at work in the shade of the walnut...

marie: Dear Tom, Félicitations ! Absolutely marvellous to see you in your University gown and academic surroundings. This “blog” is incredible. Its a superb gift of communication from your family and friends to us all. Incidently not only is (D-Day) the 6th of August your 23rd birthday but it is also the Feast day of the Transfiguration which for the Christian community is symbolic. Best wishes Marie

davidnabarro: So good to see the pictures: I wish i could have been there (and I was, really, in spirit…). Well done Tom, and great that Ellen, Oliver, Polly and Susie were there with you to share the fun. And great thata you manager the rain too. Much love and congratulations again David

felixgj: Dear Tom and Ellen, Thank you for posting the pictures from graduation – they are wonderful and inspiring – my particular favourites are the “Riding in the front seat” – oh how many new horizons are opening up before you, and the “Supporting Ladies” – you lucky dog to be surrounded by such pulchritude. Again, well done with the degree and the prizes, and all the best for the 6th. All of our fingers, toes and eyes will be crossed for a swift return to forward progress for you. Hope you’re all staying out of big puddles – over here we hear that Standlake is, simply, a standing lake these days – but Michael assures me...

loulou26573: Hi there Tom I want to wish you very good luck for Aug 6th. I was upset for you when Susie told me, but this is your last major hurdle- and you will never again have to go through anything as difficult as this. You are brave and strong and with so many people praying for you – and metaphysically holding your hand – you will come through. If anyone can come out the other side better, and smiling, it’s you. I expect you have good physios there, who I hope are helping you deal with the frustration and fears. Our bodies do naturally mend and do what they’re supposed to do to get better – it’s just odd for us to understand that the path to...

ros: Hi Tom, Great to see you smiling so beautifully in your graduation photos. I have been reading your Blog for a few weeks now. It has been such a hard road for you and you have been so amazingly strong. And now another major operation. It seems so unfair. But I am sure you will sail through. I will be thinking of you in August and sending positive thoughts along with all those thousand others which will be winging their way to Stoke Mandeville. Look forward to seeing you again, perhaps in the your new Pavilion. love to you and all your family Ros ( Susie’s university friend)

Pat: Dear Tom Better late than never ….. I haven’t posted before though I’ve been following the website closely since it started, and thinking about you often. We’ve never met – anyway not since you were you – but I’m a (2nd) cousin of your father and got to know your mother through work in Oxford, so feel very much connected. Thank you and your wonderful friends and family for keeping people like me in touch. Your courage and your progress and matter-of-fact reportage have been an inspiration. I’ve learned a lot from you. You do look splendid in the graduation photos, but the collar looks hugely uncomfortable, and I can well imagine that it’s a pain to have to...

simonrawlence: Tom Great graduation photos. we really liked them , plus the family as well. I can see parental throwbacks everywhere. I am really pleased that you received the other 2 prizes too. Siemens are doing a lot right these days. Much enjoyed 777 videos. Susie told me about your forthcoming op, and i am glad you will not wait too long. I suppose you have been used to being out for the count on your birthdays , so nothing too unusual this year. Plan to visit in mid august. Love to you and Ellen Simon and Katerina

zoemaudie: Dear Tom I’m sure you can’t wait to get your neck brace off. I’m looking forward to reading the post saying you’ve had your successful operation and are back on track. Poor you, I’m sure it gets hot and uncomfortable. And when the weather’s not too hot, there’s a risk of your family getting flooded by the rain! Nightmare. I hope Michael is still dry at The Limes and Susie is not under water. Love Your cousin Zoe

zanna: Thank you Tom for sharing all your news with us. It is really good to know how you are doing in such detail, but also concerning, I suppose because you have a big operation coming up which will be another test to the limits. Her’s wishing you all the very best for a quick recovery and freedom from pain. I shall be thinking of you. With love Zanna

barbara: Dear Tom, Well; seeing as very few fans and friends have commented on this only too believable description of the kind of problems (‘issues’) you face as you seize every day right now, please let me post what I hope is a positive comment. This is that Susie and I went to HSBC Summertown yesterday morning and created a ‘communities-style’ ; bank account for the Pavillion Trust Fund. This will collect the results of all the fundraising ideas people have to help you (and others) get a place you like in which to live a full and interesting life. I expect that the ‘detailed details’ (e.g. the account number and address; and the details of the Alpine...

samcarpenter: Hi Tom, really good to see your recovery is going well. Can’t believe you made it to the Antiwolrd festival, major respect! Its great to see all the photos on the site and the amount of people wishing you well. The plan for the place at your grandfather’s with the Pavillion sounds nice, will definetly be making a contribution. Also, many congratulations on the Uni result! I’m well up for coming to visit, so I’ll speak Antony and Shepard about it, I think Dali wants to come to see you aswell. Shame about the setback but I’m sure it will be fine. Anyway, best of luck with the op. and stay positive. Sam

marie: Dear Tom You really do like frightening people ! Even for a nurse to witness somebody fainting or “un malaise vagal” is always quite scarry! You can even have what looks like an epileptic fit !) Having worked with the blood transfusion centre in France for 5 months and over 5 years experience int he medical service (Château de Versailles – until June last year) I have seen many and looked after countless number of touristes etc. To reassure non-medical friends and for further info. may I suggest Google – Wikipedia:see fainting for the English or Wikipédia”malaise vagal” for your French well wishes ! To exclude a low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) a...

claudia: Dear Tom, thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes for your op. It seems you managed to catch the only sunny festival thus far…. I am looking at my tent and sleeping mat in preparation for WOMAD next weekend, and its dawning on me that I am a fair weather camper – I suspect I will retreat to somewhere warm and dry if it all gets too much. Lots of love, Claudia xx

hughhoonie: Hey Tom, grand to hear that you had a wonderful time at the festival the pictures are fantastic, nice timing to choose one of the rare sunny days. well done being so stoical about your setback, and for your part in identifying the hope the operation is a 100% success and you bounce back in double quick time lots of love Hugh & Hoonie

tim.bland: Hey Tom, sorry to hear about the operation however I am not concerned this time as i know you will bounce back at twice the rate. You’ve learnt the technique for good recovery, now you can master it – this appears to be the way you approach most things in life, learn the technique then master it, I don’t see why this should be any different. I’m glad you had fun at the festival, which I’d known about it – Debs and I would have been there headbanging with you. Enjoy the graduation dude, make the most of it as it is a great occasion and doesn’t come round often. You’ve worked damn hard at university and deserve any prize...

Whitakers: Dear Tom, It’s really great to hear from you. Enjoy your graduation day to the utmost with your family and friends. We all look forward to seeing photos on the website! So sorry to hear about the upcoming operation; we will all be thinking of you and wish you the very best. love, Mary Lyn

claudia l: Dear Tom Congatulation on your first and so sorry to hear about your bad news. We will all think of you and wish for all the very best. Bhutti is coming over from Switzerland tomorrow till Monday. We were wondering if you would have time for a quick visit from us over these next days? I could bring you a bunch of Leigh’s DVDs if you fancy. lots of love claudia

marie: Thank-you Tom for all your news. Not only do you have a “First” etc. but you also write extremely well. Your love,kindness and concern for all your family, friends and loved ones means so very much to us all. The photos and news bulletins are a joy to us all. The Panama hat (très chic) suits you well. The photos are a great success considering the number of times they are viewed !Please, please can we (your well-wishers) have a video on your graduation and a speech if this is not already in the pipeline !Do you know about the Benedictine monks philosophy on life ? One third of the day is spent in manual activity, one third of the day in intellectual activity and one...

johnthevet: Tom Have a wonderful day at graduation. I will certainly be raising a glass to celebrate your achievement. I am really sorry your visit here is to be delayed. (the ramp up the side of the house and one up to the garden are now ready) I hope to see you very soon John (get Ellen to give you a big hug from me)

Laolu: Hey Tom, Haven’t posted in a while but I have been reading. Its good to hear you’ll be at graduation – I look forward to catching up with you mate. Lao

Nicole Tudor-Williams: HI Tom, It was lovely to see you last week and i hope that the ‘camel back’ heath robinson self drinkin system Irigged up is proving useful and still working?! Its SUCH bad luck that you have a screw loose….but I know you are a fighter and when it is fixed that pain will be gone..:) Have a fantastic day at graduation tomorrow…. You deserve your prize.. Sending a big hug… Nicole x

niallmcwilliams: Tom, glad you enjoyed the festival ! regards from all at cherwell niall mcwiliams.

barbara: Hi Tom, Do you still have Nicole’s amazing tube connected to the backpack full of water? Is that going to last?! I am so very glad you are going to get to your graduation ceremony and to feel all the positive vibes and that the powers that be are going to wait until afterwards! Keep taking those painkillers, zooming around the hospital and TALKING. much love, Barbara

zoemaudie: Yes we’re still reading this. Glad you enjoyed your head banging. Perhaps crowd surfing would get the endorphines flowing next time ;-). Good luck with your graduation, hope its a great day. Hope all goes well with the surgery. Love, your cousin Zoe x

OliverNabarro: tommo tommo. me sheps and possibly fred and chobey are coming tomorrow. probably afternoon cos you have stuff to do up until 3-4pm right? Milan was the shee-dizzle, but i have been violated by mosquitos. evil beasties. 10 bites on the back of my right hand alone! Ten F*&%$£& itchy pimples aagh! Im off to hawk some antihistamine. see you tomorrowcrow. ol. x

Stieg: i’m sry ya have to go thru this again but as u say, was bound to happen. congrats on receiving a prize!! sounds like ur startin to get urself sorted with being more independent. thats wonderful 😀 was gd seein ya at antiworld and i wish u all the best for ur oncoming surgery, Dan

sheppard family: Dear Tom it’s fantastic to see from all the news on this site how well you are doing. Congratulations on your degree. We have no doubt there will be many more amazing achievements to come no matter what difficulties you face on the way. We also would like to contibute to the pavilion fund in some way and will get in touch again about this later. We watched the music festival videos and it was good to see you on them (shame about the music though!!!!!!!!!!!!) Ben and Katy send their love. Ben also has dubious musical taste -he went to a Wu Tang concert in London recently with half of Cherwell. Didn’t get back until 3.15 in the morning but managed to drag...

jennifer lee: Hey Tom!!! Big well done for your first!!! wooooooo!!! As you probabaly know college has now finished, so i took the opportunity to go to a story telling festival on the weekend. I went into one tent and was summoned into a big hippy circle of people where everyone was told to tell their own short story, riddle or poem! I was utterly terrified, how did i manage to get myself into this situation!! Luckily after a good hour of listening to riddles, and stories about tribes and buttons ”fit for the finest king” i managed to escape. Phew! Now im doing a bit of job hunting, unsuccessfully i might add- giving a 40 year old man a bubble bath 3 times a week was not what...

Yousif Elagab: Hello Tom, Congratulations for uni mate! Could you please send me an address where you can be reached? Cheers dude. Yousif.

george newth: hey tom, just to say a huge congratulations on your first (was there ever really any doubt?) :-). so glad that you’ve managed to get to at least one festival this year to see some music as well. raising funds for laurafest eh? i remember talking about that last year in italy, am flying out to amsterdam on monday, maybe i could sell myself a few times to raise a bit of money…just kidding (or am i?). anyway, shall be back from travels on august 16th, would be so nice to hook up then if youre free to have a much needed and overdue catch up…i think the football season mightve started by then as well, up the spurs! anyway, im rambling. take care, see you soon x

zanna: Great news about your new wheelchair, the Pavilion Fund and your fantastic degree. Well Done!. I am so pleased you will be in Standlake, a wonderful, inspiring place, which has many memories for me. I will put my thinking hat on to come up with ideas for fund raising for the Pavilion. It all sounds good, though I expect there are horrible painful times too when you don’t feel like making the effort. Keep up the good work Tom; I continue to think of you every day, and send lots of love to you and your wonderful family. Zannaxxxx

Tomernst: Again, Tom: GREAT news that you will now be driving around in the car of another guy with a First Class Honours Degree … The Swiss hell – and fundraisers will call you later tonight and will make sure that the donation website will be up and running soon! A hug from Tom

Tomernst: Tom, check this out! http://www.abigailwitchallstru Hug from Tom

Sarah O Keefe: Hi lovely tom and lovely ellen too . Its Sarah again. Me and Clive have been away for two weeks and haven’t been able to check on you sorry. We were so pleased to see how much amazing progress you’ve made Tom. The Pavillion fund sounds like such a great idea. And Congratulations on your first, you are very clever! Keep going Tom. Take Care. Love Sarah and Clive x x x

marie: Dear Tom Thursday 21st June I was just checking up on “grippe aviare” and “chikungunya” etc. for my work as an occupational health nurse in Versailles. This always makes me think of your father and so afterwards with Google I typed DN and read about your accident! (In 1975 I worked with David as a nurse in the emergency relief medical team sent out to Iraqui-Kurdistan by Save the Children Fund. Our mission lasted almost 4 months.) Tom. you are an exceptional person. It has given me enormous pleasure and joy to read about your progress and see the photos and at the same time to catch up on family events as I last saw David at the London School of Tropical...

gabymc: Congratulations! This is our first message to you Tom, we are very happy with you and delighted that you received such top results! Do you remember when you had to study for exams at our place for an afternoon when everybody else went swimming? Well, it was worth it. We’ve been following your developments over the last couple of months on this site and it is so good to see the photographs of you being out in the sunshine. You are blessed with a strong and supporting circle of close friends. So good to see the smiles on all the faces. Well done on making such progress and getting rid of all the tubes. The boys are asking a lot of questions about you. When I show them the...

Hannah Clare: Hi Tom I was so sorry to hear about your accident last week when I got back from travels. I am really pleased to see that your recovery is well under way (it’s great to read your blogs), and that you are obviously surrounded by loved ones and well wishers- I think it’s testament to what a nice and approachable person you always were at school. I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts, and that your strength and positivity are nothing short of inspiring. Congratulations on your degree result! You must be really chuffed. All best wishes and much love, Hannah x ps. I work at an Oxfam, and if it’s audio books you like- you know where to send...

Katrin: Hi Tom, Just a quicky to say hi 🙂 and to apologyze… I´m such a lazy cow! I can´t believe I haven´t visited you yet!! Amal, Emma and myself would like to pay you a visit this weekend, if its alright. If you wanna email me: kat

Stieg: congrats on ur uni accomplishments first of all. must say seeing u manage to finish ur work with all the hecticness going on is well impressive. in some way ur determination to succeed and not to give up inspires me i feel to do well 🙂 thanx also, i hear ur goin to 070707! gd for u tom. i was wanting to join but unfotunately am havin some medical issues myself :S i wish u all the best and enjoy the, what looks to be the party of the year, to the max!! Dan

Whitakers: Tom, Congratulations on your academic honors! What a fantastic achievement. Your plans for the future are very exciting indeed – we will be happy to participate in the fund raising efforts. I wish I could say that I would be useful in the construction realm, but sadly this is not the case! Great to hear all your tales of the rehab ward – keep up the great work and the smile on your face. Much love, Mary Lyn

Tomernst: Thanks to Dragon and SmartNAV !!! This and other technologies will enable you to become more and more independent and to work on your professional future. Tom, so far the speed of your recovery has been truly amazing – I am not surprised that now the next steps will be harder, more frustrating and more time consuming. But you will get there! Please don’t get over-ambitious with regard to the timing of your release date or else you put yourself under too much pressure- this may not be good for your continued step-by-step progress … The Geneva Team will make sure that the joint Back-Up Trust and Pavilion fundraising website will be up and running soon. Always...

carole: Dear Tom It’s been a while since I checked the site, but I caught up with your news from Tom E, it is great to see you are making such good progress, and have kept the microbes at bay. Fantastic news on the degree, it is a huge achievement Really pleased to see the positive moves on housing and although I won’t offer to join Rob on his walk..(sounds like there could be pain involved….) but will certainly keep up with what’s happening, and contribute in any way possible Keep thinking big, as the last entry said, no point thinking small, it definitely does not have the same ring to it… Love Carole (from your old house in Coppet)

totalstranger: Dear Tom, Congratulations on your first class honours degree! Not that I have an inkling of what this means (I am German and live in the US and am not clued into the British system) but according to the reactions it must be quite something… and according to what I have learned about you I am sure it is. I am so impressed with how you have your act together making plans for life after rehab. The Pavilion project sounds ambitious. Think big, they say in the States, and there you are, thinking big. I imagine green lawns in a beautiful British garden, a smaller building in which you reside and a large building buzzing with life in which people come together to see you and...

Polly Pooler: Mahoosive congratulations for your results Tom! Once again you’ve proved to be a true legend and i know that everyone is finding you to be a true inspiration… including me, as I try to finish my nurse training. Infact your comment about the nurse’s dodgy morning stories made me laugh out loud. Keep on trooping, Polly and the family xx

Lilly: Congratulations Tom, over 80% as well thats fantastic!! im still waiting for confirmation of my results but i think its a 2.1 so im very happy too! am hoping to be able to come visit you soon im so sorry it hasn’t been sooner, well done again lovely, lots of love to you (& ells of course!) love Lilly xxxx

Daniel Skinner: Hi Tom, its been amazing to see your progress o your blog and i’m glad to see they have given you nothing less than what you deserved. Its great to see how you starting up your new life and encourage you to continue as you have already lived.

KateJessStanley: hi tom, im so glad to hear about your degree result- you so deserve it. I check this website regularly, as do my parents, and we are all so massively inspired by you and proud of how remarkable you are. it would be great to see you during the summer, I’ll talk to polly tomorrow about it. Thinking about you lots, congratulations again. lots of love kate and all of the Stanleys

felixgj: Tom’s comment is seconded from this side of the Atlantic – it is very good to start to hear your unique voice reemerging and the sense of connectedness created by this site is wonderful – kudos to all involved. Were you conscious of the shoulder muscle stimulation? Those neck muscles must be very sensitive after all of this recent extra work – on return to dancing after the eighteen months in plaster, I remember clearly the exquisite agony of working through finding I had muscles in places I hadn’t previously been aware I had places – it does pass, though, and an operational paradigm emerges from which one can challenge oneself to leap forward....

Tomernst: Again: EXCELLENT news about MRAB + MRSA being part of your past – another good milestone taken! I hope that the gym work will mean less sore neck muscles. Fun to read your own postings – pleasure to be constantly linked in this way. You know that you WILL acheive what you are trying, and that your family and friends will help you on the way. Hug, Tom

Rosemary: Haven’t written before but have been following the news and willing you to make the best possible progress. Degree news is fantastic!! (This is from your second cousin once removed – I was Rosemary Nabarro – who last saw you as a young boy.) Like someone who posted a message above the degree news and photo made me determined to master the site. I bet there are lots more people out there gunning for you but who found it less than straightforward to post a message!

Lola: Hows about Laurafest as a fundraiser? clearly we can rename it…maybe ill even let you call it tomfest?! haha or something less self indulgent?? we were gonna do it anywya so may as well make it for a cause!

Katrin: Dunno if you know but I’m planning to start a PhD in september, (one day I’ll grow up and stop studying, face the world and work, but that’s not gonna happen yet) so if you would like to have a geeky conversation I’ m always up for it 🙂 If you would like to email me my address is

Katrin: Congratulations Tom!!!!! I always knew you are a smartie:) Anyway…. having a first in microelectronics takes things to another level…. Well done 🙂

Isaac: Well done bro! Glad to hear you’re kicking ass. Man, I can hardly spell that second subject. Big ups from Berlin!

tim.bland: Whilst I am now a research engineer, in my days before Brunel I was for a short time a carpet fitter. I have to say I am no expert but I can lay carpet and vinyl to an acceptable standard. I am more than willing to help out in this area as I am contributing to the fund, i’ll keep my eyes peeled on this site for more info.

tim.bland: Congrats Tom although I never doubted it for a second. I won’t ask about your percentage, I’m sure it was higher than mine (76).

adz: hey buddy, adam here. congratulations on the degree mate, thats brilliant!!! so hows things? ellen poped in2 work the other day, was great to see her! she told me all about ur progress, its great to hear that your doing so well! she told me that ur in aylsbury at the moment? thats just down the road from my mums mate! she lives in high wycombe! il pop in to see you wen im next there! look forward to seeing you soon mate, all the best adam x

Pedro: Hey Tom and Ellen, so sorry to have only just heard about everything that has happened to you, all my love and thoughts are with you and through finding this web site its amazing to see how well your doing, plus good work on the Ist mate think i will be lucky to pass my degree. I have spent the last six months working in a solicitors, bloody boring and i have to wear a suit everyday which really isnt me, but they seem to quite like me and ive worked out that no matter how badly i mess up as long as i smile they let me off, that trick is starting to wear thin though. Going back to newcastle in sept to try and finish my degree, again, i think this time i might be able to do it. Can...

tomgeorgiou: hi tom wow, nice one. brilliant result and sounds also like great news about your standlake plans and the speed of your recoveries. i’m saying hi from blantyre, malawi, where i arrived yesterday. my travels are going well, enjoying the road and the places i’m passing through. will give you a few more details when i get back or check out . tom, what’s your email address? mine is if you get a chance, drop me an email, as it would be nice to communicate that way. nice oneX

Kate Williams: Wow Tom. what a phenomenal result. A million congratulations! Kate and Nick

Cousin Luke: Well done Tom. What a rockstar! So wonderful to see you a couple of weeks ago. I’m back in LA now and promise to be in touch more frequently. I’ve also joined Facebook and so am able to connect with Ollie, Polly, Pierce and others that way too… Love you mate. Well done on all your wonderful achievements. Also, when I was over at Standlake, I was able to hear all the exciting plans on your new home and the pavilion. I think I might be able to help in a constructive way. I have some really good quality home furnishing and things like kitchen equipment, household stuff etc etc. Since I’m out here in LA, there is very little point in me shipping that stuff...

alicewelbourn: oh wow Tom that is just fantastic news. We are so glad for you. And all the news about plans for Standlake too sound wonderful. Count us in. With lots of love and huge congrats from Alice, Nigel and Muna

Tomernst: So we all have time until the end of the year to help you get the needed funds raised in the Pavilion Trust Fund. We will get it done, Tom – no worries … We will have a lot of fun at the pavilion! Great to have a focal venue to meet with your family, your friends and collegues – all of us will now become fundraisers for the PTF

jsmith29_9: well done m8 congrats, glad 2 hear uv past. paul n me wish you all the best. but not totenham IRONZ

fred: Aw, awesome!!!! Well done Tom (and Raj), well deserved i’m sure. That’s made my day anyway x fred

claudia: Fantastic news Tom – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Hope I get to share a glass of bubbly next time I see you….Love Claudia x

csergeant: Congratulations on your First – impressive! And so lovely for us to see all the progress of the last three weeks or so. How great to be sipping champagne. Grace and Sophie (now on summer holidays) think the new wheelchair looks cool! The plans for the future look good we will have a think about some fund raising – the girls do a mean bake sale! Our thoughts are with you all Caroline, Simon, Grace and Sophiex

Tomernst: If even you can get a first class Honours: uni must have been pretty easy – only fun and games? Well done, mate

Nicole Tudor-Williams: Hi Tom…. I had a wonderful day visiting you with Polly yesterday…. and so thrilled to be there on the day you got your BIG NEWS!! CONGRATS again… Enjoyed the err Bolly and ‘fresh’ oj…. all went down very well in the courtyard during the break in the clouds!!! Hope you have plenty of celebrations over the w/e… and of course the ‘anti – glastonbury’ party!! Will let you know just how muddy it is!! Really enjoyed meeting your friends Ged and Raj… (Encore de congrats to Raj too…. shame you didnt get tix to Glasto he he:) ) Will be back in to see you SOON You sooooo deserve that 1ST……....

paula boddington: Hi Tom, I’m a friend of Susie’s, like many people I have been reading your web site with awe and wonder at your progress and your spirits and at your wonderful family and friends, and although you don’t know me, I thought, that a person can’t have too many congratulations for getting a first, so here are some more congratulations, for your richly deserved success. Many more of them! Paula

felixgj: Tom That is wonderful news – bless you and well done. Jan and I send you all our love and best wishes as this well deserved recognition makes us prouder than ever of you and your accomplishments. We will be celebrating Blythe’s graduation with her and our Norfolk based friends this Saturday afternoon and will certainly raise a glass in your direction as we do so. Kudos, too, to Brunel for making the right call, and I’m sure plans will be well in hand to somehow get you down there so you can be a part of your graduating class – we look forward to seeing the photos. I look forward, too, to hearing more of the development plans in Standlake. Big love, as...

davidnabarro: I was so delighted to hear the news when we spoke this morning New York time. Well done indeed, Tom. Congratulations to Raj too. We are all celebrating with you.

Susanna Graham-Jones: So here’s the news we have all been waiting for… you and Raj both getting Firsts. I am so proud of you, Tom.. Congratulations from everyone at the Nuffield Health Centre in Witney, for starters. I wanted to be there too to celebrate with you, but after enjoying my time with you in and around St David ward on Tuesday after Ellen set off for Prague, and on Wednesday with Polly and Nikki and Tony, I had to do a day’s work. I gather you have already been visited and toasted by Raj and Ged as well as Polly and Nicole today. I just hope those red geraniums from Waddesdon are smiling at you. Good night , & sogni d’oro… Love from Susie

alison.holmes: Tom Amazing news about your degree – fantastic. Everybody must be so proud of you. All the best – Alison (from Oz)

Romilly Hudson: Well done on your results, Tom. Your plans for Standlake sound really exciting. We’ll try to come up with some fundraising idea. Suzanna’s in South Africa at the moment, she was lucky enough to be chosen to go on a fantastic adventure in the Eastern Cape, by a bank which sponsors her college! We’ve all been following your progress on the site. Arthur’s in Italy, but computerless, so I send him update by post from time to time. Romilly

Pierce Graham-Jones: Congratulations Tom!

johnthevet: Tom Congratulations – you deserve it. I was so pleased, it prompted me to master the registration for this site so that I can, at last, send you directly my love and best wishes. John

OliverNabarro: gangstaaaa


Tomernst: CONGRATULATIONS !!! On your first class degree from Brunnel University – we are so happy for you, WELL DONE ! Tom

zoemaudie: Hi Tom Glad to see you’re up and about in your new wheelchair. I’ve just checked out your email address – I guess you’ve earned the right to be an honorary Wizz (or Whizz). 😉 Lots of love Wizz and Mrs Wizz (aka your cousin Zoe and Mike Wyzgowski)

FouadIbrahim: Hi Tom, I was deeply saddened to hear about your tragic accident, yet very pleased to see your rehab progress. I’ve recently come to hear of your website so here i am. I read through the archives and well its great to see you relaxing in the sun. You’ve always been a lively character and i can see it shining right through. I’m off to Dubai in a week, then onto Saudia Arabia to study Arabic for approx 3 months. Djei (from Intel) is on messenger and says hi – we both hope to visit if i get the time this week. Keep up the good progress. Fouad

darelle: hey tom! its great to hear how well u are doing. last night you and ellen were in my dream… it felt so real, was so wierd, but i now feel like i saw u just yesterday, which is quite nice. i want to come and visit for real soon, ill speak to ellen… maybe next week sometime cause im off on a summer holiday student stylie to brighton tomorrow for a few days. xxxx

OliverNabarro: with the maple syrup we got you aswell, you’re going to be stocked up for decades….say goodbye to your teeth bro.

claudia: Photos please of you in your new surroundings! Love Claudia

Tomernst: PLEASE put a picture of you in your new chair on the web – what a big step towards greater independence! Make sure you don’t break the speed limit inside the hosputal … A smile from Tom

barbara: THIS I HAVE TO SEE! It’s made my day to read it! Just don’t have a crash speed-trialing your wheelchair. My next visit will have to wait until the examining and proof-reading season has exhausted itself. 🙁 with love to you, Ellen and all the family, Barbara

Joe from TAPS: Tom, I was told about what happened by Tom Ernst whilst talking about freeskiing at one of the recent bathtub race meetings… quality to see you’re getting out and about again and fair play on the rapid recovery! Keep up the good work, and get someone to bring you some fish and chips from the chippy in Princes Risborough cos it’s way better than Stoke Mandeville! Will send some tunes your way too. Peace. Joe from TAPS

James T: Hi Tom, really glad to see your getting better, I’m proud of you mate. Great photos and site!! I’m working close to stoke mandeville at the moment, so if you need any favours then let me know. Hope to see you soon Nod, Best wishes from the Townsends 🙂

OliverNabarro: Gary sounds like a bit of a legend. what a mental idea. But i want to co-host with Raj. I suspect i am a better MC anywho. Sweet news about the wheeler. Lotta maple syrup coming ur way. Seeyafe

garythornton: Excellent Tom, look forward to seeing you again soon crusing! We should do a feature based loosely on pimp my ride and fit bad ass subwoofers on your chair and drop some old school euphoria -i see raj doing the hosting for the show, sometimes he really reminds me of xzibit. gary.

Joy Bleasdale: Hi Tom It is lovely to hear your news. The new gadgets sound fab and it is great to hear you are out and about more. I will be in England next month and am very tempted to go down the chippy for a greasy battered sausage! Let us know when you are ready for a Thai curry. Love Joy

katywackett: Great stuff, the wheelchair will be awesome, and the smart nav sounds so clever! xxx

Tomernst: Tom – yet another milestone in that this whole update is from you directly – with the help of your wonderful and lovely assistant … It is true that all of us log on regularly and enjoy staying in close touch with you this way. A hug from Tom

Tomernst: EXCELLENT news about the wheelchair progress – simply can’t wait to see you drive around in it! Tom

barbara: Thank you David for the update! All of us who log on every day to see what is going on are glad to read this news. Tom, the voice/face operated software is key to your life and these must be huge days of progress. I am so happy to know you are getting to grips with the operation of that computer. Many other great things will doubtless proceed from these skills! I have just spent all afternoon closetted in a Vice Chancellor’s Group on Energy in the 21st century, amazed at the marvels of technology which are now at the research stage and not so idly wondering what is also in the tubes for people with your abilities and disabilities. The 21st century is full of marvels as well...

Carmel Dolan: Dear Tom, We haven’t met before but I worked with your Dad in Tanzania when we were in ODA. I want to say how very sorry I am to hear about your accident. I can see from the various updates by yourself, David and others that you are making rapid progress and in a short space of time (though it probably seems a very long time to you). I don’t know if you are an avid reader, but if you are, I’m happy to share some good reads with you. My thoughts are with you. Carmel

liv zs: Hey Tom! Really good to see you the other day. Well impressed by all of the high-tech computer stuff. Glad you liked the Cd’s: if there’s any music you like but haven’t got just let Poll know and I’ll get a copy for you. Just got my photos developed from S. America and have got myself into a bit of a panic as they’ve come back all jumbled and there’s over 1000 of them! When I’ve got them all sorted I’ll bring them to show you. Hope alls well with your new room. Send my love to Ellen, Liv xx

NatNabarro: its really incredible all the progress your making tom, im so impressed, its really good, i get back soon and am looking forward to coming to visit you. best of luck and much much love from lamu

Tomernst: New rehab ward – more mobility – starting your own computer use again: you’re on the right way, Tom !!! A warm hug from the Ernsts

felixgj: Oh cool! Well done, Tom. As always, your determination astounds me and fills me with hope for your future in this reconfigured world. How sweet that you are now under the kind auspices of Dewi-Sant – as a Welsh sympathiser, I’ve always had a soft spot for him. So what happens next on the computing front? I’ll be expecting email from you, you know – no excuses now. Best love to you both from all of us in Norfolk, Ct. xx Uncle Flix

jennifer lee: hey Tom!!! Huge congradulations once again on your progress… the photographs from the picnic are lovely and Els told me what a great day you all had. Hope the card from all the theartical design lot got to you ok, and just incase you were wondering i drew the little fat horse/guniea pig on the back!! At the mo i’m still working on Cinderella, and painting a huge staircase in pink and gold, its all very kitch and extremley camp. Soon to be added are four very pink and very fluffy peacocks!!! I think about you and Els alot and miss you both. lots of love to you Blodders xxxxxxxx

barbara: Dear Tom, I hope the site of the tube is healing fast – have they taken the masking tape off yet?! Thought you might like to know that the new masters degree on India which I talked about – probably obsessively – last monday has been approved by the university – one final hoop to go, but it _will_ happen! So tonight a visitor from New Delhi and one from Kolkata and I celebrated; and from the terrace of Wolfson college looking out over the water meadows, we also conceived a project to punt on the Cherwell – which is bound to be more than it seems….. This week I also went to talk about capitalism and poverty in Denmark. This subject always...

Sparky: Hey Tom, its been a few years but i am really glad that your making such good progress and i am sure you will continue to do so. Good luck mate Mark

JohnWilson: Hey man, its great to see you’re getting better, and maintaining your silly grin! Keep up the good work dude:) John

loulou26573: Dear Tom, CONGRATULATIONS on getting rid of that tube. I hope it feels ok… not too sore? It’s an amazing step to take, incredible how much progress you’re making. Not to mention the lovely smiles and sexy Pradas. I’m thinking of you every day. Really looking forward to seeing you after – ooh – 10 years??! Lou xx

Hrmundy: Dear Tom and Ellen So glad to see your doing so well, i only recently found out about your accident but im so happy your progressing so quickly. Ellen really is showing her full colours she must make you so happy. Keep positive, im sure if people put their mind to anything they can do it, and im sure you’ll keep getting better everyday. All my love to you Ellen and your familys. Hannah x

emrys: Hey tom, just found the link on your facebook. amazing progress buddy! hope to hear from you soon. take it easy. Emrys

garythornton: Hey Tom, good to see you out and about in the sunshine! So, when you getting back on the booze -I’ll sort some russian vodka out for you if you like! lol. Anyways, keep it up you’re doing incredibly well. See you soon mate, and Els I’ll get that foamboard to you soon!! Gary

Whitakers: Dear Tom and Ellen, The photos from your picnic last weekend are lovely. You all seem to be having a terrific time – that head massager thing looks like it must feel very good! Congratulations on all the recent progress during last week and this week. We are so very happy for these steps. Emily and I just returned from our wonderful visit with Gillian, David, Josie, and Lucas. We so miss them so very much. During our visit, we took a boat around the Statue of Liberty and toured Ellis Island; Emily and Josie watched the latest Shrek movie (both agreed that #2 was the best of the lot); went to the beach on Long Island (the girls played for hours in the surf); got to kayak...

Nicole Tudor-Williams: WOW WOW WOW!!!!! What amazing progress!!… i only blinked once i think and now you are off out on PICNICS!! Such fantastic news Tom – you are amazing…. Keep up the good work. The picnic looked huge fun – so cool in the prada’s… tho not sure you enjoyed the ‘orgasmatron’??!!! lotsa love Nicole x

Emma_Peto: So pleased to read about your amazing progress Tom. Excellent stuff! Much love and wishes, Emma

emily: Hey! Just wanted to say how ace it was to see you on Sunday – all of us had such a fantastic day – really wish we were still there, such a rare opportunity that some of the most important people in my life (all of our lives had the opportunity to get together!) So pleased you’re improving everyday – you’re truly amazing – makes me so happy to see you and Ells together – I know things will continue to get better day after day! – Matt and I will be sure to bug you more frequently!!! Matt is disappointed that Wenger didn’t inspire you to become an arsenal fan and says that you’ll have to go and watch a game with him ASAP!...

simonzeast: Hi Tom Congratulations on your progress, lots of love and love to everyone around you too. See you soon.

Elfie: Hi Tom and Ellen – I saw Susie last weekend and have been trying to find your email address on the site. I guess posting a comment is the same! It’s lovely to see your pictures and read about your progress. I told your mum about a friend i have in bristol who used to be a carer for Rob, a tetraplegic guy in Leeds. He’s just about to start his own website business and is pretty up on all the gadgets that he finds useful. If you want to email Anna, her email’s She’d be happy to answer any questions you might have or put you in contact with Rob, if you might find that useful. Hope that you get to enjoy more of the sunshine. Lots...

claudia: Great to see you having a proper picnic – just a day after we shared strawberries and mango with you on Saturday (did you get the photo I took of you and Kenah? I emailed it to David as instructed)……..It was so good to see you and talk, and to hear about your plans and hopes and frustrations, and how having achieved so many BIG little goals now means you have to address the BIG BIG goals….and laughing about how great it is that your Dad is so into all the new toys you need to make things work for you! Very good to meet Ellen too, and thanks both for your warm and gracious hospitality. Love Claudia xx

Sasha: Hi my dear friends Tom and Ellen.Great news and great new photos!!! That blossoms near Tom, do you know the name. `Cos just few days a go me and Lily made a juice (concentrat ) from those blossoms.It`s very tasy and healthy. Mabe your i England are more tasty(ha,ha) All the best to you. Love Sasha and Lily

barbara: Having written about the Route Richard Coeur de Lion before coming to see you, Tom, the road from Oxford to Aylesbury will be Route Thomas Coeur de Lion et Ellen Coeur de Lionne for ever more! Very good indeed to see the man in person, and surrounded by less and less technology as the morning went on. Looking forward to a longer talk with Ellen next time round. Sock it to the mafia! love, Barbara

barbara: Great to be able to talk yesterday evening – and to see pics of you in the field – and maybe not enjoying the spider on your scalp – yet. Soon off to see you all for myself. Meanwhile what I am NOT bringing with me are ferns I picked for you from the Malvern hills – they drink water at such a rate that even being parted from their roots for 20 minutes made them wilt irretrievably. No I did not feel guilty picking them at the time because they are invading land that the conservators want to protect as pasture. Two great days with walks of 9 miles each, up and back the south end of this range of hills on the border of England and Wales on saturday –...

dancc: Great to hear of your continuing recovery tom. Hope things continue going well. Take care, Dan

darelle: Hey tom, lovely to hear your doing well! I’m really thrilled. Got through the first month of my 5 month sumer holiday…. and i can tell ya something, am bored as hell. theres absolutely nothing to do. also, hayfever… feel like i wanna scratch my eyeballs out lol. but anyway, i’d love to come and visit soon…. i miss ellen lots so it would be nice to see her too! xxxxxx

Gareth T-W: Tom, Simon Kroll just sent me the url and I’m amazed and delighted to read about the progress you are making. Mind-boggling determination! But no surprise there, knowing the gene-pool you come from! I’ll forward the url to George and Maya. I will be with them tomorrow, and we will be thinking about you getting rid of the trache. Another milestone! Hope it goes well. With love, Gareth

Alice Youngman: Hey Tom, Not sure if you will even remember me, but we went to school together. I heard the awfall news about your accident yesterday.Looking through your site I am just amazed at your inspirational postiveness and optimism, it is quite admiral. It looks like you have some brilliant friends and family supporting you. I wish you the best of luck with your fututre recovery in rehab. Lots of Love Alice

totalstranger: Tomernst is right. You are wowing me, too, Tom. Your recovery progress must be way off the charts. I can’t believe you made it from five minutes to 24 hours in such a short time. Keep up the good work as you go into rehab! Fondly, Sy

Tomernst: FoT = Fans or Fans of Tom

Tomernst: Tom – I am sure that I can speak for ALL OF US that consist the ultimate FoT – fanclub: we are VERY proud of you !!! I cannot wait to be with you in Stoke tomorrow, Tom PS: FoT = Friends of Tom + Fans of Thomas

Stieg: keep the gd news comin! lots of love, Dan

Lena: Hi Tom! I haven’t posted before but Jen and me were talking and thinking a lot about you…so I’ve always been informed 😉 I’m so happy to read about your progress – you’re amazing!! I’m sure that the sun, a lot of maccaroni cheese and the love of all the peolple around you will help you to keep on progressing… Just had my conference with all these painted chickens and sceletts (?) of cows Jen has already been talking about…now I’m enjoying my last weeks in Bulgaria, taking my last Shopska-salads and many many beers… love to you and Ellen…keep on fighting!! Lena and ellen: hope you got back your wonderful...

loulou26573: Hi Tom! It’s Lou here, your old (now literally) au pair. I just got a note from your mum about what’s happened. You are making AMAZING progress and more to the point being so brave and strong. I’m so proud of you. I still have such vivid memories of you when you were 9 – and mainly fighting with Olly! I’d love to come and see you, if you’re up for that. In the meantime, KEEP GOING TOM. You’re brilliant. Lots and lots of love Lou xxxx

Joy Bleasdale: Dear Tom This is fantastic news. It was lovely to see the photos. We are glad the weather rose to the occasion, it is non stop rain here in Switzerland. We had snow on the Jura this week. We wish you lots of positive energy and all the best, Love Joy, Tony, Kate, Rose and Henry

Laolu: All day and all night off the vent? Wow, this is such good news man! I know I’ve said this several times now but I can’t help it, keep it up dude! I’m back at home in East London just doing bits and bobs like practicing guitar, reading and of course catching up on all the gaming I missed throughout the year (I’ve also been looking at jobs but I don’t wanna work yet, I just escaped school). Take care buddy, Lao

sheppard family: Hello Noddy I’m afraid we just can’t get used to calling you Tom but do wonder whether Noddy drives you mad. You will have to tell Thomas when he next sees you. It’s fantastic that you are eating and able to get outside. Ben sends his love- he has just been to Devon for a long weekend and managed to get lost on route with the friends he was with never mind losing his wallet when he was there.He did manage to get back in one piece though and without a police escort!. Katy has started a new job as a commis chef at a Latin American restaurant just opened in town and is working mega hours but enjoying it. No other exciting news really keep positive. Will...

Whitakers: Hi Tom, We are thrilled to hear and see that you have made such great progress! Well done!!! Getting outside must have felt so good and refreshing. Glad to see that you avoided the rain. We got loads of it last weekend in Paris, and when we returned in Geneva, there was a dusting of snow behind our house! Very odd indeed. Wishing you all the best – Emily and I head off to see Josie, Lucas, Gillian and David in NYC. We can not wait. Lots of love, Mary Lyn and family

FrankSedlak: Tom, wishing you a solid recovery. Sincerely, Frank Sedlak

jnelki: dear tom, great news to hear you are off ventilator for longer and longer and getting out in the sun. well done! such brilliant progress. keep it going and take the lows with the highs – it must be so exhausting and so much for you – and those close to you – to learn – but it looks like you are all achieving loads…. good luck to ollie with the rest of his exams. max has his GCSE’s and anya her AS levels – leo still years away from all that, luckily. Liverpool will be the capital of culture next year and there has been loads of hype about it – and loads of building and probably loads of money wasted…I’m making a film with...

Sasha: Hi Tom !!!! Great thing to se you outside. Go Tommy, Go,Go!!! It`s wonderful idea with photos on the website.I can see everithing from miles.Even I can see rest of your family.I saw your Grandfather, he is one old stong man in very good condition. And now I am sure that you will be O.K. Great achivements Tom!!! Congratulations to you and manyregards for Ellen

hughhoonie: good grief, Tom, that is amazing progress, many congratulations, and we hope your returning strength brings new pleasures into your days.. look forward to seeing you again soon lots of love Hugh & Hoonie

simonrawlence: Tom me too. and lovely happy photos of you as well. Simon

kay: hey Tom, nice to see ur making some progress, perhaps not at the speed one would hope for, but gd too see ur making some. I really don’t know what the procedures is, when it comes visiting you, but i’ll try n find out from Raj( my ever reliable source of info). i hope i can see u b4 i go to the states. keeping fighting mate, n all will be well with u. kay

jennifer lee: Hey Tom.. Just want to say it was so good to see you on the weekend… Keep going with the wheelchair outings- Your making incredible progress. Im look foward to coming to see you again, hopefully next time we can sit outside drinking smoothies together (the ones not free on the NHS!) love to you and Els… Blod and Tom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dawn: Hey Tom, sooooo glad ur getting to enjoy the sunshine. John and all the boys from football say Hi, they had presentation night on sat so they were all thinking of ya!! Dawny Dawn x x x

Yousif Elagab: Hello Tom, Just a quick message to say that me and others are reading with interest and are delighted with the recent news of your progression. Keep strong pal. Yousif.

Adam Walker: Nice one tom, well impressed by the progress! keep it up.

Lizzie: Tom, Thats amazing news, I spoke to Els before i came to Egypt and I can’t believe that much has happened in just a week!!! I was thinking about you the other day and thought it would be really nice when you can go outside and get some fresh air and a change of scenary but i didn’t realise it would happen this fast!! It’s amazing how well your doing, you should be really proud of yourself. Anyways, i just thought id send my love from egypt and hopefully next time i get to see your website there’ll be even more progress!!! oh and good choice on the macaroni cheese. i hope they put tomatoes on top and a sprinkle of cheese and put it under the grill-,mmmmmm,...

george newth: good work tom, so glad to hear you’re making progress mate, such a great achievement, keep it up man and i hope to see you soon x

totalstranger: Dear Tom, This is such exhilarating news! I can imagine your pleasure of sitting in the sunlight and breathing in fresh air after all these weeks of confinement. Your hard work is paying off! And this is only the beginning of your journey. Answer to Susanna: I found the website googling David Nabarro. As to Barbara’s skeptical comment on the physical power of positive thought (you can’t have it both ways): I agree that blaming oneself is not helpful. If one believes that being low or having negative thoughts can cause physical harm, one may even create a vicious cycle, since this belief in itself is a negative thought. So, according to one’s own belief, it...

OliverNabarro: big up for venturing into the unknown with the wheelchair device. I come to see you soon. xxx o.

csergeant: We last left a message a month ago but we have been watching your progress unfold on this wonderful site. We all read the post today with delight. We think of you, Ellen and your families often and continue to send our best wishes and positive thoughts to you all. Caroline, Simon, Grace and Sophie in Washington DC

barbara: That made your day and now it’s made ours! Take it easy after that! What do you like about the world you see? with love and thoughts from all at 36, Barbara

Wayne: From 20 mins an hr off the vent with no food to 8hrs straight, going outside WITH a full meal… in under a week! Thats incredible by anyones standards! Must have been a hell of a day for you, I hope you are proud of what you have achieved. Another huge step closer to your goal. Ellen I know he couldnt be where he is without your unfaltering support, I am amazed at you both. Wayne

suzanna hudsoncooke: hi Tom, its suzanna (romilly and arthur’s daughter). Sorry I haven’t posted before, but I’ve been checking your progress on here all the time. Well done with the 8 hours, that’s amazing! Keep up the good work, just wanted to let you know we’re all thinking of you and majorly impressed by how well ur doing! love zanna Xx

tech: Wow!!! well done, Tom!!! this sounds geat!!! what can i say – enjoy the view and the meal! 😉 it’s not so sunny here in bulgaria the last days… i guess that’s ’cause Jen’s leaving tomorrow and the weather is getting ‘british’ so she can adapt easy when she’s back in wales 😀 yep, the 3 months are gone now… time is flying. i suppose she’s gonna come and visit you, Tom. i’m so sorry i didn’t menage to make a music cd for you, but i’ll ask her to make a copy of the one i made for her, ok? i’m sure she has a lot of stories to tell you and Ellen. i hope you like them! keep on with the progress, man!...

Nicole Tudor-Williams: Hi Tom You are a STAR!! Fantastic news to hear you have made it into the outside world….and 8 hours off the vent….AND macaronni cheese…!! An awesome achievement indeed and all in one day…. It sounds as tho you will have plenty of visitors this w/e so i will come and see you next week…also have a chest infection and DONT wannabe passin that on!! Sorry about Liverpool losin… George was gutted…oh well!! Keep up the good work…You are so often in my thoughts Tom.. Nicole xx

ruth.greenhall: Hi Tom, only just heard the terrible news about the accident from my parents who told me about this site. i know i havent really seen you since school and we didnt know each other that well but just wanted to tell you that so many ppl are thinking of you and wishing u well. from reading your blog it sounds like you are being so strong and im going to keep track of the great progress ur making. take care mate x

Stieg: wicked news tom!! 8 whole hrs, incredible!! last we heard u were goin for 1hr. well done. and mac n cheese on top. on of my personal favorites 😉 keep it up 😀

Lola: Wow thats amazing! What an achievement. Good work! Thats so good, I am very impressed. Must be insane to see the outside world after being in that room for so long. You’ll be ready for a vindaloo soon…hehehe xx

tim.bland: Tom you’re a legend!!! Congratulations mate that’s bloody great news. Keep it up.

Tomernst: What BRILLIANT news! Well done, Tom – you worked so hard to now be able to spend as much time off the vent! The trip to the garden is also a big step in the right direction. While tiring you it must have given you additional positive energy – I really look forward to see you next weekend. A hug from Tom

ros: Great to hear about your progress off the ventilator. And food! I remember when you were dreaming of fruit juice so it seems there is real improvement. It was moving to read the long and very practical comment from Sy , the “Total Stranger”. Your struggle has touched alot of hearts. Lots of love to you, your Mum and Ellen. Ros ( your Mum’ s old friend from university)

zanna: Hi Tom, It is great news that you are now breathing for longer and longer periods on your own. Keep up the good work. I am full of admiration for your pereverance, determination and courage. Wish I could tell some of my students how to find the resources you have found! Am hoping to meet up with your mum at the weekend in Amberley, and share news of you. All my family,Ben, Leo Zoe and Elfie(not sure if you remember them?) send healing good wishes to you across the seas: Ben in Senegal, Leo in Prague, Zoe in Spain and Elfie in Bristol, and us here in St Mary’s. Love, Zanna

barbara: To Susie on her blog: Sure, the tokens of love on your desk at work are for Tom from people who don’t know him and want to celebrate the progress he’s making; but they are also for YOU from people who DO know you! You are one of those people who give generously and much more easily than they receive! And there are many such ‘flawed’ people moving around Tom and your big family right now! Barbara

barbara: On Sy on goals! Robert MacNamara’s point was that when responsible UN bodies set goals they know full well cannot be reached – which appears on current performance to be the case with all the Millennium Development Goals except for halving poverty (and that only because of China’s performence; if you take China out then the progress is dismal) – THEN this is a waste of public money, especially, I would add, the public money taxed from poor people themselves. So what are UN institutions playing at? Making some kind of collective comfort blanket for the already comfortable? On personal goals, I agree with Sy, and this is where Tom may be more interested in...

jennifer lee: Hey Tom… So good to read about all your progress lately, its absolutely amazing.. keep going and whatever you do dont let Els steal all your food! I have just finished my ‘conferance’ at the Academey- (still cant understand why it not called a presenatation-sounds a lot less scary). My cow and chicken painting (which i told you about a few weeks ago) went down an absolute storm, hilarious….. God knows why… its a yellow chicken with a spikey blue head and a huge cows skull in the background…. At the conferance numerous tutors asked me how you are and send lots of love your way… I’ve just got near enough two days left here now,...

gedpalmer: hi tom my boy its geddi signing in from NYC. im here painting graffiti and doing an internship in a publishing firm, im doing graphic design stuff. i heard from my mum today who said she’d been to visit you. its great to hear about your progress- speaking now, off the vent a bit more, maybe even getting out the room on your own set of wheels soon.. thats awesome man.. really great 🙂 my mum said that next time she sees you will be with me.. thats true man. my thoughts have been with you, i will come and see you as soon as i get back.. bring you heaps of unes… some artwork( worth millions in yars to come) all thatjazz. keep your head up dude… jah bless ged i

Susanna: Hi Tom – sorry I didn’t make it to Stoke Mandeville today . Sounds as if it has been another day of progress, with more and more time off the ventilator. It is just over six weeks since we flew into Luton from Bulgaria in the air ambulance, with a doctor and a paramedic whom I will contact soon, to tell them how you are. I was so impressed with the way they looked after you in both the 2 ambulances, and on the flight. The staff in the Military Medical Academy in Sofia were also skilled, efficient and dedicated. They were also very good to us, your family – we broke all their rules about visiting hours, because they realised you needed us there to talk to you in...

Chrissie: Hi Tom Great to read about your progress. Terrific that you are breathing off the ventialtor more and more and able to talk. Have been checking on this site regularly. Good to see the photos too. Your mental strength and determination is a model for us all. love Chrissie (in Manchester recovering from FA cup final)

totalstranger: Dear Tom, After coming upon your blog a number of weeks ago, I have been keeping track of your progress and all the wonderful posts you are getting from all over the world. We do not know each other, but my heart goes out to you, your family, and your friends. You are a lucky guy that you have all these wonderful people who dote on you and do everything they can to help and support you in your progress. When I look at the pictures taken in the hospital, I see so much love, tenderness, and devotion between all of you. My favorite is the one with Ellen. She must be one terrific young lady. A lot has been written about your strength, courage, self-discipline, perseverence,...

Katrin: Hi Tom, good to hear you keep progressing steadily! I was reading about your boring mornings and I thought… How about audio books? I thought it might keep your curious mind a little more interested…And it would save you from Sean Paul:) Just a thought. Keep smiling:)

sherin: Dear Tom, I’ve been following your progress on this wonderful website. I admire your incredible strength and courage, and the pictures of you smiling are really heart warming. My whole family and I send you all the positive energy we can gather. I imagine a hundred thousand angels by your side. Keep up the good work Tom. Lots of love, Sherin x

Laolu: 30 mins off the vent is great news man! I remember not so long ago when you were clocking about 3 mins so you’ve come a long way. Hope you enjoyed the match, I didn’t get to watch it all but a heard a lot of it (I was at the barbers). Hope you are enjoying Heroes, it’s the finale this week and it looks like it will be freakin awesome – be sure to get the rest from Wayne when you can. Anyway, keep it up and take care man! Lao

george newth: hey tom, sorry this has taken me so long, no real excuses, but a few explanations – i’ve been busy caught up in dissertation writing, and exam taking, (plus i have to admit im pretty crap with computers and websites!- i hope ive left this comment on the right page!) couldnt quite believe it when i heard about your accident, to say how sorry i am doesnt really do it justice, something like this couldnt have happened to a nicer guy and it breaks my heart everytime i think about it. i’m finished with uni now and back in the westcountry in a bit of a ‘transitional period’ i.e. bumming about. i’m absolutely devastated that there wont be a repeat of last summer’s...

george newth: hey tom, sorry this has taken me so long, no real excuses, but a few explanations – i’ve been busy caught up in dissertation writing, and exam taking, (plus i have to admit im pretty crap with computers and websites!- i hope ive left this comment on the right page!) couldnt quite believe it when i heard about your accident, to say how sorry i am doesnt really do it justice, something like this couldnt have happened to a nicer guy and it breaks my heart everytime i think about it. i’m finished with uni now and back in the westcountry in a bit of a ‘transitional period’ i.e. bumming about. i’m absolutely devastated that there wont be a...

Tomernst: Tom – each little step in the right direction counts, as they all add up to make a HUGE difference! I have followed your “off-the vent-progress”: at first a few hard minutes, then some more. Now 25, even 30 minutes each hour. And today already an hour on and then an hour off … We are all very proud of you and will keep being with you in your ongoing fight! Lots of love, the Ernsts

davidnabarro: Maria and Peter Leisinger sent a message on May 17th: “Dear Tom, we know a lot about your accident and the recent events from the homepage. We admire your patience and your courage. We remember so well the times you were in Malans or when we met in Oxford. I have nearly stopped my work as a psychiatrist and concentrate now more and more on my art, my wood saculptures. I have sent you a picture of my newest sculpture, a piano player: it’s a string puppet, because we have a small project about music: a friend of us makes music and I let the (life size..) puppets move togehter with his sound, this will be in a concert- ( ..cum vernissage) in September. Part of the...

barbara: Please don’t mind this, Tom, but since I don’t have Ollie’s email address, everyone at 36 Victoria Road is thinking of you, Ollie, and wishing you good luck and a worthy performance in your Finals. They are tough things, those exams, but they don’t last for ever. It is wonderful to see the photo of Tom with Michael looking well, to read the good news of Polly and to imagine Tom’s pleasure having his hair washed! That is the best part of going to the hairdessers as far as I am concerned! Who won? I must be the only person who doesn’t know, even though I have just driven past the stadium… Cringe, Barbara

sabrine: bonjour tomas c henda ,karim et sabrine j espere ke tu va mieux dieu te protege on t aime fort ! et on pence foor a twa ¨! on regarde de tes nouvelles chaque jour et on espere ke l on parra venir te voir dans peu de temps ! et sache k on t aime beaucoup ! soit fort !et on pense toujour a tout se ke l on a partager emsemble !gross bizouxx on t aime for t toute la famile et on prie pour toi chaque soir pour ke dieu te protege

johnnurse: Hey Tom, Just thought I would write a comment to let you know I had been checking in, progress sounds good. Anyway hope you got a TV for the football yesterday, more importantly the rugby this afternoon. All the best, John

Kenah: Tom, have been reading the website regularly and have heard through my mum how much progress ur making! ellen sounds like an amazing person… really hope u got to see the football….hopefully i will be able to visit soon. keep it up lots of love kenah xx

simonrawlence: Tom. Just to remove mystery. New American cell based discovery for curing baldness ! If you have inherited your fathers genes . Lots of love from all Rawlences Simon

simonrawlence: VÄ›dci vypÄ›stovali vlasy z kmenových bunÄ›k 17.5. 2007 15:30 Uším milionů mužů po celém svÄ›tÄ› může tato zpráva skutečnÄ› lahodit jako božská mana. Lékem na pleÅ¡atost vÅ¡ak nejsou žádné preparáty, potravinové doplňky a zázračné vodičky, ale kmenové buňky. Americkým vÄ›dcům se z nich poprvé podaÅ™ilo vypÄ›stovat vlasy. ————&# 8212;———R 12;———— ;————& #8212;——— 212;———̵ 2;– This could be good news for David and maybe you one day Tom

claudia: Dear Tom, Like so many others I check in with you every day, and am so pleased to hear about all the things you can do now that you couldn’t do 3 weeks ago – so keep up the great work! And I have no doubt it is hard work… It was a nice surprise for me to speak to David this morning, and I also had a chat with your Mum so I know you had loads of visitors today. Kenah and I want to come and see you, so I will check out with Ellen when would be a good time and what we can bring you. See you soon, and lots of love, Claudia

hughhoonie: Hi Tom, I was so pleased to hear Hugh had got over to Aylesbury to see you. Its my turn next – I’ll try and come next week after we’ve taken our Artweeks show down. Its been so tiring doing this show and last night we just thought ‘oh hell’ lets go up the road and have a beer and not do anymore of all the things which remain to be done at the end of every day doing this show. We were bombing along the road towards the anchor when towards bombing along came your sis and her pal… Polly looked her usual beautiful and bubbly self. I’m sure you’ve seen her party trick of pulling back her hair and showing you her scar… wowza. A...

barbara: Dear Tom, and everyone around you, Your website is the first thing I logged onto after getting back overnight in steerage from Washington with an unusually bumpy flight and sweet child next door who was sick.. It’s great news! One thing at a time though: breathing, talking and sipping fluids sounds more complicated than most people reading this can do. I can hardly put one foot in front of the other right now – too tired to sleep, too tired to work and it’s too wet to mow that lawn. Oxford looks very shabby compared with Washington – and the more attractive for that. So does my house and its contents and that’s not so good. I went there to attend a...

kesselring: Dear Tom Maria & Peter Leisinger whom you must know for a long time have spoken to me 2 days ago about your accident and asked me about Stokemandeville etc. I am working near them in a large Rehab hospital in Valens ( for 20 years now and I see many many many patients with neurological diseases or after injuries of brain and spinal cord. I told them about an event we just had last week at our clinic: 55 PhD students from the Center of Neuroscience in Zürich ( came for their retreat for 3 days and presented their work in short lectures and on posters and I discussed and demonstrated patients with various difficult neurological...

Wayne: Hey Tom! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, its a busy time of year for everyone I think and I have either been concentrating from my exams or trying to escape entirely from the pressure (playing games…). I managed to get that job I was being interviewed for last time we spoke! I am very happy about getting it and I know it will be a good start for me. I know you wanted me to go for the job at roke and I considered it, but you know what I am like, if I went for that job I would feel like I was taking something that you earned and you deserve and I dont think I would feel happy doing that. Anyway I bought an xbox360 to celebrate 🙂 Admittedly its been a little...

tech: Hey Tom! I’m very very glad to hear you have a progress! Keep on getting better and better man!!! I’ll be waitng for you to get up and then you and Ellen can come again in Bulgaria to visit me! Ok? Hmmm, I’ll try to send you some musik, I’ll give it to Jen on her way back… Well, I can’t think of anything else to say… We’ll keep in touch! You’re a brave boy! I’m with you! love tech

Whitakers: Hi Tom and Ellen, Sipping fluids, what great news! Enjoy all those great tunes folks are sending you Рdoubt you would be interested in the music I mainly listen to (1970s/80s R&B, but if you are let me know. We are hopefully heading off to go camping in the Ard̬che region for the Ascension holiday weekend if the weather remains rain-free. Take good care. love, The Whitakers

sheppard family: we have finally managed to get on here to make a comment after computer breakdown. We are now using a laptop while the main PC is lying in a heap. We have all been thinking about you a lot and it is wonderful news to hear about the progress you are making. Your courage speaks for itself. All the family send their love and now we can tune in will talk to you again soon love the sheppards and your furry friends

Nick Bradshaw: So glad you can drink. I realise in the scheme of things there must be other matters of more importance but these little things mean a lot. I am astonished by your resilience, and courage. I have just spent a jolly few hours trying to ear tag the new lambs. They are sturdy by now, and fight back! It is a bit like playing rugby against a thick blanket with horns, and a bruising encounter. The orchard loks very pretty; 100 cider trees, all in full blossom, and the hives have huge clumps of bees dangling from their bases so with luck, pollenation will be going well. I hope to make cider this year, not just sell apples; so practise that fluid swallowing, won’t you? Within...

Stieg: great news ur able to get fluids down and able to b without the ventilator for a longer period!! also, glad to hear ur watching some gd tv atleast!! i managed to go through all o the episodes in 1 go 😀 they get better from episode 14!! enjoy xx

Burkes: Hi Tom, We heard recently from M. Balmer at the farm in Founex about your accident and then I met Hendi (spelling?) on the train last week and she told me about your website which is a fantastic idea as there must be so many people thinking about you. So very sorry to hear about your accident but you sound to be doing great and showing loads of courage and determination! It is great to be able to hear about the progress through the web-site…John and I send you all the very best and will be thinking about you, likewise Gary, who is on his way back from London after a few years there. All the best, Susie and John Burke

tomscutt: ello ello! So! Jimmy Saville envious of your good looks eh? Hmmmmm – i guess that’s a compliment but one would have hoped that his basis for comparison wasn’t him!!! Didn’t realise Molly got to meet him – she’s kept surprisingly quiet about it if she did! Anyway, really great as ever to hear of your progress – fantastic stuff and really encouraging. I think tom that not only have you pushed yourself so far recently but you’re also pushing so many of us to make the effort to actually DO something for – to push further and harder in whatever it may be. Hope that gives you a bit of a boost. I guess you could call it inspiration....

OliverNabarro: hardcore. you got me thinking indeed. When i next come down i’m gonna bring some serious TV shows. Sopranos is mental, as is the Unit and the US version of the Office. And i can bring the new heroes if you let me know what episode you are up to. Is .avi format good for your ipod? Looking forward to watching Liverpool Milan with you (23rd May). Keep on trucking. o. x

Colleen: oh no – a scientific question where all the research isn’t in yet….. Of course you know I have to get serious on this one. First I have to know if you’re actually speaking of lust or greed or just anxiety or OCD kind of worry……..Then we’d have to input whether you knew which regions of the brain were getting an increasage (word????) in use. And whether that increase was from using more cells or neurons or more uptake of certain neurotransmitters. Because then we could have the argument over whether it’s more the area of the brain (reptilian, etc. ) that controls lust AND LOVE and jealousy or the wrong balance of a particular...

zanna: Fantastic to hear you are so much better Tom and making progress with the ventilator. I am going to try and think about possible music for you to taste. My husband is a great Dylan fanatic, and plays his songs in a local club when the clientele let him. He says Visions of Johanna is the greatest song ever written. What do you think? Scilly is blowing gale force winds and monsoon rain today, and my hens have all retreated into their house, so that is why I am sitting here looking at your website and hoping for good news from you. I send you and all your supporters the 90% of my brain I am not using to help you along in your recovery. All Love, zanna

barbara: Not a medic, so hard to comment on that last question of yours, Tom. But my instant lay reaction is that IF using more than 10% of our brain actually made us less inconsistent and more able to examine our own double standards we might be able to overcome our envy for – and anxiety about – what we don’t possess. The insurance industry is based in part on such anxieties, and all that large part of our economy not based on basic needs is based on envy for ‘wants’ which are constructed for us. How that relates to our brains is an intriguing question. (But I have been looking, as a hobby, at British energy politics and it seems to me that not only does...

Tomernst: PS: Given that we’re humans, my fear is that even our last and only percent might keep worrying about just that … But I agree with you that we should much rather focus on what we DO posess!

Tomernst: The remaing 90% are actually not really brain – they are simply our attitude! And you sure make constant proof of being exceptionally gifted on both sides of this equasion …

charlierobinson: hey Tom, I’ve been up at uni in Nottingham and just heard about this website, I’ve been reading through your blogs and I’ve got to say I’m mega impressed by you revising for exams……… you clearly have more dedication to academia than me and what I suspect my ‘monkey brain’. It sounds like your dealing with this better than I imagine the majority of people would. Anyway I hope you continue to make progress with this mate. All the best, Charlie

garythornton: excellent news tom! keep it up, you’re making really good progress. tomorrow is the big clear up of that big foamboard truck i showed you &ellen.. fingers crossed no thieving rudeboys have been in there to steal foamboard to sell to the black market. els – if all goes well i should have a boot full of foamboard off cuts for you! bonjour x

darelle: hey tom, darelle here. am back from the land of the bulg now… it’s so wierd not having cockroaches (the size of cats… according to blod), and also very strange not having a corridor full of girlies to mess about with. am so pleased to hear you have your voice back, ellen sounded so happy. Us english girls (haha) are meeting ellen for lunch tomorrow… am very excited to see her and to hear all about you. since ive been back i’ve been catching up on all my programmes haha… im a geek. am watching the OC right now… i proper love it…. oh yes. Keep up with all the good progress tom, ciao for now x x x

barbara: Dear Tom, Just to add my voice to those who are so very glad that at last you can start using yours once more, though at first it will be a challenge to talk to the rhythm of the ventilator. With your musical nature, you will quickly get that sorted! You have already shown how much can be communicated in ways which do not involve sound. Now your voice will be key to your physical independence in the coming period so this is a very exciting time for everyone wishing you well with love, Barbara, Kaveri and Elinor.

jennifer lee: hey Tom! Thats amazing news!!!! So great to hear that your making so much progress. Its hot today here in Bulgaria and im supposed to be finishing a painting of a stuffed chicken and a cows skull. O god. Only 2 weeks and a little bit left now… so im looking forward to visiting you and Els very soon. The Do love it girls have flown the nest of studenskigrad, so its a bit quiter here…. but still as random as ever. Keep up all the positive thoughts. I’m thinking of you every day. Lots of love Blod xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

alison.holmes: Hello Tom and Ellen Alison again here from Oz. Just wanted to join what seems like hundreds of friends out their cheering on your progress. What fantastic news – well done. Keep it up. Love to you both. Alison

Nicole Tudor-Williams: CONGRATULATIONS!!!.. Such great news to hear you are able to speak now….the first step to gaining back your independance… you must be so chuffed….I really hope the ‘weaning’ process now continues smoothly and with minimal set backs… YOu are such a strong spirit Tom …. You should feel so proud of what you have acheived so far…We are!! I am very excited as i am going to see Roger Waters perform The Floyd’s ‘A dark side of the Moon’ this Saturday…. What a great album and fantastic music…..Dont know if its your taste Tom but you should listen to it… chilled but crazy in parts!!…. I...

simonrawlence: =zqfFrCUrEbY if you have not come across this phenomenon before. claims to be recorded in Abbey road. Tom. I have been away from a computer screen for 10 days, but great to catch up with your news and states of mind. To read your own words gives us out here a lot of pleasure. Simon

tim.bland: wow thats great news Tom, keep up the good work mate.

Stieg: really happy for ya tom!! keep up the hard work 🙂

holly: Hey Tom this is Holly, (Ollie’s friend from from St Clare’s). I’ve been reading the blog but i had some trouble setting up an account. anyway it’s working fine now. Not being able to talk sounds very annoying, it’s great that you can start now. It sounds like you have good people around all the time, that must make things easier too. From your message a few days ago it sounds like you have a lot of time to think to yourself, it must be strange to put things on hold like that, there’s not usually much time at all for reflection. Anyway, i’m in oxford till the Summer holiday, then next October coming back for my final year and renting a house...

Whitakers: Tom, This such wonderful news! So glad you were able to talk to David over the phone. Best of luck with the ventilator ‘weaning’ – we are all so proud of your strength and positive attitude. Love from the Whitakers

Nick Bradshaw: We shot balloons together in East Allington, Tom. Must do it again some time; my kids send their best, and so do I,especially for the weaning and speaking. May it be the next of many earth shattering improvements. Best to you and Ellen, Nick Bradshaw.

OliverNabarro: get in there bruv x

imogen: That’s great news, Tom! communicating is such a basic thing, I hope that the improvements double up now that you’ve regained your voice. Had dinner with Jessica, Tanya, John and the boys, and Zoe and Mike this weekend and we drank to your speedy recovery. Love from Lewes

KateO: I’ve never met you, Tom, but Ollie lived with us for a while when we lived in Leamington and I am a friend of Susie’s. There’s a group of us in Bristol reading your blog, admiring yours and Ellen’s strength and spirit, and willing your recovery. So glad you can talk a bit again. Great good luck with the ‘weaning’. Love Kate, Felix, Bea, Javid, Keith and Dog xxxxxx

tommoore: hey dude, fair play to hear about the progress! i’m well pleased for you! things are really busy here, making puppets again! my group is doing a 15 foot one this year! woah! and it transforms into a dinosaur! double woah!!! i’ve also syupidly taken some work from pamela howard, a theatre designer, and i have had absolotely no time to do it really. i’m a dumbass, i can’t say no tho! something you might be interested to hear about…me and oli (townsend) are thinking about a short piece for the 3rd year, where we build some massive robot puppetes from burnt out cars and rusty metal, and do a huge long mexican stand-off and set them on fire and make them...

Lilly: Tom, that is absolutely fantastic i’m so pleased for you, I hope this makes some of the set backs with your infection seem better & I hope you stay as positive as you sound. I know you are getting so many positive vibes expressed through this website but there are so many more people sending them out there for you in the form of thoughts and prayers, phil, my parents (who u may or may not remember!) ellens friends, are just some of the people asking after you and sending their support. I have to agree with everyone on here who has mentioned your inspiring attitude, it is just that. Keep it up hun, all the best, lots of love Lilly xx

Laolu: Sweet! This is great news Tom; hoping you make good progress with the “weaning” as well. Hey, – this is just a random wacky idea but – when you get well enough you could upload a podcast; that would be well cool. Keep it up mate, Lao

steveb1985: Wow dude! Talking again! Thats Great! I caught up wit Raj this week, and he told me about meeting up with you on Saturday. Sounds like the chest infection knocked you back a bit, but try to stay as positive as you were before. I saw Ian Dear today, he had some final year projects with him. I’m sure I am not meant to have done, but I saw your name on the front of one of them. Wow! It was huge! Incase you didn’t know, he was my supervisor too. Mine was in the pile as well, but it looked tiny compared with yours. I guess thats something for you to brag about! Keep up the recovery mate, we are all thinking and talking about you. Your positive attitude has provided us...

NatNabarro: Hey Tom, Really good to hear your getting better man, thinking lots about you, all my love bru, look forward to getting back and coming to rib you about spurs! peace Nat

James Nurse: Hello Tom, Sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner, but that’s not to say that I haven’t been keeping up with what’s going on. Needless to say those of us down in London are thinking of you – it’s been a very long time since we last talked, probably grandma’s 80th. I’m glad that your remaining upbeat about things but my trained medical eye has allowed me to spot something particularly concerning in your last post and I’ve been trying to work out the best way to alert someone to this problem. It seems that the accident has badly damaged your sense of taste – I’m not sure what else could possibly account for the...

Tomernst: Tom, all of us look forward to celebrating with you when you breathe on your own again – it will be a symbol of the progress to come. You are always in our thoughts, keep your courage up, my friend! A hug from Tom

hughhoonie: hey tom, glad to hear you are working away at the physio and getting good results, keep it up! must be a relief to be able to talk without it tiring you out, does that mean that you’ll be receiving visitors soon? in the meantime, wait for a disc through the mail which means you’ll be the official first-footer at our art show which opens for the hoi polloi on friday. all best Hugh&Hoonie

jeany: hey tom, i’ve been meaning to write on here, but never know what to type, but always make time to keep myself up to date on your progress. I am glad to here that the infection in your lungs has gone and it sounds to me that you are in the best possible hands up there in Stoke Mandeville… College hasn’t changed, working me hard and everyone else to. I have been a group leader now for nearly 3weeks on this year’s puppetry project, it’s very scary and i will have to deal with budgeting soon. Not to mention having to use Microsoft Excel, aaahhh…which I haven’t used since GCSE and I wasn’t very good at it then, my group are fantastic and have been designing at a rapid...

gedpalmer: tommyboy, tis giedii thinking of you man. hope your still going strong. looking forward to bringing yhou stacks of tuneswes and all that jazz peace doggy

Yousif Elagab: Hi Tom, After reading your posts, I just wanted to say I find your grit and determination truly amazing. After years of being at school with you I think I’m only now getting a picture of who you are and I’m taken aback. I’m knee high in revision for exams now but when there done I’ll sort out some music as well. yousif.

barbara: Hi Tom. Good you are better from the chest bug and are starting the process of getting off the ventilator. But nice to have it around so you can chill out and not be stressed about something we all take for granted. Having lived very happily with someone who was paraplegic and could only move his arms and above, I know just how important well functioning lungs are! And how incredibly hard it is not to be able to cough deeply. Like breathing, most of the rest of the world cannot imagine life without taking coughing for granted. No-one even talks about it! I feel as though everything I write must be from a geological era ago because I do not have an Ipod, nor do I know the groups...

andrewpaulharrison: Hey Tom, it’s (Louise’s) Andrew. How’s it going? Been meaning to write for too long, not really knowing what to say (how was the snow etc…?) but I read your last blog so I guess I’ll just send music and film instead. Spending most of my time in the library at the moment, dreaming and looking out at the sunshine (in between panic attacks and falling asleep on the desk) but I’ve finished my coursework and found a job so life is peachy (especially when I’m not cleaning newsprint of my face). Mostly I just wanted to say I’ve been thinking of you and that its good you’re making progress, even the slow and frustrating sort. Also to apologise in advance...

Lola: Hey, forgot to give you this link in case you wanna look at some photos…http://-Lola-.beb was really good to see you yesterday, nice to see you feeling a bit brighter x

annaonline9: tom tom tom finally i get myself registered and get my head round this comment posting business… the interface doesn’t come easily to my nomyspace nofacebook technologically-backward status. i heard about the accident soon after it happened while i was away from manchester, in brighton. it was odd: i got the phone call from mum when i was in a pub catching up with two friends of mine talking to them about levanto because they are going on holiday to the cinqueterre… i was nostalgically recalling the photo of you and me in the flat there aged about 3, me holding one of dad’s freud books – totally upside down – and apparently reading it to...

Paul Hayward: Hi Tom, I am very sorry to hear of your accident but I can see from the comments you are making steady progress, so a big well done and keep up the good work!!! I am sure your determination and drive to succeed in life will stand you in good stead for the challenges you will undoubtedly face on your road to recovery. I will check in again and look forward to reading more positive comments from your loving family and friends. My thoughts are with you Paul Hayward

hannah: hey its hannah (lau’s cousin) – keep up the good work in getting better, i’ve been watching the site daily. cardiff misses you!

Hazel: Hey my lovely, sorry its taken me so long to leave a message but everytime i came on to the website i couldnt see how you did it. I blame this on my crapness with computers which we both know is true (this is infact my second attempt at writing this message after i some how manage to delete the first one and end up on a totally different website how is that possible?). Anyway enough about my useless technology skills. I am very glad to hear that you have foughtoff the infection,very good news indeed. Els has been keeping us all informed of your progress. It was very lovely to see her this week. I am so very glad college have been so supportive and this has enabled her to spend her...

Laolu: Glad to hear you laid the smackdown on the infection Tom. My mate Jabz is always saying how Phil Collins is da man so I might just have to give True Colors a listen or two. Keep it going man, stay positive; its great to hear from you. Lao

Sue Leather: Tom – all the best from Geneva-France as a chilly May sets in. Thinking of you, and all the family. If you can use talking books of the taped (audio tape) sort, and someone has a moment to email, please just send a message saying ‘yes’. Lots of love, Sue & Alan

Sasha: OOOOOO it`s so nice to hire good news about you Tom. Every day I read what`s new.It`s firs thing what I do in the morning. Very good that you listen music. Music some time is the best friend.Belive me because I`m a musician. You are very strong spirit. Keep the faith. I`m keeping mine, YOU WILL BE O.K. Sasha from Sofia

katywackett: Glad you are feeling better now the infection has gone, You have very similar musical tastes to me! 🙂 I have just discovered a very ammusing collection of Dr Seuss stories (the cat in the hat, green eggs and ham etc) which are sung by Bob Dylan, you could give those a listen! (you get a story and a song in one). Oh and I reccommend the song Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World, its gentle and beautiful. Also I remembered something else from when we were kids in Nairobi. One of us girls (either me, my sister Tilly, or Polly) trod on a huge rusty nail in a floorboard, my memory is awful which is why I have no idea who it was! Your mum would probably remember. Its funny how...

Colleen: sooooo……… 230; need for me to start with “what ya been doin?” You look older in the horizontal pictures – is that newfound maturity? or just the facial hair difference???? You see, I just wrote this so you would have to explain my seemingly bad taste in humor as being normal, nothing special for your temporary circumstances. Optimism and sarcasm have to go hand in hand, right? And hey – how bout some audio books?? Maybe some Terry Pratchett to keep you firmly grounded in the absurd similar to reality? Or I could include you on my Longhorn learn along ???????? because you’re probably not really bored enough yet :>} Keep the...

Wilhelm: Tom! Hey, this is Bill Hannon, sorry to hear about all this, keep the spirits up man! I may be in the UK in June and I’ll see if I can swing some free time to visit.

amyleather: hey Tom, Well its been a long time and it seems rather rubbish that the reason im making contact is due to a very difficult and painful moment of your life. I won’t get to serious and technical as laughter is the best medicine. I just really wanted to say how much ive been thinking of u and all the family and how amazing it is to see the progress you’re making. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts, ups and downs and general progress. Lots of love, Amyxxx

tomscutt: tom!forgot to say – i’ve got a great little framed picture for you from Tech. It’s very sweet – she’s written a note with it that’s in syrilic (no idea how to spell it!) I’ll have to get it to you asap. ok, going this time! tom2

tomscutt: tom – it’s tom. I guess for the first time ever i’ll let you off and i’ll be called ‘tom2’. There are just so many of us! Just heard from Sean that along with tom moore at college, next year there are two guys joining … both called tom. It’s a total joke. They must have some kind of fixation or something. But then who wouldn’t eh? I’ve finally managed to get on after endless times simply coming on here and reading the comments and updates and looking through your pics. It looks great. Really nice to see. So, sorry for not getting on sooner. I’ve just got back from bulgaria visiting jen. She’s well and we had...

Adam Walker: Hi Tom, Sorry I haven’t posted earlier, only found out about the website yesterday. Isaac was up here in Manchester and we were chatting about you, oli and “ye good ol’ days” up in your attic when he mentioned it. Not been doing much as you might expect from a first year uni student apart from lots of constructive bumming around…..although I have been working dam hard on my drinking and have made huge leaps in that particular field, shaving whole seconds of my personal best in the 568ml beer race that is held on regular occasion down at my local bitter suit….suppose thats is part of the well rounded education I was promised in the prospectus....

niallmcwilliams: Hello Tom, Just heard about your accident today and thought I would drop you a line; promise it’s not about homework!!!! Just to let you know I am thinking about you and if you ever want to be bored with Cherwell stories, let me know. Have you ever thoght about putting one of my assemblies on your IPOD? Better than a talking book any day!! Take care Mr Mac from Cherwell.

Whitakers: Hi Tom, We really enjoyed hearing from you on the site. Keep up those positive thoughts, as it is completely understandable to feel down about things. Glad to hear that you have such a great team of physio therapists to keep you going. Hope the television situation will sort itself out soon. Nothing much to report from Geneva except that Emily (friend of Josie’s) and I are going to go visit Gillian and David and the kids at the end of this month. We are so excited! We miss them so much and emails and phone calls just don’t make up for not being together. Will try to send you some photos of our trip – am sure there will be plenty of goofy ones to share with you...

fred: Hi TOm, Good to hear Polly is fine. Looking forward to seeing you & Ellen when the time is right for visits. I’m trying to get a collection of audiobooks together you might like. Havent’ really got any news except that I’m going to Levanto for a week this saturday to collect a few jellyfish stings & some sunburn. Lots of people from Levanto have been sending you best wishes & love via my inbox – i’m not sure the concept of blogging has yet hit home in Italia… Hello to everyone (Ollie, Raj etc.) hope things are going well Fred

eadaoin berk: hi ya tom, this is eadaoin from Bulgaria 🙂 Els just emailed me your site. I would just like to let u no that were all thinking about you often over here and wishing all the best for you. myself and the other Irish girls have another month left here. the english girls are going home tomorrow, the time is flying! It was lovely to meet Ellen and yourself over here, I would love to see yee again sometime. wishing you all the best. eadaoin..x.x.x

Nicole Tudor-Williams: Hey Tom Sorry you are having a ‘down day’ and i think i is definately ok to feel sorry for yourself from time to time..No guilt required..! 🙂 Glad the physio’s are doing what they do best and helping to keep your spirits up! Good news about the football…George was ecstatic!! .. He too is in the middle of exams and assessments at the moment for about 4-5 weeks i think! I will be in to visit you just as soon as you are able to cope with a barage of visitors.:))) May even do some physio!! eeek! Love to Polly and glad to hear she is recovering well….love to all the family too…. catchu later… Nicole xx

jennifer lee: Hello Tom… Now first off i must apologise to you- as so many others have for the amount of time it has taken me to transfer this comment. Both Els and you probably know that me and computers just do not get on. Ive been thinkning of you and Els every day. Everyone in Bulgaria has been asking about your progress.. tutors, friends, Lilly,Sasha,Tech, Do love its, Lena and the Irish girls…. They all send huge amounts of love your way. Bulgaria is still as crazy as ever… endless parties in studenskigrad, cockroaches joining me in the shower, and another thing ….the dogs are dropping like flies! [hot weather i guess].I had a thought the other day Tom-...

zoemaudie: Hi Tom Sorry to read that things have been getting you down a bit recently. I’m sure there will be highs and lows for you in the course of your recovery. I’ve been regularly reading your website and I think you’re doing really well. Mum’s been asking me for updates on your progress too so I’ve been keeping her informed until she gets her computer working properly. Stay positive, we’re all thinking of you. Love to you and your family. Love from your cousin, Zoe x

Dan Bekhradnia: Hi Tom Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Had sooooooooo much on. Bloody uni. Handed in the dissertation yesterday tho so only the exams to go now!! I’ve checked the site everyday though and it is great to see you’re making progress. I know it’s gonna be slow and painful and that none of us can really have a clue how you’re feeling but just know that soooooo many people are thinking of you mate. It’s not just people posting on here either mate. Ivan, Dan Conway, Henry Little and so many others are all asking after you – everyone is praying for your recovery mate. such a shame you didnt get to watch the football last night. Great...

Lola: Hello Tom and Els, Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend. Life has gone completely crazy over the past few weeks and I’m now so busy that i never seem to get home before midnight so I’m writing this comment from work (sneaky). I started my official full time job yesterday (1st May) as editorial assistant to shiny Media (mainly for and You may be aware that a cheeky supermodel from Croydon designed a collection of clothing for Topshop which was launched this week. Somebody Moss? Anyway, we had to write a lot of coverage of the whole palava, this included sitting outside Topshop Oxford Circus for 5 hours on Monday. Wild. We...

oli haenlein: hey tom. Its good to hear about your recovery, I wish you all the best and that your progress continues. Anyway, respect and my best wishes from Canada. Oli

felixgj: My dearest Tom My visit today with you and Ellen is still racketting around in my head, filling it with images and hope and admiration. Your beautiful smile, your drive to connect, to communicate, the determination you show to live and grow through this incredible experience – these all fill me with respect and awe at the strength you are showing. What an inspiration you are! Keep your eye on the prize, young man, and grow stronger every day. The line from Shakespeare we were discussing and I was so barbarously butchering was not from Julius Caesar; it was, of course Hamlet (at the end of Act 1) saying to Horatio “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,...

Danielle in D.C.: Dear Tom, You don’t know me–I am a friend and former roommate of Gillian’s. She called me after your accident and I have been on your blog daily since then, following your amazing progress. I just want you to know that my yoga students and I dedicated our class to you last Thursday night and they found you to be a true inspiration (I tried to write then but couldn’t figure out how to log onto this damn website!). You also inspired me to donate blood today and I am walking around sporting a nice pink bandage. I know you are studying for your exams, but when you have some down time, ask Ellen to get you a book entitled “When Things Fall...

zanna: Keep up the good work Tom. You sound as if you are managing to do all sorts of things with all your techno friends. I am seriously impressed and inspired! Hope you are more comfortable soon. Love to any family who are there with you. All love and get well thoughts, Zanna

Chrissie: Hi Tom Up here in Manchester…..Heard the news on Sunday and have been thinking about you a great deal and wondering how you are. Polly told me about the website tonight. Its great to be able to find out how you are getting on and to catch up. Amazing the technology etc and enjoyed the photos. What amazing progress you are making! Keep going with all that energy and determination. Love Chrissie

jnelki: think I just lost my message so will try again. just want to send you love from us again in liverpool and glad to see you are making such brilliant progress. keep up the energy and enthusiasm and dont let the hard days get you down too much. I guess it will fluctuate and there will be difficult times – now and ahead – but your determination is inspiring – and it is great to read about your life through this website. we send love to Polly too and glad that she seems to be ok. love too to ollie, Suzie and David! – and the rest of your family even though we have never met them. why have you an itchy face and has that passed now or is it ongonig? and why...

carole: Dear Tom It has taken some of us oldies a while to work out the wonderful new world of blog comments (if that is what this is called…). But, as you will know, many of us in Geneva have been checking frequently to see how things are going, and so very happy to see that, despite the odd set back (cloggy chest as Bob and co. so elegantly put it) that things are progressing, even if it must seem slow at times. As many have said, it is inspiring to see your strength and courage, and the love of your family and friends shines through every word. I think you remember Didi? She knows your news, just before she left for her holiday to Nepal, so there will be plenty of prayers going...

Reuben: Hi Tom, just wanted to check in with you and let you know I haven’t stop thinking about you. I check this site for your progress pretty much every day but usually can’t think of anything to put in a comment. Anyways, just wanted to wish u well.

Manuch: Dear Tom, I want to wish you all the best with your recovery, it has been a few years since I saw you last but I was naturally shocked to hear the news and very pleased to see this site setup as a point of contact for your many friends and relatives. My thoughts go out to Tom and all the Nabarros, if there is anything I can do to help at any stage during the recovery please don’t hesitate to ask. MB

Jules Cima: Dear Tom, Having just recuperated myself from a terrible bout of morning sickness, I write to you in order to wish you much much love. You were in a dream of mine yesterday, we were in an elevator which had a lock on it and there were like a thousand keys and we couldnt find the right one! as to the interpretation god knows, but it was so nice to see your face. Actually the photos that Ells has selected for the website are very favourable particularly the one showing those lovely biceps of yours. Anyways enough of the random jibber jabber, Like weeze im sending as much positive energy to you as poss. I Think about you most days and wish you so much luck for the fight ahead....

Whitakers: Dear Tom, I’m Mary Lyn and live in the Geneva area. We briefly met several years ago when you and your friends were camping in David and Gillian’s backyard while attending Paleo. I am also the crazy runner who ran the 2004 Lausanne Marathon with Gillian. I so admire your courage, strength, and positive outlook. Patrick and our daughters, Olivia and Emily (a friend of Josie’s from her days at Chataigneraie) send you all our love and best wishes. The pictures of you with your family and Ellen are just great. – Mary Lyn

barbara: Hi Tom, Family, Ellen, I am writing this as the sun comes out on sunday. I hope it is shining through a window near you (and that what it lights up is glorious!). Yesterday it was too good to be true! We (Elinor and I) went to a reunion in London and picked up Kaveri who has just had her bike nicked for the 5th time in about a year. Someone had cut right through a very strong lock. She thinks they are eternally re-cycled and is off soon to replace hers by a ‘cheap one’ in East London..It was a lovely party with small kids running all over the place and playing with the outside tap…and an older lad – 9 – who solemnly introduced me to the frogs in the...

jennifer holland: Dear Tom It has taken me until now,with many attempts, to work out how to send a message!!!!!But it looks as if I have had sucess at last. I have been keeping up to date with your amazing progress and bravery. Just wanted to let you know how much you have been in our thoughts and sending you lots of love and strong wishes for your recovery. Jenny

fryatts: Tom Good to see some new photes and some with you all plugged up but smiling, and sounds like you are still in there fighting. Hope you clear the cloggy chest, also really good to hear Polly is back at home. Good luck revising, Oli and Arun are struggling through their revision too, and last night the cricket world cup.!! all the best to you Ellen and family Samir, Oli Arun Bob and Siobhan

Sasha: Hi Tom and Ellen! I`m sasha from Sofia.Im happy that I can get information from firs hand about you.Your website is wonderful, now i know much more about you and your family.I saw the photos of you and youre family also the photo from restaurant when you arived in Sofia.It was first and last time when we met each other but you stay in our heart to the end of our life.We are in faith you`ll be bether soon. We think about you both every day.God bless you Sasha

Fiona Crosse: Hi Tom, I keep willing you to beat the odds for whatever each day brings in terms of a new challenge. This healing business sounds like it needs a lot of time, energy and love not to mention riding a roller coaster of ups and downs. I’ve been reading the web page and following your progress. All very tough, but what courage. Finals via voice/computer writing (or however you tecchies plan to do this) sounds unbelievable. Personally, I’m more at ease playing the violin than dealing with this computer/blog/chat room mularkey (and you know how bad the violin playing is). I’m totally in awe at your abilities with the computer stuff. Keep going. Lots of love from...

lizzie B: Hi Tom. Im off to the states tomorrow (for a year) and just wanted to drop you a line before I went. Just to let you know that I have been thinking of you lots, I had a farewell dinner with the Cherwell lot last night and we raised a glass to you. We’re all rooting for you and keeping a close eye on your progress via this site! Ill be in touch. Take care Tom. Lots of love, Lizzie X PS: Like the new hair do!

Mandy: Hiya Tom I know Ellen isn’t with you tonight so it’s going to be a bit tough to say the least making yourself understood without your interpreter! You are so amazing I am sure you will sort it. I can’t believe how brilliantly you have dealt with all the stuff,well done you. You are very inspiring. Thanks for looking after Ellen, I know she is desperate to get back to you asap. Lots of love and zapping stuff coming through the ether, Mandy ps this has been quite epic managing to get through this blogging thing or is that the wrong term. Welll done to your Dad but no doubt you taught him how to do it!!!! XX

Marlan McLeish: Hey Tom, Only recently learned of your accident, sorry for not posting sooner. Reading all your progress so far, and how your still finding ways to do the things you enjoy really is inspiring to me, and has made me put even greater effort into achieving my own goals. Hurry up and get well soon, I am holding you to that trip to the climbing wall you said we were gonna do at some point, haven’t quite managed to blag my way past the reception yet :P. Wishing you the most expedient recovery. Marlan

isaacholland: safe tom, ive just been thinking about the fun times we had in italy, like when i slept in my sick on the floor, hahaha, jokes, you guys made song didnt you. i saw your eye computer, if thats what it is, you look like your from star trek. it sounds like your rinsin recovery, keep it up. much respect, isaac

Laolu: Hey Tom, Doing anything via wireless technology is uber cool in my book. Anyway, it sounds like you’re getting better each day; good stuff man. I’ve passed on a little something to Raj and it should be in your possession very soon. hope you like it 😉 Lao

hughhoonie: hi tom, glad to hear you are remotely operating your computer, i guess all your tecno-minded mates are racking their big brains on how to equip you with what you need, but let us know if there’s anything.. we’ll bring a big box of dvd’s when we see you, or send it by Oll courier service. keep up the good work with your physio, it’s so great to be able to read about your progress! xx Hugh&Hoonie

John.G: Easy Tom, It’s great to know how well you are recovering and dealing with everything. My thoughts are with you and the family. Best wishes, John

zanna: Hi Tom, It has taken me a few days to get the hang of this site so many apologies for not posting good wishes earlier! I don’t know if you remember me from your childhood days? I was married to Simon, your godfather! I am now here in the Isles of Scilly sending you as many healing good wishes as possible. You have been hugely in my thoughts and prayers since I heard about the accident. It is great to be able to keep up with your progress on the site, and to hear how fantastically brave and strong you are being. May your young, strong body kick into action and help you recover. With very much love, Zanna

Pierce Graham-Jones: Hi Tom, Just want to let you know that I’ve been thinking of you and your family lots over the past few weeks. Also, I’ve been keeping up with the website (and my father’s emails), and it’s reassuring to hear about all your progress. The hard work and courage you’ve put into this situation is amazing. Please could someone let me know if there’s anything at all I could do to help. Perhaps I could recommend & send you some audiobooks, if you’re interested? My love and thoughts are with you always. Ellen, if you’re reading this — you are also amazing. I want to get to England soon and see you all. Love, Pierce

simonrawlence: Lovely photo of father and son. Lots of love to your wonderful parents too.

Sarah O Keefe: Hey Tom and Ellen, Sorry for the delay, I’ve finally figured out how to send you a message. Modern technology eh! That was a beautiful photo of the both of you, you’re new haircut’s very handsome Tom. So glad to hear you are doing better every day. Keep fighting Tom, you can do it. Cardiff’s not the same without your visits. We miss you. Thinking about you all the time. Take care. Love Sarah and Clive x x x

Sue Leather: Dear Tom, This is a message from Alan and myself – Amy will write separately, Jack’s in China (sports journalist – there for mega meeting re Olympics next year) and sends all good wishes. What’s reallly worrying us is the mountain that did this to you – was it one of ours? I’m looking out over the Alps now from my office window wondering which one. Can we ever make amends? Back to you – it’s fantastically encouraging to read the progress reports not just about your physical condition but also to hear what everyone’s saying about your spirit – your positiveness and courage. We hope you’ll hang on to them through...

Daniel Skinner: Hey Tom, after hearing about your accident its great to hear and see how well you are doing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you

tim.bland: Hang in there Tom, every day I think of you battling on. It would be all to easy for a normal person to lie there feeling sorry for themselves but I know that you are programmed differently to normal people and I draw comfort from that. Your strength and determination is a credit to the human race – as is the level of love care and attention coming from Ellen and family. I know that you won’t let any setbacks stand in your way – keep fighting and stay positive. You can do it mate – I have every confidence in you. Debbs sends her love and healing vibes. P.s. Nice hair cut mate 🙂

liv zs: Hey Tom, In Peru at the moment, getting ready to face the inca trail to Machu Picchu. Just to let you know that i´m thinking of you. Take care, Liv x

Anne Vestrum: Hey Tom, Pols told me what happened last week, and I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you and wish you a speedy recovery. You’re such a good guy, and I believe you have the strength to get through this. Sending you lots of love from Norway, Anne.

ellias: Hey Tom, It’s been quite some time since my last comment. I hope that all is well with the recovery process. I pray to God to give you the strength and courage to handle this whole phase pretty well. As I read in one of the recent updates, sometimes things can go well but other times things can just slip back. But rest assure at the end of the day, it’s all going to work out fine. Knowing you my man, you’re an all-round top bloke with a resilient character. My blessings go out to you and your family and freinds. Take care and all the best. we’ll definitely keep in touch. yours truly. Ellias

hughhoonie: Hey Tom, just took the slide show tour of your recent pics on Flickr, the picture of you and Ellen is just so wonderful, says it all, did you know it has been viewed 132 times that’s more than Britney Squeers for heaven’s sake, it can’t just be the leadingedge hair fashion statement… keep up the good work with the physio and so on, looking forward to hearing about your progress. we are working hard on our artweeks extravaganza, you will be the first to see the finished pieces, when do the authorities think you’ll be allowed visitors? lots of love Hugh&Hoonie

mus38: hi tom ,I was really shoked and sadwhen I heard about ur accident but thanks god u that u r alive and hopefully u will get well and come back soon to uni and finish ur degree I wish u all the best and quick recovery Mustapha Ra moul

kay: Mr Tomasss this is kay, i was quite shocked and saddened when i heard what happened. On the other hand, i suppose we can only be grateful because u are alive and gonna make a full recovery. Raj has been updating me about ur condition, and i understand i might have to wait a while before i can visit you, howoever, my thoughts and wishes are with u and ur family, and i hope u make a speedy recovery. i cannot express my concern in words, but i know ur gonna be ok because thats what Tom does best. We need to go kick those boys ass again (Bobby n the rest) And dnt let raj near ur girl again, i’ll keep a eye on him.

luca.daneri: Hi Tom, i’m Luca from Levanto; do you remanber me? Fred forward me this website and so i wanted to send you my love and wishes for a quick and great recovery. I’m sure you are going through a big challenge, but being a great champion, as you are, you will overcome this moment too. Next time i’ ll have a concert, i’ll dedicate a song for you!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and read about your daily improvements on the website!!! Take care!! LUCA

Stevey J: Tom, Good to see you. I’ve got two exams next week, but after that I’m coming up to see you properly… and shave the beard off. Stop trying to look so cool! I need some advice, and, despite the accident… I think you’re the man for the role. My friend wants to go the Snowdome in B’ham tomorrow for her birthday, and I’ve never Snowboarded before… any tips? In all seriousness… you’re doing a great job lying there – I’m sure it is harder than it looks (though I liked that Blue Cyclops Visor you had). PS – if you don’t learn to talk by the time I visit… I’m going to read The Dictionary to...

Weeze: Darlingest Tomaso and Ells, Sorry for the lack of messages… as you know, I always put the most important things off ’til last, and you are both most definitely the importantest of things :). I have been thinking of you masses and sending love and healing power over the ether. Have you been receiving my positive vibes? If not, let me know; I might have the wrong address. Sorry to hear things weren’t so hot today, but it’s really great news that they’ve got to the bottom of the problem. Hope you feel top tomorrow so you can get back to the way forward. Daddy says sorry he hasn’t mastered this yet but sends loads of love. He’s looking forward...

Weeze: Darlingest Tomaso and Ells, Sorry for the lack of messages… as you know, I always put the most important things off ’til last, and you are both most definitely the importantest of things :). I have been thinking of you masses and sending love and healing power over the ether. Have you been receiving my positive vibes? If not, let me know; I might have the wrong address. Sorry to hear things weren’t so hot today, but it’s really great news that they’ve got to the bottom of the problem. Hope you feel top tomorrow so you can get back to the way forward. Daddy says sorry he hasn’t mastered this yet but sends loads of love. He’s looking forward...

barbara: Dear Ellen and Tom, Ellen, I would be grateful if you gave Tom some of tonight’s news (I am assuming – perhaps wrongly – that Tom doesn’t read these posts directly from his amazing specs – is that a computer you are wearing on your head, Tom?) : The person who has the world record for ‘pulling a bus’ has just established a second world record for ‘pulling a plane by his ears’. Hoping that Tom has enough of an even temperature for him to be comfortable tonight, spinach-equivalent for his iron and that his lung starts draining itself nicely. We – Kaveri, Elinor and I – are beaming positive thoughts to Tom and to the...

Tomernst: Tom, Alison will fly to New York tomorrow and see David and Gillian and I hope to come and spend time with you soon. Sending you lots of positive energy, Tom

garythornton: Hey Tom, grade 1 on the ol’ barnet eh? Nice one, gonna try and convince Raj to either shave his head/dreadlock it up again haha! Saw Kirstin Maguire (irish, always drinking sambuca!) the other day she sends her love. Champions league update for you.. Man Utd beat AC Milan last night 3-2 last minute Rooney winner, and in the other semi final today Chelsea beat Liverpool 1-0 in their first leg. Keep up the progress, you’re doing amazingly well -will try and smuggle some fruit juice through to you next time 🙂 Hey Ellen! Hope you’re keeping well, working on that big foam truck this week – will be salvaging any foamboard for you! Gary x

kia: hello Tom i’m sorry it has taken me so long to get on this website but you know what the Stewarts are like… daddy told me it was Navarro…Tommy told me it was .org… but got there in the end when i asked weeze. Have been reading all your blogs and am really glad to see that you are doing so well, it must be so hard but if anyone can do it it is you. You and Ellen were greatly missed this Easter it wasn’t the same without you guys, but you were both in all of our thoughts. Was just looking at your photos those glasses look amazing i wonder if you can take them with you when you go home… that would definitely win the carboot sale award!! will write...

Kate Williams: We’ve been following your progress and willing you on … but only just now sussed out how to leave a comment. Doh! Which is to wish you lots to love and strength. Kate and Nick Georgiou

angela: hey there, i’m really glad to hear you’re doing so well it seems like you’re making great progress, was so worried when i heard what had happened but by the sounds of things you’ll be up and raving in no time! i miss seeing your name pop up on msn, loadsa love, angela xxx

mjerome1: Hi Tom It’s Martin-your dinnerlady and squash partner from Brunel!!! I couldn’t believe it when Raj told me what had happened. I don’t know you very well but from what i do know you are a top, top bloke. Good to see you have so many people around you willing you on. All the best. Hope to see you soon. I’m watching your progress. Martin

hughhoonie: so great to here the words direct from the horse’s mouth the other day Tom, brilliant news how you are getting on. not speedily enough for one of those high-achieving Nab-types, but you continue to put the rest of us to shame! Ellen and your family are such stars, fantastic that you are getting loved up as you so deserve, and that the team at the hospital are so on it too. Carry on with the hasty progress Tom, because we are impatient to come and see you! xx Hugh & Hoonie

csergeant: Tom We have not met but I used to work with your Dad and Gillian and heard about your accident through a mutual friend. Your Dad sent us to this site and over the past days we have been watching your progress. We are daily inspired by your courage and determination and the love and support that surrounds you. We are thinking of you, Ellen, your family and friends as you face this challenge and we send our very best wishes and postive thoughts as you continue on the path of recovery. Caroline, Simon, Grace and Sophie

mrskpickles: hi there, we dont know eachother, but as you can see from my profile I believe we may be distantly related!!! And I am a snowboarder, although not anymore due to an injury I sustained in 2004…I wish you all the best and a good recovery. Would love to find out someday if we have a family link……take care. Kirstie Lancashire

Lola: Skinhead ‘eh? I presume Els did it. She is turning in to quite the hairdresser/nurse. I finally got myself a job! can you believe it??? The place i am temping at asked me to stay and after careful consideration i decided to take it. Feels very odd to no longer be a complete skank. I am now an editorial assistant for Shinymedia Fashion. Woooo. Going to see Jamie T this evening, exciting day all round. Saw posh Cam (!) last night and she sends her best wishes, she doesnt get much access to the internet. Lil Kirsten (american, polly pocket sized?) also sends lots of love. Feels like she should help you out after you carried her from the dodgy club. Woh long comment. Lots of love...

Lola: Skinhead ‘eh? I presume Els did it. She is turning in to quite the hairdresser/nurse. I finally got myself a job! can you believe it??? The place i am temping at asked me to stay and after careful consideration i decided to take it. Feels very odd to no longer be a complete skank. I am now an edittorial assistant for Shinymedia Fashion. Woooo. Going to see Jamie T this evening, exciting day all round. Saw posh Cam (!) last night and she sends her best wishes, she doesnt get much access to the internet. Lil Kirsten (american, polly pocket sized?) also sends lots of love. Feels like she should help you out after you carried her from the dodgy club. Woh long comment. Lots of love...

Joy Bleasdale: Dear Tom We have been reading about your progress with great admiration. You are showing so much courage and determination and with a sense of humour. Keep up the hard work and good luck with the revision. We spent the weekend chopping down trees to make space in the garden only to be told off by Kate for worsening the greenhouse effect! We tried to suggest that the other trees would grow better and then use up more CO2 but I don’t think she was impressed. You, Ellen and all the family are in our thoughts and prayers. All our love Joy, Tony, Kate, Rose and Henry

Phill@Uni: Hey Tom, I got back from easter hols to a revision lecture (Amira was very boring, mentioned something about an FPGA a few times, said ‘Plees, pleees, pleas’, and then knocked on the desk til his hand hurt… so you’ve not missed anything!) and i heard about about your news. I’ve been reading the blogs that your family are putting up and am amazed at your determination and progress! (i also saw your cool glasses for watching videos and am well jealous!) The “guys with laptops in every lecture” send you their best, including Dan and myself, and we all hope to see you well soon mate. I’ll be reading your updates daily and praying for...

Stieg: gd to hear ur not givin in to tiredness as many of us probably would hehe keep up the gd work!! i’ve managed to regenerate some more love n strength as i’ve already sent u all i had!! 😀

gedpalmer: hello to the t-dog im in nz being a hippy thinking of you man. thinking of you lots. it must be hard not to get impatient with the recovery process. the way i look at it: imagine if our bodies couldnt repair themselves!!- you’d cut yo finger in the kitchen and you’d bleed to death. that would be whack fo shizal nono??. so rejoice with me at the wonder of the human system, every second little things are happening and you just gotta wait untill the sum of these little things produce the big changes you want. aight peace to the veniceee gedi ps is someone with a posh accent reading this- that would be funny- fo shizzal old boy

OliverNabarro: Great to see you today bro. It meant so much. Loving the skinhead. haha…Priceless. Keep up the good work. Your rapid progress is an inspiration to us all. O. x

KatieRegan: Hi Tom, Not sure if you’ll remember me. I worked just a few cubes down from you at Intel. Just wanted to say that I am so sorry to hear the news of your accident although I am also encouraged by the positive progress you have made. Pray may it continue. Katie x

katywackett: Hello, It is Katy-used-to-be-Morris again! I just wanted to check in again and say that I have been thinking of you and your family constantly. A friend of mine has her prayer circle in America praying for you all. I wanted also to send my wishes to Ellen, my husband was in a motorbike accident over christmas and I know how awful it is to see your man suffering in hospital, and how important it is to have a good support network, as indeed you do have. I know that it is unlikely that there is anything we can do to help in a practical sense, but I am always available during school hours, if i can offer anyone a lift, or get hold of CDs, anything at all. Good to hear that Polly...

keit: Hi Tom, I doubt you recall me but i hope that a few words will help in a way. The strange thing was I was wondering what had happened to you since I had not seen you around Intel for some time, but i wasn’t expecting this news. My impression was when I first met you was “this guy makes things happen; rather than waiting for things to happen”. Godspeed for your recovery! a vida e uma continuacao Keit

annelouiseavery: Hi there Tom, You don’t know me, but I work with your grandfather Michael in Standlake. Just wanted to let you know that my family’s thoughts and prayers are with you, wishing you a fast recovery. It sounds like you’ve made an amazing amount of progress already! This is a wonderful website (love the photos)~ and the amount of love surrounding you is quite extraordinary! All the best and really look forward to meeting you in the hopefully not too distant future. Warm wishes, Anne Avery

Christine: Hi Tom, I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I don’t know you personally but I recognised your name as I work on the switchboard at Intel. When I saw your website and saw the photo of you and Raj I recognised you from seeing you around the Intel site in Swindon. I just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are also with your family at this difficult time. Look forward to reading the update on how you are improving. Christine

Nicole Tudor-Williams: Hi Tom… Great to see you have made such progress especially with your independant breathing… I was down at the coast for the week end and you were in my thoughts alot…..breathed in ALOT of sea air for you and hope it ‘spiritually’ came your way!! You are truely amazing that you have already rallied yourself and are studying for finals…. an inspiration to us all…. Good news too about Polly…. Glad her op has gone well…and fingers crossed on the results….x Keep up the fighting spirit…. i will be in to visit you soon.. Nicole x

Cousin Luke: Hey Tom, Luke here. I’ve been keeping up to speed with everything via your wonderful website and thru Felix. I wonder if you received my card yet. Snail mail is slow, especially from California. Words can’t really say how I feel about your predicament, but it certainly seems as if you are in incredible hands. I’m so pleased. Know this – there is a little corner of california that sends you masses & masses of love and good vibes. May you feel those good vibe tingles in every part of your wonderful, healthy and strong body right NOW! Lots of love, mate, and when I’m over in Mid to late May, I’m going to come and see you and meet wonderful... Hi Tom, glad to hear that your getting stronger, We all have our fingers crossed and are really happy to hear that Polly’s OP was a success. Wish you all the best, make a speedy recovery!! I’m going to see oli next weekend(To check on him haha!!) keep fighting Tom Best wishes Jerome and Tim

yousef.gharaibeh: Hello tom!! I have been checking your website regularly (though it took me bit of time to figure out how you add a commen to the site!!! You know me – clumsy). I am happy that you’re making great progress and from my side I pray to god that you will recover asap. And if you need anything please do not hesitate to ask! Best Regards, Yousef Gharaibeh

Lola: Hi Tom (and Els!) Was good to see you on Saturday, glad to hear you’re making more progress with breathing independently. Look forward to seeing you both soon, Laura (Street, not that pesky Silver :p) xx

Ann Nicholas: Hi Tom, I hear you’ve got a bit of a challenge on your hands at the moment. Well you obviously have an excellent support team working with you and with your determination and hard work it looks like you’re already ‘Exceeding Expectations’. Keep it up and all the best for your final exams. Ann

ivancheungy: Hey Tom, I’m sorry but I didn’t get to hear about your news until recent. I wish you my best! great to hear your great recovery so far, keep it up. All the mates you know at uni giving you spiritual support!! Hope for a speedy recovery so we can link up sometime 🙂

gemma oldfield: Hallooo Tom from your winkjester school of art fan base, (primarily the two gelflings that conspicuously stalked you all the way to Paleo last year…)! Initially intended to out-comment oli, but swiftly revised this ambition having realised the magnitude of his epic waffle…Just to let you know that both me and beth are thinking of you, and performing naked and obscene ‘good vibe’ dances by moonlight to aid your healing. Keep up the amazing progress tom, all of our best love to you, Ellen and your family! Gemma and Beth xxxxx

jsmith29_9: hey m8 hope you are geting beter, paul sends his best. hope ur beter soon so u cn eat my food drink my drink n play footy and vortex, as well as me kickin ur ass about in the towel fights.

Polly Pooler: Keep on trooping Tom, it’s great to hear of your progree each day. Well done with managing a little more each day off the ventilator. Great steps in the right direction. Lots of love to Polly too, wishing you both all the best… stay strong. I hope you’re both keeping those nurses in line (i’m not a student nurse or anything!! :o) ) Take care, Polly

Stella: Hey Tom, I heard of your accident and it really shocked me. I’m so glad to hear that you’re making a great recovery. I wanted to leave you a message to let you know that I’m thinking of you and Ellen and that I wish you a full recovery. Stay Strong Stella (Levanto Summer 06)

laurasilver: Hi Tom! Glad to hear that your recovery is going well. Your brother put out a request for audiobook recommendations so I’m thinking of some and will let him know asap! Hope you are feeling ok anyway. Laura (silver not that pesky street!)

yeltskin: I tried to bleach the floor to encourage him to leave – but I think we’re just going to get a gradient two tone mouse aren’t we? Fading up from white at floor level to greyish blarg on top. What am I doing? I’m talking to you about a mouse. Get my fingers off the keyboard now, how boring am I!

yeltskin: If I catch a mouse, any takers? Delivery first class via slingshot.

yeltskin: just kidding – you didn’t believe it for a second anyway did you?

yeltskin: Oh and in other news – I woke up, exhaled stale vodka, peeled myself out of bedfordshire and noticed that I’d shaved my head (the mouse?oh maybe). Shit.

yeltskin: hi guys. I think a puppet invasion is pending. Since you saw such a lot of it last year, I thought I’d fill you in n the puppetry score for this year!!! It’s going to be hellish methinks. (I have the first year blonde in my group Tom!Eye Eye, wink wink, hmm? nope; still can’t do the masculine thing that well can I?ah – I sleaze in my own way anyway!…..and we’ll say no more about that). I think firstly I should tell you that everybody is thinking about you a great deal and send their love. Perhaps in a few weeks if you so wished it; we could bring a couple of our creations down for your and, um, ‘play’ in the ward – make a bit...

KatieLambert: Tom, really shocked to hear your news, I hope you get better soon. I’ve read your site and it sounds like you are making a steady recovery. I remember Ellen and I cheering you and Chris on in the corporate games, you guys put on a good performance that day! Take care, I will be thinking of you and I’ll keep checking the site for updates. Hope you make a good recovery soon Best wishes Katie

Lilly: Hi Tom, its so lovely to hear something from you on here I can’t tell you how happy it made me 🙂 I’ve been reading and watching your progress on this site and through ells ands its wonderful to feel all your positivity through such a hard time so keep it coming! I can’t wait for you to see this site properly and see how many people care about you, all my love and best wishes to you & ells and to all of your family, lots of love Lilly xxx

simonrawlence: Tom So very good to hear something directly from you. Out here the events of your life have had an impact on each of us individually, on our insecurities and fears and how we would cope in your situation. Through these words however I feel very reassured about who you are, and uplfted that you can observe yourself and reflect and will know most of the time what to do next. In expressing this you give me confidence about you and in me too . Keep them coming Lots of love Simon

Joey: Tom-you have constantly been in my thoughts, as have your family and of course my wonderful cousin. I was devastated to hear your news, but reading through this website tonight has just reaffirmed what a truly incredible person you are- and how loved you are too!! I am so pleased to read about your progress and I am overwhelmed by your strength and that of your loved ones around you. Emily, Matt, Dan and I were talking about you yesterday (you come up in both thought and conversation regularly) –remembering how you threw yourself wholeheartedly into Christmas with our family and if you managed to get through that we reckon you can get through just about anything! I have been...

neethujacob: Hey Tom, Shocked when I heard about what happend, but relieved and glad to know you’re doing much better. My thoughts and prayers are with you, I’m sure you have the strength to get through this. Get well soon!! Hugs, Neethu

adam cardew: Tom, Mate, my thoughts are with you and everyone close to you. This had best not put you off snowboarding, I hope! I know you can get through this, I saw the way you used to hurl yourself around the gym during 5-a-side! Best of luck bud. Adam

JohnWilson: Hey Tom, Raj told me what happpened…. oops! Only happens to the hardcore though mate, glad to hear you’re getting better, keep it up dude and get well soon! Best wishes hombre, John

OliverNabarro: Keep it up tom. Healing vibes from the concrete hole that is Leamington Spa. ol

Tomernst: Tom, Excellent idea to revise for your finals – if there are any books that you need to learn, I would be glad to read them out on tape for you. See you soon, Tom

cadams: Mate, gobsmacked when i heard about the accident, all i know is that you have the strength to push through, never lose hope and just remember were all behind you! My thoughts are with you, Craig

moglione1: Tom, JJ has just told me about your accident and I am so sorry to hear the bad news. I have been reading the rest of the site and its great to see you making a steady recovery. As a message of support I hope that you continue to progress for the better, so be strong and I am sure you will pull through it. It seems that you have an enormous amount of support from your family and many friends so I hope this helps you through the difficult time. I will keep checking on your progress in the coming days and weeks but for now only can send you my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Get well soon pal, Tony

Juanjoff: Hey Tom, Jamie Harris just tolf me about what had happened and about the website and wanted to just send you a message of support, Of all the people I know you are no doubt amongst the strongest and I have full confidence that you will mae a speedy recovery so you can kick my ass at football sometime soon. Get well buddy, Jay

fryatts: Tom Great to hear you are making such fantastic progress, Make sure you keep track of your music tastes as you get better, it will be an interesting journey. Oli Arun and Samir send all their fighting spirits to you, none of us can imagine what you are facing Ellen and friends must be going through, but we do know that your family near and far and Ellen are all fll your friends rooting for you, and fighting with you, so we are sure we will hear of more and more progress. lots love Siobhan, Oli, Arun,Samir Bob

erinkeo: Hi tom! Raj just sent me the link to this site today, so sorry for my late comment. When you’re feeling better we’ll have to watch some footie on the telly eh?! This site is a great idea for being able to check up on how your feeling. I wish you and your family all the best. Erin xxxx

michiel: Hi Tom, I was shocked to hear what happened, but am really glad and impressed to see you are doing so well (having seen another SCI from close-by before). Well done, 6 minutes off the ventilator! Keep up the good work 🙂 My thoughts are with you man, may you get well soon! Thanks, Michiel

davidnabarro: From Marina, Charlie and all : Tom – all the Gilksies are thinking of you and are really pleased to see you are getting better. Keep it up ! It is good to be reminded that we must not take anything for granted. Much love Marina Charlie and all the boys.

timmyd: Hi Tom, I just heard the news from the 5 aside disti list. Although I have left Intel now, I am still on the list. I remember having some great battles with you in the Croft, with some quality hacking going on! Thinking of you mate, and wish you a speedy recovery.. Cheers, Tim D

Dougy: Hi Tom I was thinking about our tournament in holland, and being well impressed with your ability to neck pint after pint… even though we found out later it was about 0.5% alcohol… still impressive at the time I’m thinking of you man and wish your recovery continues Dougy

jamie: Hey Tom, just heard about whats happened. I remember us discussing you wanting to do a trip like this. Good to hear you are on the mend too, ill keep logging on to check your progress. One step at a time mate, you’ll get there. Take care Jamie

kathcush: Hey Tom, I was completely shocked to hear about your accident. Glad to hear you’re making progress towards recovery. wishing you all the very best. As you say if it teaches us anything at all then its never to take anything for granted! You’re an inspiration to us all! Kathy Cushion.

Bruno: Hi Tom, am happy to hear that you are slowly recovering and making progress towards what we all hope will be a full recovery from this unfortunate accident. Hang in there boy as we are all behind you and we know you can make it, keep going like this. All the best Bruno

sammy0: Hiya Tom! Sorry to hear about the accident and that you were injured. Sending my best wishes and letting you know you are in my thoughts. Take care and rest well. Samantha O’Brien (Intel) xx

Nicole Tudor-Williams: Hi Tom….. It’s so great to hear from you…..and know that you are improving day by day….. Not to take anything for granted is the one thing we so often forget to do….. You are right…..we should value what we do have ..every day… I will be in to see you soon when you are stonger…. Thought for the day…… if there were no sponges in the sea…. how much deeper would the sea be???????….. :)))) Nicole x to Polly too.. and hope she is recovering well at the JR.

Miguel Carrasco: Hi Tom, Just saw Martin’s e-mail flying around with the news. It has been a while since you left but we are still talking about our favourite IPMI GURU. Hang on tight matey….I know it will not be easy….but I have full confidence in your free spirit to overcome anything life will throw at you. Get better soon, Your friend, Miguel

carolt: Hi Tom, Martin just told me about your accident and emailed the website link to me. You poor thing. I’ve been reading that you are cared for very well by everyone in the hospital and your family and friends. That’s good, will speed up your recovery. Good to see you’re on the way to recovery now. Phew. I hope you’re not too bored. And next time you go down a steep slope on your snowboard at 150 mph you’d better wear your padded suit, ok? And I do like the website, makes it easier to stay in touch ;>) Hoping that you recover as quickly as possible, we’re all thinking of you here in Swindon. Will be back soon to check on your progress. Lots of...

barbara: Dear Tom, I sent your message to my family and a friend who replied saying: ‘Well that is a statement of character if ever there is one’ and we all feel like that. You are going to keep that character. Bad news for today: hundreds of local people are being massacred in Iraq. The total seems to go up every day. British troops are increasingly confined to barracks given the hostility to them which may be being fanned by Iran – or are we being prepared for some nasty action on that front?? Good news: medical doctors are going to create a big movement against nucelar weapons in general and Trident in particular – good for them say I. Joke for today (sorry...

Wayne: Hi Tom, I have only just been told about your accident (from Raj), so I’m sorry I haven’t sent you anything before now. I am still shocked from the news, and am finding it very hard to imagine the difficulties you must have faced over the last couple of weeks, but I’m not suprised to hear of you overcoming them with your strength, as I know you never let any obstacles prevent you from achieving your aims. Only yesterday I was imagining seeing you on monday for our VLSI lecture all cheerful, and the things we would discuss in the cafeteria after. I am dissapointed that I’ll have to wait a little longer than that to see you, but I know it wont be long with...

dbryant1: Tom, probably don’t even remember me, but I certainly remember you buzzing round the 5-a-side pitch at The Croft on a Friday lunch time and am sure you’ll expedite your recovery by displaying the same attitude and energy! Take care and all the best with your recuperation. Dan Bryant

Isaac: Hi Tom! hearing from you really warmed my heart. Not a day goes by where I ain’t thinkin of you. Keep up the good process, mate.

AndyP: Hi Tom, Got the news about your accident from Raj. We’re thinking of you here in Swindon and wishing you all the best, mate. Andy Page

Martin Scott: Tom, Hello mate – haven’t spoken to you in a while. Glad to see you are now on the ward at the hozzie. Next time you get given the hallucinogens get a bit of Captain Beefheart on the IPOD! Seriously though my thoughts are with you mate, will speak to you again soon All the best Martin

claudia: Dear Tom – How wonderful to hear from you, you are in my thoughts all the time. Your strength, and the support of Ellen and all the family, is clearly helping you through this very difficult time. And, as you say, be thankful for everything – a sunny day, a blue sky that I am sure you can see from your window, the spring flowers, the love of those around you. I saw Anthony Costello and Jenny Goodwin in London yesterday and they both send much love and more vibes – and I am asking friends in Kathmandu to light some lights for you at Boudhanath. It will be great to see you soon – Stoke Mandeville won’t know what’s hit it when your friends are...

tim.bland: Tom, it’s truly great to hear from you – I couldn’t agree more with what you have said. Sadly it seems that people (I for one) only really appreciate what they have when terrible things such as this happen. Keep up the good work mate – as ever you are excelling in what you are doing. I look forward to seeing you, love to Ellen and family, Tim and Debbs.

Molly: Hi Tom. I am sad that i didn’t get to see you, thank you for letting Ellen come and play with me and Hazel it was so lovely. Did you like the chocolate!!! Glad to hear they have moved you to the ward now. Everyone in Cardiff misses you both and wishes you a speedy recovery. You are so strong Tom everyday I wish you a little bit better. Miss you, a hundred million million kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Molly

Josie Nabarro: good to hear you Tom your words soud like angels staring in the moon light of happines and joyfulness . I wrote you a poem at school. I also dedicated all my new writing to you like my: news paper artical (based on colonial times), my poem and my family time-line … oh yeah, I forgot my rinforest s.a.. This will be sent to you once I get my paws on it. Ellen please print this for tom lots of love josie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx

steveb1985: Great to hear from you Tom! I don’t think that I would have the strength that you are showing if I was in your position. It is incredible to hear your progress. Wishing you all the best for a full and speedy recovery yet again, Steve Brownett

barbara: Dear Nabarro / Graham-Jones family especially Tom and Polly, I tried to leave a post yesterday but it didn’t stick. Anyway it was all about going out on a post-tsunami fishing craft into the Bay of Bengal to see off a predatory trawler and would have been as dull as ditch water and not in the same realm as Tom’s being to see out of the window of his new ward. Are there other people in your generation living there? Kaveri and Eli shielded me from your terrible news until I had returned to Oxford and since then you have hardly been out of my thoughts – all our thoughts. I have been a very neglectful godmother and I promise to do better. with love to you all,...

rosa: Hey Tom, Despite not having spoken/seen you for what feels like ages (4 years i think!), probably not since the last time we were all in Levanto together which we’ve been reminiscing about quite a lot recently – getting pissed on Limoncello then stumbling down the mountain back from Giulio’s (???), playing long games of beach tennis and diving from the rocks on the stony beach, eating endless ice-creams etc…it’s so good to hear/see your own words on here. Can’t believe how incredibly well it sounds like you’re coping, I’m sure the amazing support around you helps. Thinking about you and the others everyday. I should be down to see...

Reuben: I think thats the pretty much most important realisation u can possibly make in this life, just so easy to forget it. I’ve never quite been in ur situation and can’t pretend to know how it’s effecting u, but i’ve had times when i’ve felt like ive lost everything and, strangly, it’s at these times when i’ve felt most alive to the essence of life. As a great man once said: “You’re blessed when you’ve lost it all; God’s kingdom is there for the finding.” I was glad to read ur message and i’m glad to hear you’re off the drugs. Look forward to seeing u when ur well.

alicewelbourn: Hi Tom and everyone We are all sending you all lots of love and many many daily thoughts for your continued progress Alice, Nigel and Muna XXX

louisejones: Hey tom – my tom (moore) told me about your accident and was really sorry to hear about it. Great news tho that you are getting better, wish you all the best and will be thinking about you and ellen. keep fighting and love to you both louise xxx

tomgeorgiou: Easy Tom I am so sorry to hear of whats been going on for you the last few weeks. So tough, and horribly unlucky. I would have sent you a message earlier on if I’d known but am in South Africa with irregular internet. I followed how you’ve been doing on this site, it looks like you’re getting there. I reckon bit by bit is the only way, and a room with a view has got to be good for the soul. Best wishes, strength and love to you and all your family too. You know you are surrounded by people thinking of you and for your quickest possible recovery. Many more aren’t so geographically near, but spiritually very close. Don’t forget it. I will be thinking of you and...

GlenWilliams: Hi Tom – We’re thinking of you lots and are very encouraged to read about your progress. Love from Glen and Alison Williams, Oxford.

Yousif Elagab: Yo. Sounds like positive stuff mate – keep on it. Just to let you know Jonny Hyams sends he well wishes (he’s in hospital with maleria and varioius other things). All strenghth pal. Yousif.

helen.mckendrick: Hi Tom Just a note to send lots of love from Liverpool, we were so shocked to hear of your accident but very heartened to read of your progress in Stoke Manderville & fantastic to hear that you are out of intensive care. Ollie mentioned in an earlier entry about audio books – we have industrial quantities! Many thrillers of john rankin type also lots of v dated agatha christies – if they’d be of any entertainment let us know & we’ll post them off. V much love – and also to Polly Helen & ed Joe Elly and Naomi xxx

Nicole Tudor-Williams: Hey!!!! Congrats for getting onto ST Edwards ward :)))……Good to hear you have a view out the window now too!…..Keep up the good work!!… Hope all goes well for Polly today as well.. You might want to get Jose Gonzalez put onto your Ipod if havent already….brilliant guitarist..:)) Lotsa love to you and Polly Nicole x

jongoodman: tom… its ollie’s mate jon from st clares and various paleo’s. absolutely gutted to hear about your accident, but i been checking the site and you seem to have the recovery thing locked down which is good to hear… my parents are trying to organines a ‘puja’ healing vibes ceremony in your birthplace of kathmandu… i’m not sure if you see such practices as spiritually vital or a bunch of hippie crap but either way it can’t hurt. anyway it seems you’ve got a crack support team around you (and i dont mean the docs) which has gotta be crucial. anyway thinking of you dude, hope recovery continues apace and hopefully be seeing...

imogen: Hi Tom, looks like you are surrounded by huge amounts of vigorous and lively energy, that can’t fail to transmit to you. We’re doing our bit from Lewes and Brighton to send healing vibes; so glad your improvement is already looking good. Keep that forward motion- we’re all behind you. xxxxx Imogen

kiamakepeace: Hi Tom, We were all so shocked to hear the terrible news and we’re all very pleased at the steady progress your making. All of us Makepeace’s send you many well wishes. Stay strong and get your self fit again XX

NatNabarro: Hey Tom, once again good to see your getting better, much love mate, tottenham are playing well at the moment from what ive gathered over here, we’ll go to white hart lane when i get back it’ll be sick, much love from Cape town, ( wild city ) Nat x

yohannes mengesha: Hi Tom. I am friend of your father at th UN in NY. Pleased to hear about the progress you are making. You are in the best place which I first got to know about when Abebe Bikila the famous Ethiopian marathon champion was hospitalized there after an accident. Just to let you know that we are all thinking of you even if we do not know you, and praying for continued progress and recovery. Even under the worst of circumstances, my mother says “Count your blessings” which I find brings some comfort. Wishing you all the very best, and God’s blessing. Yohannes

Stieg: i can only agree with ol bout the southpark episode =) and gd news bout the continuing progress. hang in there!! same goes for pol!! keeping my fingers crossed for ya mdear 🙂 lots of love, Dan

Nigel: Hey Tom. Very glad to hear you are making progress, make sure you keep it up. Nigel

Reuben: Arite Tom, Just been reading about ur progress and it sounds like ur doing really well. Keep it up mate, look forward to seeing u soon. Reuben

Polly Pooler: Hi Tom, Never got to know you very well but your younger bro’s been a mate for many yrs. Was so shocked to hear your news but so pleased to hear that you’re progressing so well. You’re in our thoughts and we’re all rooting for a speedy recovery. Love to you and all the family. Polly and the Pooler family xx

Lola: Good work Tom! well done. Hope you’ll be allowed visitors soon so we can come and see you! (I dont know who puts the photos up but i have millions of tom from uni if you would like them?) xx

garythornton: Hey Tom, Great progress you’re making! All I can say is keep it up and when you’re back on solids we’ll have the daddy of all curries!

Ieuan Davies: Tom, Good to know your out of intensive care hope the improvement continues.

OliverNabarro: Good man, Good to see you’re out of the intensive care shizzle. Get dad to put the new simpsons and southpark episodes on to your ipod. The new southpark episode (S11 E06) is a cracker. All i can say is “scissor”….Y ou’ll know what i mean. Safe bro, keep up the good work. All ur uni mates are bigging you up. Ol x

bencarlson: Hey Tom, have heard about the accident and want to wish you a full recovery. He’s to hoping you’re back up on that football pitch asap so I can show you a few tricks or two!

Verity: Hey Hey, it is i of the Moy Road. Hope you are doing ok, all sounds fantastical. We are starting puppetry, oh yes that old chestnut! The business begins, we all send our love to you guys, maybe next time i’m down your’ll be on the ward, woo woo, excitment! And i can come say hello, i’ll try to be quiet! Speak to you guys soon, lots of love Verity xxxx

Katrin: Hi Tom, this is Kat from Brunel (dunno if you remember me….the spanish girl who was always stressed about her studies… :)). Emma told me about the accident today. Just wanted to say I´m really sorry all of this happened and that I´m glad to hear you are progressing so well. So… keep it up! I know you can achieve the best results, the same as you did in uni!! (By the way, I saw the pictures and….You got the Siemens award?? Damn you´re goooood!!!!)

emmao: Hi Tom, It’s Emma here from Brunel. I work at the same company as Tim and he told me the news. I remember how dedicated and committed you were two years ago when you were in your second year, anyone would have thought you were in your final year like me at the time! Constantly in the lab, perfecting your work whilst I was frantically trying my best to to complete it. I could see then how strong you were and that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, I know you will do the same in this situation, your progress has been phenomenal, so keep it up!! 🙂

tim.bland: Hi Tom, it’s Tim (and Debbs) here. Last night Reuben told me that you had an accident, needless to say I didn’t get much sleep at all. Seeing this website has really helped, I already knew that Ellen and your family would be doing a first-rate job of supporting you but it’s comforting to know that you are making such great progress. The thing that I learnt most about you at uni was that you love a challenge, living with Raj for example, so I know that you’ll have no problem rising to this one, especially with the great love and support that you are being given from those close around you. I know that you must be itching to challenge me to another game of...

barbara: We are reading the daily progress avidly. I would like Tom to know I’m thinking of him but I am such a dumb idiot it took lots of advice from Polly and then David before I logged on. Heroes! When you next talk to Tom, please tell him that I forgive him for standing me up at the Playhouse and I vividly remember times which he doesn’t: spent walking in North Wales, when he was the head of the children but aged about 4 – perhaps even not 4. I am also remembering a visit to my place in France when Tom Ollie and Polly all tumbled out of a van; and where Tom made a gigantic leap into the local lake which was almost as good to watch as the great photo of him throwing...

mouna: Hello Tom, I’m glad to hear that you are progressing and doing better. I am thinking of you and Ellen during this difficult situation and wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart! Lots of love to both of you and your families! -Mouna (Levanto, summer ’06)

Laolu: Hey Tom, keep it up man, you’re doing great.

KateHeather: Tom, So glad this site has been able to keep us updated on your progress, especially since it was your patience with this computer that got us connected to the internet! All the best to you mate, Heather and Kate P.S Lots of love to Ellen, Ollie, David and Polly

OliverNabarro: Cheers paddy for the Cd idea. Very nice of you mate. Nice to hear from George and Biain too. Cherwell massive inside 😀

Nicole Tudor-Williams: Hey Tom, Good to hear the physios are waking you up each morning!!.. nothing like a round of passive movements to give you an appetite for breakfast…:)) Glad you are making progress…. Nicole x

OliverNabarro: Get in there mate.

Iain McColl: So saddened to hear about this accident Tom so is the rest of the family,it is good to hear your doing better matey. Lots of Love and our thoughts are with you. Iain McColl+Family xxx

Paddykw: Hey Tom. Really glad to hear you’re making good progress mate, i’m sending ollie a CD i reckon you may enjoy.. Nick Warren’s Back To Mine compilation.. well chilled! You’re in our thoughts. Paddy x

steveb1985: Hi Tom, Raj told me today about your accident, and it seems unreal. I won’t even pretend to know how you are feeling right now. All I can say is that I hope you make a swift and full recovery. Brunel misses you. Steve Brownett

NatNabarro: Easy Tom, good to see your making progress, lost in translation is a good movie, hope you enjoyed it. Still lots of love from Africa, keep getting better. Nat x

Josie Nabarro: Im sick so I will make you a card love josie

OliverNabarro: Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Im now downloading multiple files at an unprecedented transfer rate. Here’s to 10 Megabit broadband. 😀

OliverNabarro: Good ideas Josie!! First, to make a smily face all you need to do is put a : and next to it a D or a ) or a o. Just like this 😀 . There are many different kind of smily faces that can be done 🙂 😮 . If anyone has anyhing to send to tom via the post, it can be sent to 11 St Margarets Road Oxford OX2 6RU This is our home address. From there it can be delivered by hand to tom. I am also going to find out the address of the hospital, so direct postage can be an option.

Kenah: Tom, I couldnt believe it when my dad told me about what had happened, but it is so great that you’re doing so well. I’m thinking about you and all the family everyday. Lots of love Kenah x

tommoore: Hey tom, Glad to hear things are getting better, the Cardiff posse have all got our fingers crossed and we’re thinking of you and Els. Paleo ain’t gonna be the same without you both. We’ll take loads of pictures, and i’ll call when Bjork is onstage. Looks like a good line-up this year. Keep getting better, i hope to see you soon, love Tom x

george tw: im so glad to hear that things are looking a bit more possitive. tom mate im always thinking of you and i would love to come and see you. im so sorry to hear what happened but i know your in the best possible hands. ill hopefully see you soon but until then your always in my thoughts. love you buddy. george

katywackett: Hello Tom, Katy here, Ed and Lesley Morris’ eldest daughter. Haven’t seen you for seventeen years! Mum told me what happened, I was very shocked. I remember playing in your house in Nairobi and falling off my bike down a huge hill! I am now married with two kids, the youngest of whom is called Tom too. Just wanted to send my prayers to you, awful that it takes something like this to get in touch with people again. I will add you to my friends list on facebook, would love to see what you have been doing all those years. Looks like you love music too, I play bass in a band, would be cool to have you at one of our gigs in the summer! Thinking of you and all your...

fred: Good to hear some more news from you. It lifts my day up to hear you’re improving in any way. Look forward to seeing you when time is right & cheers Ollie & everyone else for running this site it’s much appreciated. Love, Cousin Fred

JanetQuarry: Hi Tom, You don’t know me – I’m a cousin of Gillian. Was with Pat Holmes at the weekend and she told me your news. She hasn’t been able to access your site yet (I’m working on it!) and has asked me to say: Dear Tom. Keep fighting. So glad Ellen is with you, bless her. Much love to you both, Pat (Gillian’s Mum) Love from me too Tom though we’ve only met once before! Janet Q

Maya: Hiiii Tom, Sending all my wishes and get well love!!Be great to see you when you feel up to it.Have so much to Catch up on.Had my appendix out the other day(not serious tho.)and while I was re-cooperating in Oxford,found pics of us in Nepal together(How cute)!Just got back to London from Oxy,still enjoying the buzz of the city.Was so upset to hear about your accident,but nice to hear on the updates you making good progress.We all send our love and prayers,Write you later and glad can be informed on whats happening,lots love Maya xxxxx

MarielaZamfirova: Tom, we haven’t met. I and friends of mine have met with your father and family on April 7 in Sofia. We are thinking of you and wish you well from Bulgaria. We are glad that you are making good progress. We are with you. Warm regards Mariela

alison.holmes: Tom. We haven’t met – this is Gillian’s sister in Australia. We are sending our love and thoughts winging across to you all the way from Down Under. Stay strong. We will keep checking this site for progress reports. Love Alison and Paul

jnelki: dear tom, we are all thinking of you and wishing you well from liverpool. glad to hear you are in good humour and we’ll follow progress. lots of love Julia Michael Anya Max and Leo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Laolu: Hey Tom, Raj also told me about the accident which came as a shock but I’m glad to read about the progress you are making on this site; I’m sure I’ll be speaking to you via skype in no time! All the best buddy get well soon! Lao

ellias: Hey Tom, Raj told me about the accident recently and I felt so shocked and devasted. I hope that all is well and the important that is that you are alive. I am also happy to hear that you are keepin well and I pray to God that you have a speedy recovery also. Take care mate and God bless. Ellias

Reuben: Hi Tom, Glad to hear you’re in good spirits. I saw Ellen and ur sister just now and she let me know how ur getting along. I’d like to come and visit when ur well enough, maybe come along with Raj. Until that time I’ll keep praying for u mate. Reuben

Stieg: glad to hear ur progressing tom!! every little bit helps, keep it up!! Dan xxx

Tomernst: Tom, your positive attitude and all of our wishes and help will get you better. Sounds like you could do with some DvDs now. As soon as that is confirmed, a parcel from Nyon is on its way … The Ernst Clan

Lola: Hi Tom, Good to hear that you’re making good progress. I’m sure you’ll be winding me up soon enough about the get well cards you have received off various celebrities :p. I might even let you name drop… Hope you get better soon, Laura x

Josie Nabarro: Dear Tom, Hope everything is okay. Hope you like your present that we gave you. On your ipod Dad put movies of you and me. love Josie

aosmond: Glad to hear about the progress. It was so random when I bumped into Tom all the way in Cardiff after meeting him at Ollie’s houseparty! All the best x

Nicole Tudor-Williams: Hi Tom, I was so shocked and saddened to hear of your unlucky snow boarding accident…But excellent news that you are making steady good progress which is no doubt due to your strong fighting spirit and having such a loving and supportive family around you.. I wanted you to know that all the T-W’s are thinking of you and will certainly be in to visit you as as soon as we are able and you are strong enough to have more visitors…!! so beware!! :)) Stay strong, stay positive……. Thinking of you and sending healing vibes(!) Nicole, Maya and George xx

garythornton: Hey Tom, wishing you all the best on the road to recovery. we are all thinking of you in uxbridge/the bush so keep up the good progress! Will def be down to see you as soon as appropriate. Gary.

simonrawlence: Tom Its Simon here. Eventually this old fart managed to get registered on this site. I remember how you handled the bike in Prague. Look forward to hearing of zour exploits in a wheelchair. He cannot manage the western kezboard either ! Yup. Life happens. Tom, I know you will make the very best of it. I will be thinkiing of you much Simon

fryatts: Dear Tom we have the new trampoline so we will be expecting you to be able to bounce right back and come and assist us with its rearrangement as soon as you are able. We know you are getting better day by day, so keep fighting for it, and don’t forget how strong you really are, and how much its worth that fight. Look to your amazing family and friends, and be assured that we are all here for you whenever you need a hand. all our love Oli, Arun, Samir Bob and Siobhan

claudia: Hi Tom – I just got back from my first time downhill skiing in Norway, did a bit of cross country too, and had a great time. Have been thinking of you lots and send you much love and strong vibes for your continued recovery. Would like to come and see you soon, maybe pick Kenah up on the way and we can both come and visit. In the meantime, lots of love, Claudia xx

rajiv_bose: Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks Nightmares on Wax – Smokers Delight Air – Moon Safari Massive Attack – Collected R.E.M – Automatic for the People Neil Young – Harvest Eva Cassidy – Songbird Eels – Beautiful Freak The Beatles – Revolver If there is anything there you think Tom will like which you don’t have let me know and I’ll send you my copy. Good work Ollie!

Antonyt: Dear Tom, This is a message on behalf of Tom, Fred and myself who were all shocked and saddened to hear of your accident but who are pleased by the news of your progress towards recovery. Im sure all three of us together or individually will be vising you in due course when it becomes appropriate. Best wishes, Antony

Josie Nabarro: get better Tom love josie

Josie Nabarro: hope tom will get better soon

Samir Stanton: Hey Tom, I just thought i’d drop you a line and wish you all the best: you seem to be recovering at an almost abnormal rate! – Good on ya man. Keep that fightin’ spirit alive! All the best mate, i’ll be sure to keep in contact via facebook and this website. Peace Samir

Robbie MacDougall-Davis: Dear Tom, I just wanted to wish you all the best for your recovery. So many people here in Oxford are thinking of you and sending positive vibes in your direction. I remember in the days playing for summertown when you would always pick yourself up after being clattered and I know how tough you are! I have no doubt that you will pick yourself up from this – given a little time. Best of luck with everything. I (and I’m sure many more of your friends) will be on this website, keeping an eye on your progress and hoping that you get better as soon as is possible. All the best mate, Robbie

KateJessStanley: Hi Tom, So sorry to hear about the accident, but it is amazing how strong you’re being. Everyone is so proud of you and I would love to come see you soon, whenever is possible. It’s so nice to have this website so we can know how your progressing and to stay in touch. Lots of love to you and all the family and Ellen. Kate Stanley xx Hi Tom, It’s been ages since i’ve seen you, but Kate has kept me updated with you and Ellen..and I just wanted to say well done on all the amazing progress you’re making and all the best . Love Jess xxx

Guy Mole: Dear Tom, Unbelievably sorry to hear about your accident. Wishing you all the best and I will be thinking of you and your family. Great to see all the support and that you have had the best day yet and I pray it continues. Best wishes, Guy

Tomernst: Excellent news, Tom !!! Let more bestdaysyet follow, you see how all your family and friends root for you and we are all close to you! Warm hugs and kisses from Alison, Fiona, Nicki, Benny and Tom Ernst

gedpalmer: hi its gedi here. I must say g’day to my man venice beach. This message comes from the other side of the world, it was tough but i managed it. Tommytommytommy, my heart goes out to you man. I was shocked to hear the news, its been a while since we were in touch and i was expecting to hear about university success or weight lifting triumphs not this accident milarkey. Its a good think that youve been working those abbs, your strength will no doubt be an asset to you in this recovery period. Well tommy boi i wish you a speedy recovery and you will be in my frontal lobe during many a waking hour. If i can offer any advice its this, keep your head up and stay positive, i...

hughhoonie: Tom, so great to hear you’re not sedated anymre and aware of whats going on around you. Brilliant. Can’t think of anything original to say that hasn’t been said already but agree with everyone else (so it must be true) that you’re wonderful character will see you through this and your youth and strength will help you mend. Ged’s in Australia but will be in touch soon on this site – its a mater of finding a computer … not that many internet cafes I understand. Lots of love Hoonie and Hugh xxx

Yousif Elagab: Dear Tom, It was a treat to spend Christmas eve and Dan’s birthday with you mate, guess I’ll have to have a pea cocktail waiting for you soon!! All the best for the coming period – my thoughts are with you and your loved ones. Best wishes Yousif.

Lola: Hey, Hows about some Counting Crows? other suggestions include Mos Def, Pearl Jam and Bare naked ladies! Lola

Antonyt: Maybe people could record get well messages onto mp3 using this program and then email them to ollie as an attachment and then ollie could put them onto ipod for tom

Josie Nabarro: hey ollie . I think that you could ask pepole to make cards for tom and either post it or give it to you and dad. Dad and I thought you were clever for putting the smily face on a message. he was a bit jealous of you for doing it. lots of love josie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

yeltskin: Hi Tom. (Yeltskin : Ellen’s flatmate Oliver) Have been on the thread of information coming over Europe courtesy of Jen and Ellen. Couldn’t believe it at the time, we were all praying (or whatever confused atheists do at such times) and hoping. Ellen mentioned you liked the photos – a couple of days in we decided we needed to do something positive; and Jenny had spoken of the Bulgarian hope traditions around Easter in which red bracelets were hung on cherry blossoms – so one thing led to another and we stormed the brecon beacons in your honour. Maybe between us Verity and I could attempt to send you some for this site, though as you well know we’re...

yeltskin: How about some Yann Tiersen – monochrome perhaps. Or Bjork and Sigur Ros are always empowering yet serene.

Tomernst: Ollie, Why not something melodic that Tom loved during the last Paleo? It will help bring good memories back. I will look into the audiobooks. Tom

OliverNabarro: Nice to hear from you Josie. I’m looking forward to seeing you in New York after my exams. Lots of love, Ollie xxxxxxxx

Josie Nabarro: Dear Ellen and Tom I hope you are OK. I am thinking about you every day. I am pleased that dad came back today to give me your news and show me the pictures of you both. Although I am really sad about what has happened I am looking forward to seeing you and having more good times together. Love from Josie

NatNabarro: Hi Tom and all family, So so sorry to hear about your accident its really really shitty, but on the bright side i reckon you’ll beable to get the sympathy vote from girls!! Make sure you keep your sense of humour intact aswell. Feel super bad for you though, wishing you a fast recovery, jsut take it easy man, so much love from the whole of Africa!! lots of love Nat

alang: Hi Tom All good wishes from us. Hope we can see you soon. Alan, Amy and Nick

Ben Nabarro: good to see youre making progress tom

Tomernst: Our friend Tom, We 5 Ernsts think of you all the time and are with you. Keep improving and I look forward to come and see you soon. A warm smile from Nyon, Tom Ernst

OliverNabarro: Dad has just worked out how to put hyperlinks on the posts. Lets give him a round of applause 😀

OliverNabarro: Keep up the good work tommo. Glad to see you’re improving. ‘Ard as nails. Thinking of you while i (try to) write about Marx.

ADNABARRO: Tom you’re going to love this website, it will make you smile SO much. We are thinking of YOU and Ellen and your whole wonderful team of supporters ALL the time. (Hope they’re playing you some good music down there in the south) love and hugs from your Yorkshire cousins xxxxxxAnna

Ben Nabarro: Dear tom, ellen, david,suise and co. I was really, propely shocked to hear about toms accident we are thinking of you ecpecially as we have skied with you so often. i sent tom a card just to say hang on in there mate, it probebly made him feel worse at the shaby quality of it, thanks ollie for this informatove website. thouts with all the family and effected people all the best and lots of love ben, seth, nat, joe, anna and will

Refilwe Sello: Dearest David , Tom and family and Ellen , I am very sorry to hear about Tom’s accident. I will be thinking of you in my prayers . Stay strong and with the Nabarro strong will , Tom will pull through . Wishing you a speedy recovery Tom and love the pictures!!! Thanks for the progress website , will followup on Tom’s progress. Love n bests Reff

dancc: Tom, Heard about the accident from Rosa on monday. Not seen you for far too long (sunny days on Levanto’s finest arcades and rocks…!), but know that theres big love being sent your way from Manchester, and all our wishes for a quick recovery. All the best, Dan

Setiogi: Dear David, Tom and others, Terribly sorry to know about the accident. Wishing Tom a full and speedy recovery with the Nabarro spirit 🙂 Stay strong and much faith! Our thoughts are with you all. Thank you to David for sharing. Hugs, Sari Setiogi & Little Josi

hughhoonie: Dear Tom, it was a terrible shock to hear about your accident, we were able to see Ollie on Monday when he was in Oxford. We’re thinking about you and rooting for you and your great family and Ellen. Thank God you and they are so strong and brave, if anyone in the whole wide world can make the best of this challenge, it’s you! We are waiting to hear from Ged, he’ll be hooking up with you when he gets details about the site. Lots of love Tom Hugh and Hoonie

Emma_Peto: Tom, I just wanted to say that I am thinking of you. It was so good to see you in Bristol and get to know each other after all these years. Much love to you and to all the Nabarros, Emma, Leo and the Peto family

Alice Halliday: Dear Tom and Family, and Ellen, I’m so sorry to hear of the accident, I’m thinkng of you all. Tom, you are such a nice and strong person, and I’m sure you will face this hard time with strength and with the best of attitudes. You’ve always been smiley and encouraging when I see you, so I’m sending the same vibes back. Lots of love and best wishes to you all. Thank you also for setting up the website, its a great way to keep everyone informed and to get messages to Tom. Love from Alice and the Halliday family x

Levina: Dear David and family and Ellen, I was very saddened to hear of Tom’s accident. When I look at his pictures, I feel it’s so unfair that something like that could have happened to him. There are no words to say that can make things better for you all, but it’s good to read from today’s post that he is responding positively. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish Tom all the best in his recovery. I’ll keep checking this site to see how he’s doing. Thanks David for sharing. Courage and faith to you all. Lots of hugs Levina

Stieg: amongst other things 😉

OliverNabarro: N1 the stieg. Legendary tales of noble tom. Just to set the record straight, it was Nat (and Colin) as well btw, if by “being difficult” you mean wrapping up your tent with ductape 😀 Put up any paleo photos you have, if u can. Have you got geddy’s?

Stieg: Not that good with these things but here ya go, for u Tom 🙂 wishing you a speedy recovery and glad to read that you haven’t lost your humour 😀 will never forget you sticking up for me in paleo when i was wantin to sleep and ollie was being difficult 😉 sending all my love, and since i’m a big guy that’s a hell of alot of love, and prayers to the nabarro family, Dan Stiegler xxx

soperp: Dear David and family, We are shocked and saddened to learn of your son’s accident. He will receive expert medical care and we are certain he could not be in better hands. We will pray for his full recovery, and think of you all during this difficult time. Warmest regards, Paula and David Paula and David

Dan_Bekhradnia: Tom, I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. Just seems the other day you were in Bristol for mine and Lizzie’s birthday!! Me & my family are all hoping that your recovery will be full and prompt. I’d love to come and see you as soon as possible, but understand that visitors must be kept to a minimum. I’ll check the site on a daily basis to check on your progress and I hope to see you as soon as possible. Love to you and your family, Dan

Dan_Bekhradnia: Tom, I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. Just seems the other day you were in Bristol for mine and Lizzie’s birthday!! Me & my family are all hoping that your recovery will be full and prompt. I’d love to come and see you as soon as possible, but understand that visitors must be kept to a minimum. I’ll check the site on a daily basis to check on your progress and I hope to see you as soon as possible. Love to you and your family, Dan

davidnabarro: Tom is holding his own – I spent several hours with him yesterday evening (with Ellen) and am going back later today.

barnett: Dear all, Just heard the news. I only met Thomas a few times and went skiing with as well once or twice. He is a great guy and an amazing boarder. I’m sure he’s getting the best care possible and couldn’t be in a better situation: surrounded by people that care for him and will support him during his recovery. All the best, Brett

jordanmir: Dear David and family, Both Oliver and I are praying for Tom’s recovery, and for you and your family at this difficult moment. All our best wishes, Jordana & Oliver

jordanmir: Dear David and family, Both Oliver and I are praying for Tom’s recovery, and for you and your family at this difficult moment. All our best wishes, Jordana & Oliver